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How To Improve Memory from Blah to Fantastic!

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: April 20, 2020
how to improve memory

The basic recipe for how to improve memory is your lifestyle

By now, as a follower of my blog- you’re eating correctly and exercising, right? If not, search this blog for information to start. Basic health issues such as oxidative stress and inflammation should be eliminated to become healthy. This is how to improve memory from not-so-great to wow-pretty-great within a month. Begin by switching your eating plan to the anti-inflammatory diet. It will help lower OS and inflammation. Both of these issues lead to a greater chance of getting Alzheimer’s. And of course there are other ways to boost memory. Let’s start with something super-basic. Exercise.

Exercise not only carries oxygen to the brain, but it also enhances the effects of helpful brain chemicals. There is a direct correlation between not exercising and Alzheimer’s, so here’s how to get started. Depression lowers all of the good brain neuro-chemicals and causes decreased cognition. If this is an issue, please read my articles on depression and how to treat mild to moderate depression without drugs.

We need sleep for memory consolidation with the key components occurring during the deepest stages of sleep. Sleep is crucial for the health of your brain. Are you seeking out people who are funny? You should! Funny people are stress-relieving people. Stress is just awful for your brain. Relieve it at all costs.

You must have a well-functioning GI tract. Scientific study proves the enormous relationship between GI tract health and immune health and, therefore, brain health. We call that the gut-brain connection. So, eat properly as advised above and take a prebiotic-probiotic supplement daily to balance your GI tract microbiome.

One of my favorite ways to boost memory:

Laughter improves brain health, stress relief, and even gives you a more attractive appearance! Find funny jokes, exchange and pass them on email. Funny videos and pictures on social media help reduce the impact of a stress-filled day too. Here is one of my all time favorites!

Stress increases cortisol which depresses the immune system which will then negatively impact your brain health.

Brain exercises can keep your brain sharper. This includes playing a musical instrument, doing puzzles and crosswords or even playing games that will keep you guessing. My favorite brain sharpener is going to the grocery store without a list but instead remembering the number of items on the list. We can all count, right? Want to hear my exact trick? I never use a list; I just think of what I need and remember the number of items. Also, I don’t leave the store without the right number. I don’t get more than 10 items at a time either. Try it!

Any brain exercise will work, whether it’s playing a musical instrument or doing my grocery list trick. There are computer games which are mind-challenging and that even includes playing solitaire. However, recent studies show a healthy diet plus exercise is a lot more important than doing crossword puzzles.

Good relationships with people and pets (you can see my 4 collies on many of my videos) are also great for brain health.

ways to boost memorySurround yourself with good people and hug and play with your pet(s) whenever you can!

Do you need Brain Health Supplements?

YES! If you are over 30 years of age and want to keep your noggin “cranking” for the rest of your life, you certainly do.

There are different supplements I will recommend to patients or AWS members who have issues with concentration vs. memory. I’ll give you a typical regimen and tell you why each supplement is good for your brain. (Note: These are not specific memory or brain boosting supplements—they are a sampling of memory, cognition-improvement and concentration supplements.) They are a collection of most of the best brain supplements.


You have heard of this as a sleep aid. Indeed, it is quite effective for sleep initiation if taken under the tongue (out of the capsule) and sleep maintenance if taken orally—you can do both. However, there are more reasons why melatonin is so beneficial.

Melatonin reduces oxidative stress, thereby starting to decrease inflammation by decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines. It helps to block the process which shortens telomeres which are the tips of our genes which shorten with age.

In case this topic interests you intermittent fasting, and nutritional ketosis also combats this telomere shortening leading to longer life spans in mice and probably humans too. The latest brain research where fasting is concerned tells us that BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) is increased by fasting too.

Melatonin inhibits beta-amyloid formation in the brain, a process that is found in Alzheimer’s disease patient’s brains as much as 20+ years prior to symptoms. An exciting discovery is that we still have stem cells in our brain even as adults and melatonin turns on these stem cells. This means we can still create new brain circuitry as we age which is key in getting back lost IQ points.

