mitigates causes of mood swings

6 Common Causes of Mood Swings

Let’s Talk about Mood Swings The causes of mood swings in women are always seemingly attributed to our “hormones.” Is that true? Sometimes. However, often, it’s more complex than just “hormones being out of whack.” What about irritability? Indeed, there are 6 causes of both mood swings and irritability that I’ll reveal in this article.… Read More »


What everyone should know about the health benefits of probiotics

What are all of the health benefits of probiotics? Here is the low-down. Your GI tract flora (bacteria) is called your “microbiome. We know disturbances can promote neurological diseases. In fact, imbalances over a lifetime lead to many neurological issues, the least of which is not Alzheimer’s! We also know that it will impair your… Read More »

Do you need the best magnesium supplement ?

What’s the best magnesium supplement and why should you care? You should care about the best magnesium supplement because you likely need it. Do you have any sleep issues? Any aches and pains? What about anxiety? No types of stress in your life? I’m jealous! Most estimates put Americans overwhelmingly in the magnesium-deficient category. In… Read More »

how to handle stress

How to handle stress?A surprisingly effective and easy, fun way!

How to handle stress? Get ready for some fun! How to handle stress? Here is a quick example. Stress is not something we invented in 2016 for goodness sakes; it has been with us since the time the cavemen fought the dinosaurs. JOKE! You know that cavemen and dinosaurs did not inhabit the planet at… Read More »

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