normal blood sugar level

The Truth About A Normal Blood Sugar Level

What is a normal blood sugar level? Achieving a healthy glucose level is easy. I’ll explain how. However, before you think this article “isn’t for you”, let me ask what do you think a fasting, normal blood sugar level is? The lab slip and your doctor confirm up to 99 mg/dL is “normal.” Well, is… Read More »

health benefits of resveratrol

The amazing health benefits of resveratrol everyone should know

The magic of resveratrol: The health benefits of resveratrol are simply amazing. Resveratrol is just plain mandatory as a health supplement. In fact, it’s a prominent supplement in all of my disease-prevention recommendations. It is found in abundance in red wine, and it’s highly soluble in alcohol. This means your body may absorb more of it… Read More »

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