So as cheap as melatonin is (and remember we only have pharmaceutical grade supplements on this website), it’s one of the best bang-for-the buck supplements you can buy. Reminder: Don’t risk heavy metal contamination and more by getting non-certified supplements. As you age, you should up, up, up your dosage for more REM and deep sleep as well as brain stem cell “sprouting.” I take 120 mg per night.


This miraculous derivative of the spice turmeric is an amazing triple whammy for brain health. First of all, recall our discussion of amyloid formation? We still don’t know if it’s the chicken or the egg. Note that Big Pharma is spending a lot of money to make a drug that dissolves amyloid. What a waste of money and time!

Does amyloid formation cause Alzheimer’s or does Alzheimer’s disease cause amyloid formation? We still don’t know. I am fairly positive it’s the “egg.” The bulk of evidence is showing that a certain type of inflammation in the brain produces amyloid and tau protein “waste.”

So, 4 caps 2x daily will dissolve amyloid, fight inflammation and help sprout new stem cells. It’s one of my very favorite all purpose supplements and helps with any inflammation, especially degenerative joint disease.

Alpha-Glyceral PPC aka “GPC”:

As we age our “neural transmission speed” goes down. Think of the processing speed on your computer. Your brain is a computer, and there’s no way to re-boot or defrag. You have to work with what you have on top of your neck. Dosing is 4 caps daily for a month and then maintenance of 1-2 caps daily. I like my “fast processor” so I take 4 daily! This is the #1 brain booster supplement you can take! This is the best supplement to increase “brain speed”. Please don’t take “nootropic drugs” like piracetam—it (and other drugs like it) is potentially dangerous with sometimes irreversible side effects.

Decaf Green tea:

4 caps daily will help prevent gingivitis, speed up metabolism, help protect your heart, act as an anti-cancer agent and help concentration. This is a no-brainer! (Bad pun!)

Acetyl l carnitine:

This product has many great health functions including lowering blood sugar and cholesterol and upping muscle mass. It is a great neuro-protectant—most probably the best. Why do you need “neuro-protectants” such as ALC and quality fish oils? Because we lose brain cells, brain cell connections due to wear and tear and are exposed to neuro-toxins such as alcohol and preservatives in foods. Consume 2 800 mg caps of ALC 2x daily. If you have energy issues, ALC amps up energy and is best taken as 3 in the AM and 3 at 2-3 PM or your “nod-off” time which is usually mid-afternoon.


This is another multi-faceted supplement that is also a brain health supplement. It is anti-inflammatory, and it will help you maintain bone mass. It is another brain stem cell stimulant. The only reason not to take it is if you have PCOS or have had prostate or breast cancer. If have not been in remission for 5 years, take keto-DHEA instead which does not convert to testosterone. The 7-keto will speed metabolism—how fun is that fact?

Brain Rejuv:

This has some “GPC,” Ginko Biloba (don’t take if you are on anti-coagulants) and PPS (Phosphatidyl serine). This is the “general” go-to for the last add on for a “brain program.” You might want to check out the memory supplements kit due to the completeness, the perks and the discount.



  1. Great tips, should I just get your memory kit?

    • Larry, without knowing what is your issue I can’t do a “blanket suggestion” to you that buying my memory kit will fix what ails you. If you are having memory issues I would recommend that you see a Function Medicine (A4M or Functional Neurologist) Specialist to diagnose what is wrong. That is your first step. Will the kit help? Probably, yes but don’t just get the kit if that is your plan. OK? Best, Dr.Kim

  2. Great way to approach this, thanks!

  3. Great article, going to try your brain kit and WILL eat right, exercise and try to do better with my sleep. Thanks!

  4. I find that I forget more now than I did a few years ago. If I take Vitamin B over the counter, would it help in this situation?

    • No Bill, it definitely won’t. Read the brain power for life article on this blog and that will give you a good start. If you are already noticing cognitive losses I would suggest you either join here or find an A4M boarded doc who specializes in cognition as I do.

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