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The Best Supplements to Repair Leaky Gut: Dr. Kim’s exclusive list

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: February 13, 2021
supplements to heal leaky gut


First of all what exactly is exclusive about my best supplements to repair leaky gut list? I’ll tell you right off the bat. If you have read articles from famous health writers on the topic of leaky gut, I’ll bet you that they never actually took supplements to heal leaky gut symptoms themselves. Everyone seems to recommend the same incomplete set of supplements that are-well- just plain incomplete if you have a “serious” case of leaky gut, replete with lots of GI symptoms. I have been battling a serious case of leaky gut for over two years. I’m now all better due to gut-healing peptides in addition to what you’re about to read.

best supplements to repair leaky gutThe cause of my leaky gut isn’t typical. It’s not due to what cause most people’s leaky gut- poor diet and/or medications. No-my leaky gut is due to mold mycotoxins.

Dust mites, other cellular debris, mold and mycotoxins, to be exact.

An indoor- as I call it- world of toxins– event which is increasingly common due to shoddy construction practices.

I was doing “everything right” according to the bulk of the research that “the other” health and Physician writers discuss. However, I’m here to tell you that there is great research on a lot more you can be doing to heal your leaky gut. When I talked about how to fix your gut I was being more “general” with diet and so on.

Today I will tell those of you with  serious leaky gut issues that there is a lot more you can do to speed up the healing process to “get your life back.”  I’ll get into “why” each supplement is important. First, let me do a little review of leaky gut for you.

What is leaky gut and what causes it?

Your whole digestive tract can be adversely affected by stress, processed foods, alcohol, bacteria, medications, and toxins. Top culprits include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aleve, as well as sugar, starches, processed and fast foods, toxins and microbiome (bacterial) imbalance. Chronic irritation turns into chronic inflammation which in turn, becomes tiny leaks in your intestinal lining or “wall.” This is the start of a leaky gut. A leaky gut can release undigested food particles, bacteria, and toxins into your bloodstream, leading to a whole host of issues.

Symptoms of leaky gut

Leaky gut symptoms vary from person to person. If the leakage is minor, symptoms will usually be limited to the gastrointestinal tract. Typical symptoms include bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea and/or constipation. When the gaps in the intestinal lining are bigger, causing more “leakage”, you’ll find more systemic symptoms. These can include joint pain, rashes, difficulty sleeping, cognitive dysfunction, fatigue and asthma. Eventually it can even lead to autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Now let’s get into treatment.

Your diet

I have gone into the diet plan to use in the article reference above. As a quick review, it is imperative that you eat a non-proccessed-foods, whole foods diet. Your sources of whole foods need to be pure and “digestible”-meaning organic and non-GMO for vegetables. Meats and eggs need to be cage free, grass fed, no hormones, etc. Fish needs to be only wild caught. The GAPS or better yet- my autoimmune diet appears to be the most healing for leaky gut. Start slowly and add on foods only if you have tolerated everything on your list for 1-2 weeks.

Although many sources will cite that a ketogenic diet is going to alter gut mucous and therefore be “bad for leaky gut”, there is other scientific evidence that the main ketone, beta-hydroxybutyrate, is actually good for your GI lining. I would cautiously recommend a nutritional ketosis diet due to the huge amount of healthy fats which are beneficial to gut mucosa. We know that butyric acid is quite healing and I’ll talk more about that when I get to the supplements section. But just know that grass-fed butter and grass fed ghee are high in gut-healing butyric acid and this is one of the reasons I think intermittent ketosis is actually good for leaky gut. This is controversial so check with your doctor (a good GI doc) before doing this.

The best supplements to repair leaky gut:

I’m not going to knock what are known as the best supplements to repair leaky gut, I’m just going to put them here under this heading so that you can compare the “full list” with the list you have likely read about. Indeed, everyone says that you should take digestive enzymes with meals, but does anyone specify what those digestive enzymes should contain? I will. And, yes, bone broth is “good for you” but I personally never want to see another cup of bone broth as long as I live. I suspect that other “leaky gutters” feel the same.

So I have a great substitute for the bone broth I’ll list with the supplements. Indeed, l-glutamine is crucial for GI lining repair. But you need so much more! And lastly, yes-of course you need to clean up your GI microbiome with good probiotics. But what about sporulating probiotics? Or “yeast?” I have seen slippery elm mentioned in a prominent blog, but as a “do it-all” herbal GI lining reparative? Just-not-enough. So what is?

Dr. Kim’s Recipe for Success: Your Supplements to heal leaky gut:

Here are the steps I’m going to discuss next: gut detox, digestion assistance, gut lining protection and healing. This is all you need to know about supplementation for leaky gut.



Because so many cases of leaky gut are associated with “SIBO” (basically-an overgrowth of bad bacteria) and some heavy metal toxicity thrown in for good measure, I think it’s a great idea to get rid of all of the potential toxins in the gut that are there, giving you belly pain. I recommend a heavy-duty nano-zeolite spray to chelate metals, clear out flouride, and so on. I also recommend a heavy-duty colloidal silver spray to kill candida and start “bumping off” the bad bacteria. And there’s more.

Caprylic Acid:

This 8 carbon MCT is found in coconut oil. However it’s concentration is only 6%. But if you buy MCT oil, it’s filled with healthy caprylic acid. Caprylic acid has been demonstrated to be a potent gut anti-microbial that helps to destroy bad bacteria and yeast.


Prebiotics in capsules are viral phages which kill “bad bacteria” and can be given with probiotics. Fermented foods are advised for prebiotic “action” but why not double- duty this important function?


