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How to Make Sure Your Dog Stays Healthy for Life!

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: February 7, 2018
how to make sure your dog stays healthy

If your dog “is your child” I can relate

how to make sure your dog stays healthyHow to make sure your dog stays healthy is a topic I discuss with every patient of mine who has a dog.

And here, on this website, we have spent a lot of time talking about how to help you slow aging, stay healthy and have super- great well being.

But what about your best friend, your dog? Is there anything we can do? You bet there is!

I daresay I know how to keep your dog healthy and relatively disease-free if you just follow what I tell you here.

It is all scientifically documented in both human and doggie literature. I have lots of motivation for learning about this topic. The picture you see above is 3 of my 4 rescue collies lounging by the pool. My collies all live until age 20+ and I’m not exaggerating. Let me help you protect your best friend(s) with things to keep them from getting sick as well as the right diet, supplements and more. First, let’s “talk food”

how to keep your dog healthy

Now a little minor lecture because we all want to do it. “Table food” is not for dogs.

There are acceptable “people food” snacks like little carrot sticks or even homemade sugarless doggie treats. Just don’t have your dog join you at the dinner table or give him/her your leftovers.

Have appropriate treats “ready.” What I’m showing you here is your food, not your dog’s food. It’s your well being that you are thinking about (I get it) when you give your dog table food. I also love doggie kisses.

However sit, stay, then a bite of carrot can lead to a doggie kiss just as well as asking them if they want to lick your plate. Now lets discuss something that should not be controversial at all.

Vaccinations: (VERY associated with doggy cancer)

First, let’s discuss Rabies shots. You have to follow the rules on these but when your dog hits “the age” (ASK your vet-for collies; “geriatric” is 8 years of age-HA!). It your Vet is “with the program” he/she will write you a letter for legal purposes saying that said doggy is geriatric and immune compromised and eligible for rabies titres. Each state is different but you can cut down on these vaccines if you show good titres in some states. But it’s not just about rabies vaccinations-no it is not.

 Now for all other shots:

Kennel cough: If you board, re-consider this practice. You can pay the same money and get a pet-sitter to stay in your home. If you take your dog to the groomer, perhaps find a MOBILE groomer. It’s incredibly time-saving and your dog gets no exposures if your groomer has good hygiene practices. If you do this then no kennel cough vaccine is needed unless you go to a dog park daily or something. Vets make money on shots and offices have “a routine” and shots are a  part of it; make sure they don’t (OOPS!)  give your dog a shot you don’t want him/her to have.

Parvo and the other shots they say are needed every three years are actually not needed that often and again, probably not at all once your dog is “geriatric.”  In reality the viral protective titres last up tor 5 years minimum; sometimes as much as 7-8 years! Therefore all you need to remember is that when it’s time for anything other than the legal time for the rabies shot-you want titres. Just remember “I would like titres please.” All up-to-date Vets understand this. We all love our Vets so I’ll assure you that they make a profit getting titres- so if they won’t do this, they are not “up to date.” I personally would never take my collies to a Vet who refused to do titres. Think about that. This doesn’t apply to “puppy shots.” Those just have to happen.

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy with the Right Food

Best to split feedings to 2x a day rather than 1x per day. It’s better for their weight and their GI tract. And with all the evidence about human fasting and longevity I personally think that the same physiology applies to dogs because they share about 95% of our DNA so it makes sense to feed them their anti-aging doggie foods that way.

Make sure that their food is grain free; totally grain free. Keep your dog’s weight down so you can easily feel his/her ribs and if not, feed low fat food until you can. Use a premium brand dog food, and yes the raw foods kits are quite healthy from what I’ve seen.

Grocery store dog food is all “pretty bad”. Use dry food with the greens I talk about below sprinkled throughout and I also use NUPRO gold (which is vitamins and MSM-glucosamine) when they hit 2-3 years old . This is for not only the supplement but the taste value-dogs love the taste. Then you can use a healthy 2-3 Tablespoons of canned food-best is something like venison or salmon if you’re using canned, not fresh.

