Serious Skin Care with Lifeline® ProPlus+

More powerful than all adult stem cell products including AnteAgeMD.

Serious skin care
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Pictured: 32 Days of Lifeline® ProPlus+ Before & After

“I love this duo! I love that the creators are extremely knowledgeable about skincare actives. I think it may be the only product that acknowledges the difference between inflammatory stem cells and anti-inflammatory which are non embryonic versus the less potent mesenchymal source products. Five star product!”


How long does it take? You'll start seeing results almost immediately.
How to tighten skin
  • Within 24 hours – reversal of dry skin begins.
  • Within 1-2 weekreversal of skin dullness & texture improvement.
  • Within 2-3 weeks reversal of redness – including rosacea.
  • Within 4-5 weeks – reversal of fine lines & noticeably firmer skin. Clinical studies recorded a 30% reduction of lines and wrinkles.
  • Within 5 weeks – reversal of melasma – skin pigmentation – common in women post pregnancy.
  • Within 8 weeks – visibly diminished pore size.
  • Within 12 weeks – very noticeably firmer skin. Clinical studies studies measured a 77% improvement in wrinkle length & depth.

Lifeline® ProPlus+ is only available through esthetic professionals such as esthetic dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and anti-aging M.D.'s.

Lifeline® ProPlus+ is the only stem cell-based skincare product using the most effective type of non-fetal anti-inflammatory stem cells called parthenogenetic stem cells. These stem cells are far more potent than adult mesenchymal stem cells of any type.

Lifeline ProPlus
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Lifeline® ProPlus+ contains not just stem cell cytokines, but stem cell proteins, amino acids, growth factors, and more. Unlike other stem cell products, penetration of this product goes down to the dermal layer due to nanotechnology, to deliver more therapeutic benefits for your skin. With daily use, the Lifeline® ProPlus+ duo:

  • Improves health & overall appearance of skin.
  • Reduces inflammation and speeds healing following medical esthetic procedures.
  • Is the most complete skincare system available.
  • Uses the most cutting edge stem cell technology available - far superior to other brands all using adult stem cells.

Please note that the stem cells used are not of fetal origin.

“Beyond amazing! I live in the northeast and suffer from intense dry skin in the winter. The combination of these products not only improve skin texture, tone and hyper pigmentation but serves as an amazing moisturizer. No break outs just beautiful skin!”


We can’t tell you who Dr. Kim’s patients are, but we can tell you it isn’t an accident that these stars look great. They all follow healthy diets, exercise, and use only the best skin care products such as Lifeline® ProPlus+.
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