how to get a great body

How to get a great body in less than an hour per week

How to get a great body in the least amount of time possible: How to get a great body quickly? The first thing I want to make clear to you is that I am first and foremost about health. I want you to look your best, of course. However, what you need to understand is… Read More »

love handles

Love handles – 19 ways to nuke them forever!

Why do we GET love handles? Unhealthy diet: The most common cause of love handles is an unhealthy, inflammatory diet. No mater how great your metabolism is – if you eat inflammatory foods, you are just “asking for it”-if not right now,certainly when you have hormonal fluctuations which I’ll discuss in a bit. Consuming too… Read More »

uses branched chain amino acids

Branched chain amino acids – from bodybuilding to weight loss

Branched chain amino acids are a must for muscles and more! Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a direct source of energy for skeletal muscles. At the same time, they are ATP-producing via the citric acid cellular energy cycle. In addition, they influence how much lean muscle mass you have. They stimulate the building of… Read More »

takes ribose

Ribose, energy and muscle mass-the whole story

Is d-ribose useful for bodybuilding or other athletic pursuits? A lot of clinical research has proven that using D-ribose (the form of ribose-powder we have which is better than plain-ribose)  for bodybuilding may yield improved athletic performance capabilities. The most compelling evidence is the ability to more quickly recover from strenuous workouts. It works well… Read More »

Lean body mass -all the ways you can increase it!

How to increase lean body mass: Lean body mass is not only nice to look at, but also signifies health, youth, and vigor. So, let’s get started with talking about how you can increase your lean body mass! First of all, if anyone is unaware of why it’s a good idea to increase lean body… Read More »

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