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Foods and supplements for memory improvement- treats included!

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: April 20, 2020

The best supplements for memory- foods and tasty treats too!

As the population ages, we all seek to keep our bodies functioning and our brains sharp. There are now studies to show food and specific supplements for improving memory power do exist. So, you want to know about them, right? Coming right up! Note I’ve written the brain health guide for a more in-detail look at “everything brain.” In addition, at the end of this article, you can download or read online a free copy of my best selling “brain book.”

 So, to make things super easy, I’ve developed a kit with supplements for memory, cognition, concentration, brain speed and more! There will also be a link for you at the end. But first, let’s get to the foods and supplements for improving memory you want to read about!   benefits of acetyl l carnitine include brain function

Introduction to Brain Health 

“I want to improve memory” is one of the top 3 things new patients or AWS consultation members tell me. Brain health is the second most important component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle according to a 2014 AARP study.

However, without a way to improve memory and keep a well-functioning brain as we age, we will have considerably less quality of life. Since my total brain health kit is the 2nd largest selling on this site, it seems that others want to improve their memory and keep THEIR noggins working too. What do you think?

As people age, they can experience a range of cognitive issues from decreased critical thinking to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We now know short term memory loss may indeed be a precursor to Alzheimer’s. However, this is treatable at this stage so check with your doctor and then contact me. In addition, remember a good anti-inflammatory diet, GI microbiome health, mood and stress management, regular exercise and even intermittent fasting is part of a good “brain program.” This information is in this blog or in the “brain book.” 

We also know that we can help cognition, concentration and more with supplements for memory and even special foodie treats. Supplements like curcuminacetyl l carnitineresveratrol and others have not had formal “memory” studies performed on them. However, they all have been proven to do other very important “brain booster” things. So, when evaluating supplements for memory, please keep in mind there is more to brain health than simply having a good memory. Before I get started with the eats, treats, and supps, perhaps you’d like a quick review of what we need to prevent from happening in our brains as we age. OK, a quick review for you as long as you asked. ;-)

Brain health  facts that most people (heck, most doctors) don’t know:

Each decade after 30, we lose a minimum of 3 and up to 5 IQ points. But stick with me, and I’ll help you get yours back too!

We also lose:

Memory “consolidation and storage” skills – made worse by depression so address that if needed.

memory supplements help brain cells

Concentration skills (Attention) – made worse by depression and anxiety.

Brain cells – Not to worry as we now are discovering we can sprout new ones from brain stem cells. How cool is that? If you recall from other blogs, you lose more brain cells without a strong immune system and a healthy GI tract.

Additionally, find the blogs on how to get your GI tract in shape or just get the GI tract health kit and you’re ready! 

You can improve cognition and memory by getting your GI tract microbiome healthy. But, that is a WHOLE ‘nother topic.

Neural transmission speed (how fast we think and retrieve information)  – this really slows down if you are in a state of depression too. In fact, this is often the first sign of MCI or decreased brain health for other reasons or for “no apparent reason.”

And even 20+ years before developing Alzheimer’s we start accumulating the toxic substances called amyloid and tau proteins. Though, we are now finding we also can prevent this. In fact, lots of great studies about curcumin use for this and studies show it’s a way to improve memory too. The dose I recommend is 2-4 grams of the strong supplement we have called Cumetra, 2x a day. This is an amazing all-purpose, does everything but clean your house type supplement. So, that’s why I am making a point to mention it and give you the dose.

Note, as much as diet is important, we cannot get the best brain supplements we need for all cognitive functions from our diets. Please remember that when evaluating what foods to eat and supplements to use.

Here is the latest research on nutrients to improve memory:


 A diet supplemented with walnuts may have a beneficial effect in reducing the risk, delaying the onset, or slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in mice (Muthaiyah, 2014). Another study just out also showed that THIS is surpassing all nuts as the best nut “for your nut!”   Treat alert!

chocolates are great natural memory boosting supplements

Cocoa Flavanols

Cocoa flavanols have been linked to improved circulation and heart health. Furthermore, preliminary research shows a possible connection to being able to improve memory as well. A well-done study showed cocoa flavanols may improve the function of a specific part of the brain called the dentate gyrus, which is associated with age-related memory (Brickman, 2014).

The best way to get these are from a one once daily 85% dark chocolate square or even two. Yum! Note you can be on a weight loss diet using, of course, my anti-inflammatory diet plan (what else?!) and still get your daily fix of dark chocolate! If you know this is “allowed” you can use this as a tool to ease sugar cravings. Plus, you will be getting used to a much lower concentration of sugar in your chocolate. If you can’t dive right into the 85%, try 75% and work up to it! Treat alert!


