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Prevent Immune System Decline

Created and maintained by Kim Crawford, M.D., F.A.C.P.M., A.B.A.A.R.M.

As we age our immune system deteriorates which is why you see more contagious illness and cancer as we get older. Learn how to prevent or reverse immune system decline to avoid colds, flus, infections, cancer, and more.

Our immune systems decline as we age

If you are over 40 you are losing immune power each decade. If you do not have perfect GI tract health, you also have an impaired immune system. You don’t have to go through life getting one cold after the next and you certainly don’t need a diagnosis of cancer – something that most people don’t know is largely preventable. It is possible to boost your immune system back to where it was when you were 30.

Ways to boost your immune system

1) A good diet is imperative

You should be eating a perfect immune stimulating diet. Highly inflammatory foods such as processed foods, fast foods, sugary foods, and starchy foods will depress your immune system. Also know that there are immune-stimulating spices and foods too! These include shitake and maitake mushrooms, raw onions and garlic, cayenne pepper (which is a food that speeds up metabolism), ginger, wasabi, and horseradish. Anything spicy will boost your immune system.

2) Fix inflammation, oxidative stress, and glycation

These issues are covered in Module 1: The Basics of Disease Prevention

3) Get rid of barriers to great sleep

Learn how to get deep, restful sleep without sleeping pills in Module 7: Get a Great Night’s Sleep.

4) Improve your digestive health

A healthy GI tract will improve your health and your immune system – find out the why in Module 9: Optimize Your Digestive Health.

5) Control your stress

Be happy and anxiety free without drugs in Module 11: Permanently Improve Your Mood.

6) Keep up your vitamin D levels

7) Have a fitness routine

Learn how to lose weight, tone up, and improve health in Module 5: Fitness & Strength Made Easy.

8) Avoid toxins, especially cigarettes and excessive alcohol

The world is more toxic than you think. Find out more about the toxins around us in Module 6: Why You Should Detoxify Your Body.

9) Get autoimmune and allergic diseases under control

10) Lead an enriched social life

Self Assessment

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Webinar with Dr. Kim

This webinar covers some of the basic ways to boost your immune system. You will find additional answers in the next portion of this self help guide: Solutions.


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