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Male & Female Hormonal Help

Created and maintained by Kim Crawford, M.D., F.A.C.P.M., A.B.A.A.R.M.

Our hormonal system changes every decade. We will cover changes decade by decade to fix problems such as mood swings, memory, sex drive, energy, sleep, decrease body fat, wrinkles, and sagging muscles.

Hormones by the decade

To better understand how our bodies change, I will go into the details by each decade for both men and women.

Age 30-40 – Everyone

At this age we start to lose melatonin so this is when sleep issues start. We also see a drop in Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This is often not dramatic, but sometimes, we can start to see these changes in our mid to late 30’s: increase in body fat, increase in wrinkles and the beginning of sagging, thinning skin, and less of a feeling of well being.

Age 40-50 – Women

Progesterone deficiency will occur first as stage 1 of peri-menopause. You will usually also have PMS, some minor memory issues such as name recall, and some concentration issues. Peri-menopause may start as early as 30. Mood swings and PMS may be other symptoms. However typically this starts around 40. Drops in testosterone in women are often responsible for a decreased sex drive and tend to occur after we see a drop in progesterone.

Menopause occurs as periods wane and estrogen levels drop. This typically occurs around age 50. Women typically experience hot flushes (medical for flashes), menopausal belly fat (which is easily explained and fixed) and weight gain. This is the time of rapid loss of elastin and collagen in the skin so it is crucial to use methods to stimulate these skin building blocks and use the best anti aging skin care regimen possible if you don’t want to appear to age rapidly.

Age 40-50 – Men

Testosterone deficiency. There can be many causes if you are in a younger age group than men going through andropause, which typically is a drop in testosterone occurring usually in men in their 50’s.

It can be anything from rough sports with knocks to the head or groin, previous use of testosterone for body-building purposes among other causes, but this should nevertheless be evaluated by a Specialist. Testosterone deficiency can also cause memory issues, mood issues, and sleep issues, usually resulting in unrefreshed sleep.

Energy is also impacted as well, with an all-day feeling of sluggishness, which includes lack of drive, inability to “get going” on an exercise regimen, and loss of muscle mass. Sometimes there is a decrease in testicle size also. In regards to energy loss from testosterone deficiency or aging it is super easy to regain energy if you let me show you how!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are experiencing these symptoms, there is the remote possibility of a testicular nodule that may or may not be serious. If you feel one, seek medical help immediately.

Age 50+ – Everyone

There are age related losses of everything from thyroid hormone to parathyroid hormone and the only hormone which increases is one we do not WANT to increase – cortisol. Excess cortisol can cause a host of problems from energy to weight to sleep and immune system depression as well as brain health issues.

Self Assessment

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Webinar with Dr. Kim

This webinar covers some of the basics of hormonal changes. You will find additional answers in the next portion of this self help guide: Solutions.


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