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Dr. Kims Personal Skincare Routine

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: September 6, 2018
dr kims personal skincare

What really is Dr. Kims Personal Skincare Routine?

dr kims personal skincare I have answered so many emails from women asking this, I thought I’d do a blog!

Every womans’ skin is unique so “the dr kims skincare routine” won’t necessarily be right for you.

However, you’ll get to follow my logic of why I use what and when I use it.

My skin was super-oily when I was younger. Now it’s T-zone oily and “normal” otherwise.

I still have the occasional zit which I nuke with a dab of the glycolic lotion after I dry it up with a dab of (no kidding) the moor herbal mask.

If you have been “following me” you know that I tell you all the time that beauty starts on the inside.

If you have internal inflammation, your skin will just not glow. Here’s a quick run-down on how I take care of “my insides.”

Inside-out skincare

I don’t know how much of my health information you have read but I will re-iterate that your skin will reflect what is going on (or NOT going on) inside your body. Being overweight causes inflammation which shows in your skin. In fact, internal inflammation causes inflammation of the skin which is a primary skin ager. Inflammation is caused by eating just plain wrong. For those of you who follow this blog, a review of how to eat will bore you. For those of you who don’t, please review the two healthiest ways to eat: an anti-inflammatory diet or a nutritional ketosis diet.

Another internal issue which ages the skin and the body is called having oxidative stress. Almost everyone has oxidative stress unless they consciously “fix it.”  I use the AWS reds/greens drinks-you can eat 12-15 servings of vegetables per day or “juice”- I just find what I do to be less expensive and certainly less time-consuming.

Glycation also ages your skin. You are “glycating” when you don’t have a normal fasting blood sugar ;85 ng/dL or lower. When you have a blood sugar which is too high you are stiffening all cells, including your skin cells. Also if you haven’t tuned up your “gut” so that you have great GI-tract function with (at a minimum), our prebiotic/probiotic combo, you are not giving your skin it’s best chance.

I have 2 reds/greens drinks daily to get rid of oxidative stress, take curcumin (cumetra), ECGC (decaf green tea)  and DHA fish oils for inflammation and stay at my ideal body weight. For glycation, I take chromium nicotinate, berberine and alpha lipoic acid. The other great benefit for skin with the ALA is that it prevents collagen cross-linking which causes wrinkles.

Other things I do which are mandatory for great skin is I exercise daily, wear sunblock, take Vitamin D, and make sure I get a very good night’s sleep. Sleep is mandatory for good health and skin.

I also take other integrative supplements you have seen on this website which are great for skin such as SitoNox, acetyl-l-carnitine, GPC to name some biggies. Just to give you an example of how some integratives help your skin, let’s take SitoNox. SitoNox increases nitric oxide levels in the blood. NO is needed as we get older to keep blood vessels well dilated to prevent high blood pressure and platelet clumping. It increases blood flow to all organs including our largest organ-our skin. Just as exercise increases blood flow to increase more collagen and elastin production so too, does more NO! One of the great nitric oxide benefits is to increase bloodflow to the skin.

Now here’s my skin care routine

dr kims personal skincare routine


Let me remind you that I have moderately oily skin and am acne-prone. Cruel to worry about acne and wrinkles isn’t it? So if I tell you a product I’m using and why (and you have dry skin);  I’ll tell you what the alternative for you might be. If I don’t give you an alternative assume that all skin types are fine with the product I’m using. The reason I carry Moorspa products as my “skin care line” is because I used to be an owner of the company so I know the superb corporate culture they have. I helped with product development and know that these are quality, natural, organic products which are good for your skin and approved by SkinDeep. Here is how I get started.


great to remove kelzymeI use a clarisonic for those rare times when I wear make-up. One of those times is when I shoot videos for these webinars you see if you are a member because going without make-up on camera is a total face wash-out. Unless all you are using is mineral make-up (and even then…), you just cannot get your pores clean enough without a device such as this. No, I don’t own a stake in this company-it’s just a great cleansing product.

You need to make sure you soak the brushes and change them regularly so you are not putting bacteria on your face; if you get a rotary cleaning device, do keep it clean.

If you wear liquid, cream or stick make-up you need “something” other than a facecloth if you want to get your skin really make-up free at night. Scrubbing your skin won’t do it because you’re not going “beneath the surface.” Because I’m acne-prone and because it’s a great, constant exfoliant, I use the Moorspa salicylic acid cleanser. It isn’t so strong as to at all cause irritation-it doesn’t sting, lathers up really nicely and does a great job at removing “everything”. If you have dry skin you’ll be better off with the cleansing milk. All skin types can use the cleansing foam which is fun and doubles as a shaving cream. Now the part of your skin care regimen you might neglect.


I have often mentioned that this is a step that women forget about or don’t think is important. Exfoliating regularly is really important for great looking skin. Here’s why.

It stimulates the skin’s building blocks-collagen and elastin. It takes off the dead skin that builds up more and more the older we get. This is important to shoo away breakouts and to give your skin a nice fresh glow. Exfoliation becomes a tool to look more youthful and glowy with less fine lines and less apparent pores.

