mitigates causes of mood swings

6 Common Causes of Mood Swings

Let’s Talk about Mood Swings The causes of mood swings in women are always seemingly attributed to our “hormones.” Is that true? Sometimes. However, often, it’s more complex than just “hormones being out of whack.” What about irritability? Indeed, there are 6 causes of both mood swings and irritability that I’ll reveal in this article.… Read More »

Treating depression naturally means getting happy without drugs

Treating depression naturally means behavioral changes, “integratives” and no drugs – and it works! Diet: Believe it or not, what you EAT affects your mood BIG TIME. In fact, some recent studies have shown the elimination of sugar, and starchy carbs lift depression as well or better than drugs…and thank you to Kitchen table medicine… Read More »

natural mood enhancers

Natural mood enhancers for Melissa!

Treat depression effectively with natural mood enhancers Melissa didn’t know about natural mood enhancers like most people. Most people expect to get a Rx for an anti-depressant from their doctor. Melissa was someone I did a phone consult with who became an annual consultation services AWS member and she didn’t know about natural mood enhancers.… Read More »

bad mood so stop and breathe

Bad mood (Anger!) for Ali solved!

More than just a need to improve your bad mood if we’re talking anger and that’s what we’re talking: Just a bad mood…..or is it really more then someone is letting on? Does anyone know someone or maybe it’s you…..with what you would call an “anger problem”? Either this person seems to get irritated at… Read More »

needs supplements for anxiety

Supplements for Anxiety, Stress and “one of those days”

Supplements for anxiety means not drugs! So how common IS anxiety anyway? So many people are stressed and anxious in our fast-paced society. Estimates are well over 50%. You are most definitely NOT alone. I think these estimates are super low, personally. Good news-it is possible to live a life without too much stress!  We… Read More »

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