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Permanently Improve Your Mood

Created and maintained by Kim Crawford, M.D., F.A.C.P.M., A.B.A.A.R.M.

Improve your mood naturally, relieve stress, become anxiety-free, and wean yourself from anti-depressants. Learn why there is more anxiety and depression as you age and the natural mood enhancers we can utilize to control it.

Bad mood, stressed out? Let’s fix it.

If you are having mood change issues, whether it is depression or symptoms of stress, you know it is negatively affecting you and those around you. I understand because I have treated many people with these same issues. Sometimes they have been ongoing and other times they just pop up in our mid-life years. We are ruled emotionally by four major neurotransmitters or brain chemicals, and there are ways to increase them.

However, since this guide was first created and the webinar filmed, we have discovered that the things we know we must do for good health; we must also do for good mental health. There has been a definite connection made between mental health disorders and the health of our microbiome. Therefore, besides the contents of this guide, I strongly urge you to clean up your gut; preferably with the help of a Functional Physician. If you can find a Functional Psychiatrist – even better! In addition to gut health, we believe there is also a link to oxidative stress and inflammation when it comes to any disorders of the brain; so make sure you pay attention to these things as well.

Improving your mood naturally

These brain chemicals are called neurotransmitters because they are the chemicals that jump the gap between the neuron terminals (synapses), hence transmitting the brain signals from one brain cell (neuron) to another. Without neurotransmitters, there could be no brain activity.

This is why maintaining a proper balance of these neurotransmitters is so critical for our brain to function normally. As we age these neurotransmitters go down. This is why there tends to be more anxiety, depression, and other mood issues as we get older. And unfortunately, when we see mood issues we often see weight, sleep, and energy issues too. One example of how everything is interrelated is that a large number of people (more women than men) with a digestive problem like constipation will also have some depression which is fixed as we fix the constipation naturally. This is due to the fact that a principal happy brain neurotransmitter called serotonin is primarily manufactured in the GI tract!

Maintaining a proper balance of these neurotransmitters is critical for our brain to function normally and, as we’ve learned recently, so is maintenance of our GI lining, the microbiome, and our general health.

Self Assessment

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Webinar with Dr. Kim

This webinar covers some of the basic of mood improvement. You will find additional answers in the next portion of this self help guide: Solutions. These answers will include help with the newly discovered physical contributors to depression.


Download and/or print these PDFs below for in-depth solutions.

Solutions Handout

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The following articles are from Dr. Kim’s Aging Well blog and address some of the concerns in this guide.

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