Here is where you have to “know your skin”

You need to know when it “needs exfoliating” but the average woman needs it a good 2x per week. I don’t have time to go get microdermabrasions but if you do, that’s a great way to clean up the yukky stuff. What I do gives me good results and it sure save time and money. Here’s how I personally exfoliate.

I do a “power exfoliation” once a week which is our Moorspa Vitamin C mask. I’ll do this on the weekend, when we’re going out so I look really “glow-y” for a Saturday night out. It really jams in that Vitamin C, I’m convinced. I follow that with the packed-with-herbals and very anti-inflammatory original Moor mask. Yes-this is also what I use a dot of to dry up the occasional zit.

Then mid-week, I’ll use the kelzyme mask which is a quicker, easier exfoliation and a bit of a skin tightener too.

 Constant exfoliation and skin perfecting

You can tell I’m a huge fan of exfoliation. Remember you can use products which help you with “skin turnover” such as the cleanser I use. But I bet you haven’t thought of things like glycolic lotion since you were getting teen-aged pimples. The great thing about this product is that it is a gentle, proper-pH formulation which can serve to be a gentle, constant exfoliator. It also makes your skin glow-y. And it really minimizes the appearance of pores.


I use two. I’ll give you my exact routines but serum layer one is the Vitamin C- hyaluronic acid serum we have.

Remember if you get a serum from Amazon most of the time the C percentage is too high, causing a burned epidermis which looks dull and the hyaluronic acid is too long chain and doesn’t penetrate. So you generally “get what you pay for”.  My second layer of serum is the Lifeline Proplus day serum. If you haven’t read about this miracle skin duo you should. It’s the best skin anti-aging duo on the market. I use the LLPP undereye serum under my eyes and above my upper lip.


Toners are a luxury. They aren’t “necessary” but when one is well-made it feels lovely and adds a final touch of moisture. Be careful with toners which contain oil strippers. I love the Moorspa hyaluronic acid containing toner. I spritz myself even after a face-wash since it feels and smells so good.


The Lifeline Propus night serum used to be enough moisturizer for me at night. However, I find that my skin looks “plumper” in the morning if I use the platinum supreme cream as well. I just recently did a one month trial run with a bit of the new growth serum and growth serum cream and I loved those two products as well.

A.M. routine: Total skincare product time is 2 minutes

I wash with the salicylic cleanser mentioned above. Next  I’ll put a thin layer of the Vitamin C-hyaluronic acid serum. You don’t need a lot to cover your face and neck. Then, on comes the Lifeline Proplus serum. If I’m not leaving the house during sun-hours, no sunblock, but if I am- sunblock. If I wear makeup it’s Bare Minerals- the most “organic” but effective line I have found. A spritz of the toner comes at the “end of everything.”

P.M. routine: Total time is 4 minutes

Now here is the part that may cause you to say “really?”  There are “derma- rollers” (find them on Amazon) which are labelled .5, 1, 1.5 mm-that’s the depth that, when rolled over your skin, they penetrate and make a bunch of teensy little microscopic holes. Details about these and other ways to look younger without plastic surgery are found in the article just linked. Here’s what using a derma-roller will do.

1. Help “everything” penetrate up to 100x more.

2. Stimulate collagen and elastin.

So at night, I’ll use the clarisonic with the salicylic wash if I feel “grimy.” Then the hyaluronic serum is put on next. Then I’ll use a .5 mm derma roller to “roll” face and neck and even décolletage if I’m in a “daily mode” OR a 1.5 mm if I’m in a bi-weekly mode. I switch it up.

The .5mm is enough to allow for good product penetration with no “next day” carnage. Then, you (meaning I)  apply the LLPP night serum, and then, the platinum supreme cream. A spritz of the hyaluronic toner finishes the job. When I use the 1.5 mm roller I grit my teeth and don’t bother with topical anesthetic but most people need one. On those nights, it’s a pre and post layer of the Lifeline Proplus night serum to make sure all the growth factors go into healing up the little holes. There’s also no next day carnage if you do that.

And there you have it!


  1. So if I get botox and fillers will that interfere with any of these products?

    • Susan, it is perfectly fine to get any of the fillers on the market and botox as part of your Esthetic Derm routine. And no- there is no problem using any of these products and they do not interfere with the botox or fillers and vice versa. Best, Dr.Kim

  2. I have medium to dry skin, can I use the glycolic lotion?

    • Johanna-“as is” it may or may not be too drying for your skin. It is probably fine as a thin coat with a moisturizing product (like platinum supreme cream) at night. If this is “too much (redness, peeling) just mix it 50/50 with the PSCream and then apply at night-then put another coat of the PSC. Best, Dr.Kim

  3. If my skin can look like your skin, I’m IN!

  4. I love reading about your skin routine. I have been trying to fight aging and have tried many different ways of doing so. I purchased your AnteAGE Serum and Accelerator a few months ago, and I love how it has made my face and neck look and feel, it’s my Fountain of Youth!!! Thank you again for sharing your skin routine, it helps so many of us with when and how we should use products.

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