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Decrease Body Fat – 5 Key facts you need to know

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: May 8, 2019
decrease body fat

decrease body fat

How to Decrease Body Fat

What causes an abundance of body fat, especially belly fat? Nope, not beer! First, let’s talk about how to decrease body fat. There are five “basics” you need to focus on. Those five basics will also help you reduce your weight and belly fat unless you are putting on menopause belly fat.


Of course, we have been over and over the fact that you need to eat a healthy diet. So, just search this blog and find all sorts of things on weight loss and healthy eating to decrease body fat. When you do this, you will, of course, become healthier too. Special tricks include doing the ketogenic version of my anti-aging diet. Additionally, you’ll find an instant FREE PDF copy of my weight loss ebook at the end of this article that covers all sorts of fat loss tricks from burning calories to specific exercises and more! Furthermore, hydrating a lot, so your urine is crystal clear and eating enough fiber or supplementing with a good fiber supplement will help with your efforts to lose weight and decrease body fat too.


Now, this is no surprise, is it? However, hold off on this until I talk about energy and sleep because if you go full tilt, you could make belly fat worse. I’m telling you this to “intrigue you”. How could exercise make it worse? Read on! OK, I won’t tease you. If you amp up on the exercise too much/too soon, cortisol goes up, and this is what CAUSES belly fat for the most part. Now let’s talk about the things specifically associated with how to decrease belly fat and not just to decrease body fat…OK? I KNOW everyone wants to know how to lose belly fat too, right? We’ll get into that, and for real specifics, please refer to the article just linked.


Now, this is not the place to give you stress reducing videos I have in other articles because if stress is causing you an increase in body fat, it is because of adrenal fatigue or adrenal stress. What is adrenal fatigue? There you go. Read Cindy’s weight loss plan on this blog to get a really good idea of what I’m talking about. It’s a great, motivational, relatable true story of how stress caused Cindy’s weight gain and how dealing with it systematically and physiologically helped her shed the pounds meaning the unwanted fat.

If you are under so much stress each day that it is adding body fat to your body, you are making too much cortisol. In addition, Cortisol is going to eventually cause fatigue, sleep issues (more on this) and immune system depression which leads to many things. First, more infections like colds and then, down the road, a higher risk for cancer.

So, besides the behavioral things to reduce stress, you need to cut out caffeine and energy drinks which make this situation worse and go on some sort of “adrenal support.” I recommend this to a majority of members because it seems everyone is stressed.

This (taking adrenal fatigue supplements) does a LOT for getting rid of belly fat. If you are “at this stage of the game” you are also secreting more epinephrine (adrenaline)  so you will feel anxious and we have ways to fix that too. Note a “regular doctor” as I was and still am (but now I have lots more training) will have zero ideas how to treat adrenal issues which cause belly fat. Even on  WebMD on belly fat, there is no mention of this! Further, even the beloved Dr.Oz doesn’t mention it! Check it out!

how to decrease body fat


Besides the techniques you can learn in the many stress related articles on this website, one popular, easy way is to use PharmaGABA. These are a chewable form of GABA- the calming brain chemical raised by drugs such as Xanax and Valium.

However, unlike Valium and Xanax, these are nonaddictive and safe for your brain.

You chew two, put under the tongue and against cheeks, then swallow. Repeat as needed.

To point out, oral GABA doesn’t pass the blood-brain barrier, so it does NOT work.


If you are at the stage where the energy is low and cortisol is high, and when asked about energy levels you are below a 5-6 on a 10 point scale, you WILL be having sleep issues.

It makes sense that if you don’t sleep well, you won’t have adequate energy, right?

Don’t forget to get your instant PDF “Sleep like a baby at any age” in the footer. I hope this book gets you on the path to deep and restful sleep if that is not happening for you right now. So, reach for the pillows and blankets! Do get a perfect pillow-it is amazing what this will do for you! In fact, we have the best one you can find right on this website.

Seven to eight hours a night of sleep will work wonders for helping you boost your energy levels. A lack of sleep will trigger inflammation in your body and will make you feel sluggish. Rember that when you eat my anti-inflammatory diet, you will decrease inflammation. You also might need supplements as most people do. Curcumin is the most useful plus it helps your brain too!

better sleep with decrease my bodyfatBack to getting a better night sleep:

Without sleep, your reaction time slows, and your decision-making suffers.

If you want to have more energy, then you must slow down and get a little more shut-eye.

You need to cut the caffeine too, remember?

Next, you need to analyze where you are having sleep issues-initiation, wake ups or are you unrefreshed?

This is covered in the sleep articles and my book. Get the information you need! Further, if you want a shortcut to finding out where your issue is and the right natural sleep aid to treat it, just read that easy-to-understand article just linked. Here’s a quickie video for you:


Your GI tract:

Please find the article about treating constipation. 

It has all the steps you need to take. Why am I pretty sure that you need to read it? Because most people with excess body fat have a disorder GI microbiome and produce less of the chemical most people think is made in the brain called serotonin. Notably, one of the functions of serotonin is to “keep things moving” in your GI tract. So, chances are, if you have belly fat, you are also a bit constipated.

Am I right?

It’s not complicated, but you need an easy GI detox, then pre and then probiotics for a well-functioning GI tract which means a lot more than you think. To point out, without this you will not lose weight or belly fat effectively.

In a nutshell, if you have ever taken medication, especially antibiotics, your GI tract microbiome, or bacterial flora are messed up. It has been scientifically shown this phenomenon actually reduces your metabolic rate, too! Therefore, replacing the microbiome will help you lose weight and decrease body fat, plain and simple.

Your GI tract will help to decrease your bodyfat

Last note for men and some women regarding estrogenic  hormones:

In men, the enzyme aromatase converts testosterone to estradiol, a form of estrogen.

Usually, levels are not high unless the man is on testosterone supplementation without an “aromatase inhibitor.”

However, as men age, livers don’t tend to process estradiol quite as well, and these levels can go up.

All it takes is a simple measurement and treatment. Extra estradiol in men gives them belly fat and too much in women packs on total body fat. I see this in women MOSTLY when they have gone to untrained hormone replacement “specialists” who put in “pellets,” sky-rocketing estradiol levels and causing weight gain.

Let’s make this all easier:

medical weight lossAs you go through life, eating processed foods, sugar and starches your leptin/ghrelin hormonal appetite signaling goes awry.

This is further confounded if you are women going through the loss of estrogen and progesterone due to menopause.

Your metabolic rate drops due to muscle mass loss. Your cortisol goes up.

You put on body fat and belly fat which is so stubborn you cannot believe it. So, to decrease body fat and normalize your weight you need the right eating plan, the right exercise, and often, the right weight loss doctor.

You might need a cravings control supplement (we have it), metabolism boosting supplements (we have them) and natural appetite suppressant supplements (of course!). You certainly could use help with getting the leptin/ghrelin hormones back on track and indeed we have a great supplement for that. In fact, all products are in the medical weight loss kit.



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