AWS SuperFood™ – 2 Red/1 Green

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This super food combo pack contains TWO (2) packages of AWS Red SuperFood™ and ONE (1) package of AWS Green SuperFood™.


great for your weight loss programhelps lower back painTo find out more about the distinct differences see the following product descriptions:
AWS Red SuperFood™
AWS Green SuperFood™

Please do note if you have not already read in previous pages:

  • Best, easiest and most economical way to get your super food products with this great superfood combo!
  • Best way to give you your oxidative stress solution.
  • Best way to get the nutrition you need regarding antioxidants.
  • Best protection you can get against diseases of aging such as declining brain health, cancer, heart disease and even staying young looking and slim.

2 reviews for AWS SuperFood™ – 2 Red/1 Green

  1. Mary Peasun

    Just as you said-the combo of this, the pre-probiotics and cumetra DID help with my son’s bi-polar illness. Thank you Dr.Kim

  2. Carol B

    I have been using this for several months. I have a glass with my breakfast and one at lunch. I have lost a few pounds by taking the AWS SuperFoods and find it beneficial to how much healthier I am feeling.

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