natural mood enhancers

Natural mood enhancers for Melissa!

Treat depression effectively with natural mood enhancers Melissa didn’t know about natural mood enhancers like most people. Most people expect to get a Rx for an anti-depressant from their doctor. Melissa was someone I did a phone consult with who became an annual consultation services AWS member and she didn’t know about natural mood enhancers.… Read More »

needs supplements for anxiety

Supplements for Anxiety, Stress and “one of those days”

Supplements for anxiety means not drugs! So how common IS anxiety anyway? So many people are stressed and anxious in our fast-paced society. Estimates are well over 50%. You are most definitely NOT alone. I think these estimates are super low, personally. Good news-it is possible to live a life without too much stress!  We… Read More »

symptoms of stress

Symptoms of stress- 5 easy quick fixes!

What are the symptoms of stress and what to do if you have them: Everyone has symptoms of stress at one time or another. However, TOO MUCH stress can damage your health. In fact, when I’m writing about almost every single topic you’ll find on this website, stress matters. It can stop us from enjoying… Read More »

how to relieve stress

How to relieve stress -breathe, delegate and I’ll make you laugh!

How to relieve stress  – laugh! If you learn how to relieve stress, your cortisol levels will drop, you’ll sleep better, have more energy and less chances of getting diseases. You’ll have less of a chance of getting cancer and heart disease. You’ll  have about a 100 fold less chance of having short term memory… Read More »

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