Blueberries have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity because they boast a high concentration of anthocyanins, a flavonoid that enhances the health-promoting quality of foods. Moderate blueberry consumption could offer neuro-cognitive benefits such as increased neural signaling in the brain centers. Translation is that they could improve memory.

All berries are great for your brain, but organic non GMO blueberries should be part of your every day fruit consumption because they are so superior! As a bonus, they make your skin look great as well. Just as walnuts are your best nut, blueberries are your best berry.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid rich fish

Omega-3 fatty acids have long been shown to contribute to good heart health and are now playing a role in cognitive health as well. A study on mice found that omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation appeared to result in better object recognition memory, spatial and localizatory memory (memories that can be consciously recalled such as facts and knowledge), and adverse response retention (Cutuli, 2014).

Foods rich in omega-3’s include salmon, with some also found in flaxseed oil, and chia seeds. Due to high mercury in ALL FISH, but sockeye salmon and sardines, I always recommend supplements which are pure and pharmaceutical grade which of course we have our store. Difficult to consume enough – see supplements for memory below.


Choline, associated with liver health and women’s health, also helps with the communication systems for cells within the brain and the rest of the body. It may also support the brain during aging and help prevent changes in brain chemistry that result in cognitive decline and failure. A major source of choline in the diet are eggs. Difficult to consume enough – see supplements for memory below.

Supplements to improve memory with studies:

Choline supplements

They are not absorbed, but the supplement alpha glyceral phosphatidyl choline (GPC) has been shown to increase neural transmission speed. It is also well absorbed and easily passes through the blood-brain barrier. GPC is a well-proven supplement for memory, concentration, speed of thought and even brain protection.  I love this supplement and take 4 daily even though “maintenance” is supposedly 2 per day. It amps up “everything taking brain juice, ” and I find it helps concentration immensely. In fact, this is used in Europe as a prescription for Alzheimer’s and replaces the synthetic drugs. That, in my opinion, is always a good thing.

Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid

Two pilot studies showed that a combination of phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid can help improve memory, mood, and cognitive function in the elderly (Lonza, 2014).

Phosphatidylserine is intimately involved in the maintenance of nerve cell membranes. Among its list of functions, phosphatidylserine stimulates the release of dopamine (which has multiple brain functions),  increases the production of acetylcholine (the cognition neurochemical), reduces cortisol levels and boosts the activity of nerve growth factor (NGF), which maintains the health of important brain cells.

Additionally, supplemental phosphatidylserine (100 mg three times daily) may improve cognitive performance in people who have age-associated memory impairment.

Furthermore, research shows that dietary supplementation with phosphatidylserine can slow and possibly reverse the decline of learning, mood, memory, concentration related to age-related cognitive impairment in middle-aged and elderly test subjects.

Omega-3 fatty acids

A must for health including brain health in many aspects. It is another of the must-have supplements for memory.


Nightly melatonin can significantly improve memory and cognitive functioning. Quite a few studies bear this out. Researchers convey people taking between 3 mg and 24 mg of a fast-acting formulation of melatonin each night for 15 to 60 months perform significantly better on a cognition and memory testing. (And you thought melatonin was just for sleep!)

DHEA (Including 7-Keto DHEA)

DHEA clinical studies pop up annually, all showing subjects with an improvement in memory recall and retention. This is likely due to DHEA’s ability to stimulate the proliferation of important and specific brain cell receptors associated with memory processing.


These supplements are often recommended for those who experience concussions.

Magnesium threonate is also the only magnesium supplement that passes the blood brain barrier.

Preliminary studies show that this supplement will improve memory and slow cognitive decline.

Huperazine A

Huperazine A is an alkaloid that blocks the breakdown acetylcholine which we know is the “cognition neurotransmitter.” Studies show it improves anxiety, memory loss, dementia, and depression.

Taking it is basically a duplication of efforts if you are taking the agents which increase acetylcholine meaning GPC and PSS, discussed above. 


Vinpocetine is a natural substance within the periwinkle plant. It can increase blood flow and thereby also increase oxygen to the brain. Several studies completed in the far past suggest it improves memory and reaction time. It was recently discontinued by pharmacies as a drug due to low prescription counts but can be found as a natural supplement.

To make it easier for you:

memory loss preventionIn conclusion, I have developed a “kit” for improvement and maintenance of your memory, cognition, and overall brain function.

So, just start with the basics. First, add the health and well-being kit and then the memory loss prevention kit, and you are set for total body and brain health.

All kit products have a 15% discount. In addition, you receive a 10% lifetime discount. The Phosphatidyl Serine is in the Brain Rejuv.

Furthermore, if you’d like, you can have a free, optional consult with me!  

And there’s more!

Lastly, here is a copy of my best selling “brain book” to keep you up-to-date.

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