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Dr. Kims Gym-in-a-bag workout

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: April 20, 2020

Included in your Gym-In-a-Bag ; an instructional flip-chart

This article might come in handy if you already have a gym-in-a-bag or decide to purchase one while you’re “here.” I think most of you know my history in the fitness industry. I created a quick in-and-out of the gym workout for you and others. But what about those days you just can’t make it to the gym? I personally find that my gym-in-a bag workout can be done “anywhere” including hotel rooms. And it’s so fast, you barely break a sweat. But you have that nice post-workout soreness the next day. You know what I mean if you weight train. Get out your GIAB flipchart to see exactly how I’m doing each exercise and see if what I’m doing “works for you.” The whole workout takes only about 14 minutes so you have time to work this into your schedule no matter what.


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Dr. Kims’ Gym-in-a-bag Workout Basics

gym-in-a-bag workoutThis workout maximizes the benefits of your workout while minimizing the time commitment, which is what makes my patients and AWS members stick with it.

If you do a “total body workout” but don’t rest between body parts, you are also getting a cardio workout. This yields a good 80% of the results you would get for doing the traditional 3 sets.

With my routine, you will use the heaviest bands that do not cause discomfort and do repetitions until “near failure,” which means that you “can’t do another repetition.”

You will aim for 12-15 repetitions to achieve this goal.

After a while, once you get to the point where you can do more, you raise the resistance by using heavier bands.  Clear?

You will be switching from upper to lower extremities. This way, you are able to perform your routine without needing to take any prolonged breaks. The 10-15 seconds needed to reposition the bands and the bar are perfectly fine.

It’s a good idea to have 2-3 exercises per body part in your “repertoire” so you can vary what you are doing for each body part. There are two reasons for this: so you won’t get bored and so your “muscles won’t get bored.”

I’m now going to give you my personal workout which is 14 minutes, 2-3x per week which means you have the time to weight train!


  1. Alternate upper and lower body exercises.
  2. Do the maximum band strength you can: and you’ll “graduate up” just like you “graduate up” in the gym with weights.
  3. Go from big muscle groups to small muscle groups.
  4. Do abdominals whenever it is “good for you.” If you “hate abs,” get it over with. If you are neutral, do them in the middle. If you love abs (as I do), do them at the end.
  5. Assess your body: maybe you really do not need a muscle group done and maybe there are one or two muscle groups you want super, super done. An example of this would be if you ran track in your youth; your calves are fine, but if you are a post-menopausal women, you need extra triceps work. Here is an example of “doing triceps” – easy, right?

Here we go

As I mentioned, have alternatives for what I’m proposing so you can add variety. You have a bar to position up, with the positioner, cuffs to put on your ankles before you start and hand “cuffs” to thread with tubes before you start. Try using the red/black bands with the bar and the green/purple bands with the hand “cuffs” or “holds.” Remember we’re trying to do this and make it into an aerobic or even a high intensity interval training routine.

  1. Lats or chest presses first (and I like the bar- just my preference).
  2. Next- move to the pre-threaded cuffs and do squats. If it’s not enough weight just do more reps.
  3. Then either lats or chest with the bar, whichever you didn’t do.
  4. If you are doing this as a HIIT you might be a little winded; now might be the time for abs; up to you.
  5. Back to upper body and if you have the bar in place it’s easy to do triceps pushdowns.
  6. Have the foot/ankle attachments on and maybe you want to do glute kick-backs now? Men are never as interested as we women are in doing anything for glutes other than squats or deadlifts so men, how about quad kicks? Women, after your kick-backs you can turn (as I do) and do some inner thigh work.
  7. How about getting off the bar for upper body, grabbing the pre-threads and doing some lateral delts?
  8. Back to the legs: Your choice of outer thigh, a different type of glute kick and so on.
  9. Back to upper body: If you haven’t done them, biceps, and if you need more, triceps kick-backs. You can get on the other side of the bar and do your biceps curls that way as well.
  10. Your choice of posterior delts with the pre-threads, calves or both. You’re still in under 14 minutes even with a few extra abs thrown in.

You want to use the door attachment for the upper body bar exercises and keep it up there, and then move it down for the legs. Meanwhile as described, you can do things for upper body that don’t require the bar. Just don’t keep on moving the door attachment from the upper to the lower position; that’s a waste of time.

gym in a bag door mountYou do not have to do upper, medial and lower chest on one day. Similarly you don’t need to do Lat pull downs and rows on the same day. Just “mix it up” so you are covering what you need to cover in the course of a week. If this isn’t clear then go to the Gym-in-a-Bag YouTube channel and watch what they are doing. I like to throw in a few key core-strengthening calisthenics such as push-ups and planks too.

They (the folks at Flexolate)  have made another type of door “hinge” and I’m not officially carrying it because it is a big black cord you need to leave in the middle of one of your doors. It works great but in my house, I don’t want to have a door always looking like the picture you see to your left. However if you want to purchase this, send me a message and I’ll help you get it from my friend Jerry McGovern-the genius behind the product.

Good luck with your workouts and I hope this keeps you “in the fold.” It’s an easy work-out routine to help you lose weight or gain/keep muscle mass.

If your life is busy, it’s hard to keep a fitness routine going  but so far, this is the best solution I have found for myself and my patients as well as for AWS Members.

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