Kelzyme Mask

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For all skin types. 80ml
This unique mask enlivens and rejuvenates the skin as another of our serious skin care products meaning we always strive to make your skin better and to show you how to look young – far younger than your chronological age.


how to look young is to use kelzyme how to look youngThis mask contains kelzyme, sea kelp, enzymes and minerals for superior exfoliation, cleansing and improved skin tone. It’s a great way to instantly improve your skin’s appearance and is how to tighten skin instantly!

Instructions For Use:
After cleansing and toning, apply a generous layer to the face and neck. Leave on for approx 10 -15 minutes. Remove with warm water. Finish with a Moor Spa moisturizer.

Additional information


Moor Spa

Skin Concerns

Anti-Aging, Firmness / Elasticity, Pores, Uneven Skin Tone

Focus Area

Face & Neck


Hypoallergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Organic

Key Ingredients


Skin Type

All Skin Types

7 reviews for Kelzyme Mask

  1. Patti UM

    I was honestly really excited to try this product and was very well impressed with the results. I’ve heard for years from my family members about moorspa products and how healthy it is for everyone. Today I finally had the opportunity to try it for myself. It was very easy and simple to put it on for 15 minutes and afterwards wash it off with warm water. To be honest, looking carefully at my skin before and after I noticed right away my pores have shrunk making my skin silky smooth. My skin felt and appeared more moisturized and my husband mentioned how afterwards my skin had a glow to it. I really enjoyed this product and will be purchasing more in the near future.

  2. Anna Talc

    I just tried out this Kelzyme Mask and “WOW” it’s amazing!!! I’m not the girl to go get her nails done or get facials and half the time I’m just too tired at night to sit and put a mask on my face. Well, I tried this one and I can’t believe how soft it left my face! I’ve always had oily skin and really bad pores and I have to say in just one use my pores look invisibly smaller. Again I’m not the girl who does a bunch of girly stuff on my face but I have heard nothing but amazing stories about using Kelzyme mask on your face and how great it is for your skin to help your pores, acne, or even scars. It’s definitely totally worth it and worth the try. I would recommend this product to anyone!

  3. RN Karen

    I have been using this product for a while and I am very happy to let everyone knows that ever since I’ve used this product my face became more soft and much more glowing.. I used this once a week to helps clean all my dead skin and at the same time it also help with my dark spot its fading away faster than I was expecting.. The mask smell so good that I got to relax and enjoy it on my face for 15 mins before I rinse it with a warm water.. As soon as I rinse it I can see result right away and i am happy that I don’t need to go to a spa to get the same result I am getting in this product.. I am very satisfied and happy i get a chance to purchase this product!

  4. Veronica Smith

    I’ve tried several different brands of mud masks over the years.This is awesome. I followed the instructions of washing my face first, then applying a thin layer, let it dry 10-15 minutes, then rinsed off with warm water with circular motions and patted dry with a clean towel. My face feels so smooth after using it. I really like this mask and am excited to continue using it weekly and look forward to the benefits on my face. I recommend this product to anyone considering it for sure.

  5. Tonja McDaniels

    My skin feel phenomenal,I love what it does! I use a mask every night. I’ve been on this regimen for about two months now and my skin has never looked better. My skin is extremely clear and feels very clean. I will repurchase the Kelzyme Mask.

  6. Todd Davis

    I got it for my fiance. She only has used it one time so far but you can already feel the difference. Her skin is so soft. It feels like our babies skin. My fiance is really into organics so seeing as this only has a couple of ingredients makes her really happy. Overall this product has made her happy and her skin smooth in only 15 minutes.

  7. Cathy Moore

    Absolutely amazing. Feels great, smells great, and does what it is supposed to do. Makes my skin feel so clean and look so nice. It is also helping by getting rid of my acne and acne scars! Yay!

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