best weight loss program

The guaranteed best weight loss program you’ve never heard of

This is the BEST weight loss program there is! Before we start, let me say this very best weight loss program is designed for people with “flab genes.” For some people, though, it won’t necessarily work any better than the anti-inflammatory diet plan alternating with the AID keto plan. This variation of my “AID”, my friends, is… Read More »

short term memory loss

Short Term Memory Loss: a Sign of Alzheimer’s or not?

New Research Shows Mild short term Memory Loss Is Not Normal Short term memory loss might not be as normal as we once thought. Blog update 2-22-17:please read to the end-very important new data. Although brain farts and occasional forgetfulness have been considered normal signs of the aging brain, we’re now thinking differently. Studies show… Read More »

cause of fibromyalgia

The alarming (probable) cause of fibromyalgia

Rumor has it, Fibromyalgia has no cause, right? Well, I am stunned to reveal to you that not only is there a cause of fibromyalgia but for the vast majority of sufferers-there is a cure! Before you think that I am going to profit from revealing my conclusion, after reading five long books, hundreds of… Read More »

gluten free diet

The hidden dangers of not eating a gluten free diet

Do you need a gluten free diet? I’m going to be out-of-the-gate honest with you here and tell you that I personally consume and recommend a gluten free diet. More and more doctors recommend gluten free products due to a variety of factors. Is the gluten problem just a “wheat problem?” Well, for those with… Read More »

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