The Definitive Guide to CBD Oil Benefits

What are the Benefits of CBD? When something “non-traditional” undergoes a study, the number of necessary studies seems to be 10-fold in comparison to conventional pharmaceuticals. CBD oil benefits appear to be clear in some areas and murky in others. However, healthcare professionals are touting CBD benefits for everything from anxiety to schizophrenia. In this… Read More »

natural ways to increase BDNF show up on an MRI scan

The 5 Natural Ways to Increase BDNF

 What is BDNF? BDNF or brain derived neurotrophic factor is a very important “brain growth protein” (neurotrophin) that improves brain and nervous system function. Other neurotrophins have been identified but as far as research shows BDNF is more important than all others combined. Researchers have proved the brain continues to reorganize and renew itself by forming new neural… Read More »

when to seek help for memory loss

Ever Wonder When to Seek Help for Memory Loss?

Do you wonder when to Seek Help for Memory Loss? Memory loss comes might start to come with age, but it doesn’t have to. But-what is considered “normal”? When to seek help for memory loss? When we mention brain health, we talk about a number of functions that often people don’t consider. We tend to… Read More »

how to improve memory

How To Improve Memory from Blah to Fantastic!

The basic recipe for how to improve memory is your lifestyle By now, as a follower of my blog- you’re eating correctly and exercising, right? If not, search this blog for information to start. Basic health issues such as oxidative stress and inflammation should be eliminated to become healthy. This is how to improve memory… Read More »

the gut-brain connection

What you need to know about the gut-brain connection

The GI tract and it’s role in brain health: Is it the gut-brain connection or the brain-gut connection that people are talking about? I have been asked this question so I’m not trying to be a wise guy here. Honestly, if you knew how much your GI tract bosses your brain around, you would not… Read More »

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