What Are Cytokines?

Cytokines are best defined as signaling molecules produced by cells to act on other cells. As cellular signalers, cytokines influence and control our biological processes from conception to death. There are hundreds of unique cytokines in the human body. Let me say right now – in case you are thinking – we don’t deal with fetal cells – all of these are ultra-sterilized and recycled parthenogenetic stem cells.

These are the youngest and therefore most effective stem cells available. They are obtained from unfertilized (non-embryonic) human eggs. The donors are healthy women in their 20’s. Non-embryonic stem cells are the absolute most potent human stem cells we can ethically use. Studies have found that the stem cell extracts in Lifeline® ProPlus+ skincare products can increase the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, epidermal and fibroblast growth factors through cytokines plus other proteins, peptides, enzymes and growth factors.

When compared to adult stem cells such as fat cells or bone marrow cells, the comparison is striking. Because adult stem cells are several generations away from the source, they are less potent than stem cells closer to the original egg. Their parent company holds the patent on the technology to obtain these parthenogenetic stem cells.

Cytokines And Cells Repair Injury

Cells communicate with cytokines to repair injury, repel microbes, fight infections, and develop immunity. The process by which we utilize this natural regenerative cellular ability is called cytokine therapy. Many modern medical advances, including stem cell breakthroughs, are due to our growing understanding of cytokines.cytokine for cytokine article Capture

Cytokines have become an important frontier in medicine and are studied in nearly every biological discipline, dominating the fields of inflammation, immunology, atherosclerosis and cancer. To date, the regenerative property of cellular therapy & therapeutics has led to cytokines being used as drugs to treat anemia, bone-related conditions, fungal infections, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, hepatitis c, and some forms of cancer.

Plant Stem Cells

Note: Plant stem cells are touted and hyped in many skincare products. Plants communicate with entirely different chemical signals than animals. Aside from possible value as antioxidants, we are aware of no published literature demonstrating benefits of plant stem cells in skin care products.

Why Parthenogenetic Stem Cells Make You Look Younger

The high-tech skin care company Lifeline has harnessed the power of these potent stem cells to rekindle your skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Not only that, but regenerating your skin’s building blocks allows you to regenerate newer, younger, and firmer skin.neck-side-ba
One month before & after using Lifeline® ProPlus+.


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