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Improve Your Brain Health & Function

Created and maintained by Kim Crawford, M.D., F.A.C.P.M., A.B.A.A.R.M.

Get smarter with age, restore your memory, sharpen your cognitive abilities, prevent most cases of Alzheimer’s, and get back lost IQ points. Learn how to have perfect brain health for life by speeding up brain activity and preventing decay as you age.

Want perfect brain health? You can have it.

As we age, our neurotransmitters in our brain diminish just like our hormones. This is a natural part of the aging process whether we like it or not. This causes a loss of approximately 3 IQ points each decade after age 30; however, there is strong and compelling evidence that we can regain and keep those lost IQ points. We can speed up brain activity, neural transmission, enhance memory storage, and prevent further decay with the following basic solutions.

Basics about achieving perfect brain health

1) Diet

You must eat an anti-inflammatory diet or a ketogenic diet.The developments about the benefits of a keto diet in patients with established sub-types of dementia is recent data. If you have been eating an anti-inflammatory diet and controlling your oxidative stress, inflammation and glycation, then bravo. Consider switching to keto only if you have a diagnosis and medical guidance.

2) Exercise

Exercise is absolutely crucial for brain health. Note that exercise not only carries oxygen to the brain, thus preserving brain cells, but it also enhances the effect of helpful brain chemicals. Why not become healthier WHILE improving brain function and overall brain health as well?

3) Sleep

There is an enormous and verified body of research which shows that sleep is needed for memory consolidation with the key components of this occurring during the deepest stages of sleep. No sleep = less brain health, plain and simple.

4) Laughter

Are you seeking out “funny people” – you enjoy them and they make you laugh? Are you sending along funny internet jokes? Are you laughing at least five times per day? Laughter engages multiple regions across the whole brain, reinforcing circuitry and memory storage.

5) Stress

This must be gotten under control. This is a HUGE for concentration but also huge for cognition as we age. There are stress managing methods that everyone needs to know. Knowing when to say no is crucial. Learn how to control your breathing, relax your muscles, and calm your mind.

6) GI Tract

There is now irrefutable evidence of the close relationship between GI tract health and immune health and therefore brain health. Your GI tract is the boss of the show when it comes to brain health, mood, immune system health, and even weight loss. If your gut lining is breached (leaky gut), so then is your blood-brain-barrier. Learn more about digestive health in Module 9: Optimize Your Digestive Health.

7) Mood

Studies show definitively that people who are depressed are at a much greater risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Find out how to keep depression at bay without drugs in Module 11: Permanently Improve Your Mood.

8) Brain exercises

Use it or lose it! The brain activity can be anything you choose, as long as it meets these requirements: It’s new/It’s challenging/It’s fun! This includes everything from learning a new sport, doing a new crossword puzzle, taking a college course, reading non-fiction books, or learning to grow your own herb garden. Get creative! This all helps memory and concentration quite a bit. We’ll talk more about this as it is the Wild West out there with brain activities purported to enhance brain health!

9) Relationships

Studies show that close, emotionally safe relationships are brain-engaging.

8) Pets

Studies now confirm that pets (especially interactive pets) are GREAT for your overall health and that includes brain health.

Self Assessment

Your results are 100% private and not stored, saved, or accessible by anyone except yourself.

Webinar with Dr. Kim

This webinar covers some of the basic solutions to maintain and improve brain health. You will find additional answers in the next portion of this self help guide: Solutions.


Download and/or print these PDFs below for in-depth solutions.

Solutions Handout

Self Administered Gerocognitive Examination (SAGE) – Form 1

SAGE – Form 2

SAGE – Form 3

SAGE – Form 4

SAGE – Scoring Instructions

SAGE – Scoring Explanation

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