kidneys can be why you get high blood pressure

Blood pressure elevations in bodybuilders- know the dangers

High blood pressure is a common in “everyone” but more so in bodybuilders: High blood pressure is a major public health problem. The AHA estimates that hypertension affects approximately one in three adults in the United States. This translates to about 76.4 million people. Blood pressure is determined  by the amount of resistance to blood… Read More »


GPC – Why Everyone Takes it!

What’s GPC? Intro: GPC is the “nickname” given to L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine AKA “alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline” or alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is the building block for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It is thought of as a bodybuilding supplement but is one of the most noticeable (meaning you can tell!) of the brain boosting supplements. This brain chemical is… Read More »

can be full of cholesterol

Cholesterol concerns for bodybuilders

Cholesterol concerns and care of bodybuilders with info for all at the end! Our understanding of cholesterol levels in bodybuilders is limited. The issue is with anabolic steroids and what I’ll do here is let you know the “best”,the “worst”, what to do to protect your heart from high cholesterol, the physiology of how placquing… Read More »

kidney glomeruli

Kidney problems in bodybuilders

Why do bodybuilders have kidney issues? The waste products of protein can “stress” the working capability of the kidneys. The specific part of the kidney which is involved is the filtering units of the kidney called the glomeruli. The effect is called “hyper-filtration.” Stay with me- I’m not saying it’s just the protein and in… Read More »


Liver problems in bodybuilders-the carnage is not inevitable!

Liver issues for bodybuilders: Liver problems are not experienced only by bodybuilders. The topics I will talk about apply to those with fatty liver from lipid or obesity problems. They also apply to those who are active alcoholics. And they apply to those with certain types of hepatitis. And the topics also apply to supplement-takers… Read More »

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