anti inflammatory supplements are made from beet extract

26 Anti inflammatory supplements, herbs and foods

Introduction When we talk about anti-inflammatory supplements, herbs, and foods, most people think about pain relief; rather than getting rid of an important underlying mechanism for many diseases—namely inflammation. Natural remedies for inflammation include weight reduction, microbiome “clean-up,” and toxin elimination. However, in this article, we’re going to discuss supplements for inflammation, components of foods,… Read More »

natural pain relievers

Therapies for Natural Pain Relief Made Public

Concealed Therapies for Natural Pain Relief are Finally Made Public Updated HERE Do you recall reading the cigarette industry covered up evidence which clearly showed that smoking was addictive? Well, concealing information that should be public is an apparent cover-up. The same holds true in the food industry. The “big scam” to eat high carb… Read More »

The Definitive Guide to CBD Oil Benefits

What are the Benefits of CBD? When something “non-traditional” undergoes a study, the number of necessary studies seems to be 10-fold in comparison to conventional pharmaceuticals. CBD oil benefits appear to be clear in some areas and murky in others. However, healthcare professionals are touting CBD benefits for everything from anxiety to schizophrenia. In this… Read More »

ways to increase endorphin levels

12 Ways to Increase Endorphin Levels Naturally

What Are Endorphins? Before I give you the ways to increase endorphin levels, I’ll reveal a little background on these feel-good brain chemicals. I want us to be “on the same page” about what endorphins exactly are. It is surprising how many people think endorphins are the same as a brain chemical called dopamine; dopamine… Read More »

Do you need the best magnesium supplement ?

What’s the best magnesium supplement and why should you care? You should care about the best magnesium supplement because you likely need it. Do you have any sleep issues? Any aches and pains? What about anxiety? No types of stress in your life? I’m jealous! Most estimates put Americans overwhelmingly in the magnesium-deficient category. In… Read More »

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