 How to Make Sure Your Dog Stays Healthy with  the Right Supplements

  • A scoop of greens (AWS Green Superfood) once a day, mixed in or divided into two 1/2 scoops-doggies get oxidative stress too! But that’s not the primary function of the greens powder. It is an amazing detox for them. A little story about this at the end.
  • 1 good quality DHA fish oil cap per 25-50 lbs.
  • A fresh sardine can substitute for the fish oil cap-sardines are big time anti-aging foods for dogs and people too. Sardines are both low mercury and high omega- 3’s which are good for dogs too!
  • 1 mitochondria factors cap per 25 lbs to keep their mitochondrial biogenesis going.
  • A scoop of Nupro or Nupro gold for vitamins and arthritis prevention.
  • Dogs, like humans need a combo pre-pro-biotic capsule daily too. This will get rid of doggie GI tract gas, no kidding! AND, same as in humans, it will strengthen their immune systems and they too will be less susceptible to cancer as you and your doggie ages.
  • Lastly, Joint Rejuv powder is fine to sprinkle in your dog’s meals. It is great if your dog is having joint pain, and just as it does for human arthritis -it works! It is safe and non toxic-quite different from taking drugs.

I had a collie (Bonnie) who developed debilitating arthritis at age 20 and despite my doing pool-therapy and giving her MSM, glucosamine and so on, she had too much pain and needed drugs; specifically NSAID’s. Predictably these slowly knocked out her kidneys. This was before Joint Rejuv was invented.

And pre-meal give as a “pill” one of your cumetra caps if it’s a large dog- C3 curcumin for a small dog. Do not sprinkle this one; dogs hate the taste. With arthritis this is given 2x per day. And if your dog has a mitochondrial disorder such as early dementia, degenerative myelopathy or any metabolic disorder we know that the state of the art treatment is a nutritional ketosis diet. There are brands of dog-food you can use for this where you just add protein and MCT oil. Then you use all of the mitochondrial supplements listed in the mitochondrial supplement list.

I have a patient who’s dog developed degenerative myelopathy and the doggie (Charlie) went from not walking to playing within 4 days of treatment and is still well (knock wood). Know that I do not present myself as and expert on canine health-I just extrapolated the literature from ALS (SOD1 mutation causing mitochondrial dysfunction) to degenerative myelopathy (same SOD1 mutation) and we tried what is being used experimentally for ALS.

Doggie detox

Zeolite spray. No, I’m not kidding. You get heavy metals from “everything” and so do they. They get mercury in vaccines; same as humans- and do indeed need to detox. If they are typical dogs, putting everything in their mouths including drinking unfiltered water they have all sorts of things that need to be detox’ed. Yes, this is in addition to the greens powder. Many doggie neurological poisonings such as an overdose of flea and tick medicine are treated with the same detox spray I recommend for you and your dog. Your dog gets 1/2 dose and only needs one spray. It’s good to have around in case they eat pesticides or other neurotoxins.

If they do ingest a neurotoxin such as an over- dosing with ivermectin or after the yard is sprayed they go rolling in the grass, give them 10 sprays on the tongue 2x daily for week and then dial it down to 5 sprays 2x a day for the rest of the month. This is after they see the Vet and get activated charcoal.  And remember if you are not using organic pesticides and fertilizer do not let your dog outside (after lawn treatment)  for 2x the duration you are told. Urinary tract cancers in dogs is highly correlated with pesticide use.

What about their Teeth?

Yep, brush at least once a day-use a flavored toothpaste for dogs; do not use human toothpaste-I use a chicken flavored one you can find on Amazon and a handheld toothbrush and they love getting their teeth brushed. I am going to do a YOUTUBE video of this so you’ll know I’m not kidding-it is so cute! Just as in humans, dental health is linked to heart health so get in the habit and it’s a “fun time” for all!

Artie BeshertQuick Story

Arthur is the puppy on the left with his puppy-bunny-ears up. Beshert is my 14-15 year-old. You may or may not be familiar with the story about our home and the mold and other toxin issues.

I wasn’t the only sick family member. Beshert got sick with mycotoxin illness. He was throwing up, not eating his food and having doggie-diarrhea. His liver tests were elevated. His Vet is very sharp and knew what the problem was immediately.

To his regimen, I added an extra scoop of greens 2x/day and the zeolite spray 2x/day when the Vet’s “routine” didn’t seem to be working. I also cultured what is called a “MARCONS” resistant bacteria associated with human mycotoxin illness in Beshert’s nose and gave him silver spray up HIS nose 3x/daily (WHAT a GOOD DOG!)

Within 12 weeks of this treatment, he felt better, is now eating and has normal liver tests on lab-work. As you can see, Arthur is quite attentive to Beshert’s needs. May you and your dog(s) live a long and happy life together. I hope you will share this article with other dog-lovers.


  1. Love your collies! Love my dogs too. Thanks for great advice and I hope Charlie is cured!

  2. Thank you for the information on dogs. Very good suggestions. I would love to see my Collies live to be even 15 or 16.

    • Just do what I suggest and they WILL Joyce!

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