Joint Balm

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This deeply soothing cream combines the therapeutic properties of moor with organic sulphur (MSM) and devils claw extract. Use as a support for pain in the joints, muscles or connective tissue.


Instructions For Use:
Gently massage into desired area. At home – use several times daily.

9 reviews for Joint Balm

  1. Carolyn Bricker

    Wow, I thought the Moorspa products were just great for skin and didn’t realize they made this amazing joint balm. I have back pain and after a nice hot shower, my husband rubs this on my low back and voila, my back pain is almost gone. Great product and isn’t stinky or burning like other topicals. IN fact, this smells nice and herbal. Very light non-chemical smell.

  2. Daniel W

    I eat an anti-inflammatory diet and take the Cumetra product and the Lifepak Nano per Dr.Kim’s advice. But I have those days when my knees are killing me and the joint balm with the cat’s claw in it does the trick. Great product-totally nukes my pain.

  3. Lorraine Dominquez

    Works great for excruciated muscles.
    The day it came in, it came in at a good time, I had been exercising, and my abdominals and glutes were really sore. I rubbed the Balm into the aforementioned body parts and I was able to walk and move like a normal human again. A+++

  4. Jeremy Hasselbring

    This stuff is the best. It goes on nicely and smells fantastic. Definitely healing and soothing. I think there’s something about the aroma that’s also calming. Recommend to anyone with aches and pains like I have/had.

  5. Mark Gireath

    I play rugby on the club level and nothing has help my overworked muscles like Joint Balm. In addition the smell is so pleasant.. I am very happy with this product!

  6. Angie Phoenix

    This is an awesome product. I can’t live without it. If you have joint pain and need immediate relief…this is the product for you. Just rub a small amount on and before you realize it…the pain is gone. You will not be sorry. I recommend it all the time and they have all loved it.

  7. Leah Mooring

    I’m impressed so far with how it has decreased the intense knee pain.

  8. Lala Boston

    I’m in love with this product. It has helped my joint pain immensely . I really was skeptical but this is by far on of the best joint cream I have tried for my pain. Im not as stuff and not as sore as I usually am, it is such a nice feeling. I’s so enjoying being more active, I can exercise in the morning for a good 30-40 minutes, prior to taking this i could maybe do 15 minutes.

  9. Carl Plastic

    I have been using this for the past three months on my wrists and it has helped with my aches I get during the day. I have recommended this to anyone that is having pain in their joints.

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