Modified citrus pectin is great for the GI tract for a host of reasons. This modified pectin powder actually binds to water in the intestines and forms a nice, gooey gel to help prevent constipation. The gel is probably protective for the GI lining too-but since that’s not proven I won’t put it in the “protection” section. There is more to  this pectin. It also helps to create and maintain an anti-inflammatory environment in the gut. This effect has been shown to help prevent inflammatory bowel diseases and even colon cancer. Remember the mention of the butyric acid in the ghee? The pectin in modified citrus pectin ferments and forms butyric acid, with the assistance of butyrate-producing bacteria such as Clostridium butyricumin and others that I’ll discuss in a bit.

Assist digestion

If you have any intestinal issues, you need complete digestive enzymes with each meal. By complete- I mean they need to contain lipase, Ox bile extract, peptidase, amylases, pepsin, proteases, glucoamylase, lactase, invertase and betaine HCL. (Yes, ours do). You also need to chew your food super well. Don’t make your GI tract “do” more than it needs to do. An example is to have cooked veggies versus raw-at least at first. If you have a history of heartburn and have been taking a PPI medication, please stop it and instead, take digestive enzymes with extra betaine.

Protect the GI lining

Caprylic Acid again!

Medium chain triglycerides seem to help protect the epithelial lining of the gut. Because Leaky gut can lead to inflammatory GI conditions and those with Leaky gut have lost their “mucus barrier”, this information is included here. In people with GI inflammatory conditions where a healthy mucus barrier is lost, including those with Crohn’s disease, their intestinal epithelial cells secrete inflammatory cytokines after contact with harmful bacteria. MCT oils- of which caprylic acid is the most beneficial, suppress inflammatory cytokine production. The mechanism of action is not fully elucidated but it’s documented that they help inhibit this response, thereby protecting the GI lining.

Coat your intestines:

supplements to heal leaky gutSlippery elm and aloe vera are documented to be gut-healing herbs.

And these two are likely the best gut-coaters.

But there are other herbals with definite coating and healing science behind them.

For full-bore herbal gut healing let’s include Licorice and Marshmallow root.

Let’s then add Chamomille and Cat’s Claw, too.

Heal your intestines:

It is commonly accepted that l-glutamine is crucial. I’d go for powder instead of capsules here so that you can evenly coat your intestines.  I would also make sure to add MSM and n-acetyl-glucosamine; both documented to have healing properties in the gut. I know you have heard of bone broth. I’m going to tell you that if I see another cup of bone broth-ever-well, let’s just say that I am totally sick of it. But I don’t have to drink it and neither do you; unless you like it.

The hype about the healing properties of bone broth are due to the high concentration of the aminos proline, hydroxyproline and glycine. You can get all of these three amino acids from collagen powder.  So, why not simply add a couple of doses of collagen (also great for skin!) to your daily regimen?  Fish oil; specifically DHA assists in the repair and should be a part of your healing regimen as well. Lastly, I have observed that people who use human growth hormone heal their GI tracts faster. Yes, this is quite controversial.

Re-populate your gut with healthy bacteria

You need probiotics ASAP! You need the right kind and the right amount. A minimum of 5-6 different strains and 10-15 billion organisms is required. Sporulating probiotic species such as the bacillus subtilis species should be added to the mix. One of the reasons it’s likely beneficial is due to it’s ability to ferment starch and pectin fiber to form butyric acid. You will probably also benefit from adding some saccharomyces  boulardi to your GI tract as well.

Antioxidants and B vitamins:

This where I’m going to reach into my doctor’s bag and pull out all sorts of studies about healing and nutrients needed to heal. What I’m about to tell you hasn’t been studied for leaky gut; it’s just part of my concoction for gut healing. I figure that a hefty dose of antioxidants where it’s needed would surely help the cause. So would B vitamins. And the AWS reds powder is full of both.

If you find other vitamin powders please make sure they are free of GMO ingredients, are organic, and do not contain any sugars of any type as this would be doing the opposite of helping heal your gut. I didn’t mention our greens powder because it contains spirulina and chlorella; both of which sometimes contains gluten. You do not want to use anything that contains gluten. And by the way, that goes for all supplements-make sure they are all non-GMO and gluten-free or you are putting toxins right back in to damage your GI tract lining.

How to take all of this

I’m going to make this oh-so-easy for you because I’m living it. You’ll have a morning GI cocktail and for some, an evening cocktail as well. If in doubt, do it twice. Here is how you get “everything” I have mentioned above.

GI drink:

Since there is a lot of “stuff” in here, you’ll want to get a big shaker cup. Fluids are always in short supply if you have a leaky gut so 12 ounces of water is what I recommend to add all of the things in this “concoction.” To your water, you’ll add our MCT oil or another good MCT oil. You’ll start with 1 tsp and work up to a TBSP or two per drink going slowly- 1 tsp increase per day, maximum.

Then add your 2 scoops of reds, your heaping tsp of l-glutamine powder and your TBSP of GI Rejuv. The GI rejuv contains all of the coating and healing herbals I mentioned. Next, add a TBSP of collagen protein and give the drink a good shake because this can clump. So can the MCP powder which you’ll add last (1 TBSP) and again, give a really good shake to the whole thing. Here’s where you can find it all.


You’ll use your drink to take your fish oils, your prebiotic-probiotic combo, your “big”probiotic, your bacillus probiotic and your sacchyromyces. You’ll use your sprays 2x/day and you’ll take digestive enzymes with meals and before bedtime. And there you go! This disorder isn’t fun, but I’ve just made your regimen easy and doable. Don’t expect this to heal “overnight” but do expect to notice improvement week by week.


  1. Wow, I had done the Dr Axe famous protocol and it didn’t make me better and all his ppl (not him) told me was I wasn’t following it right-I did this for 2 weeks and my symptoms improved. Way to go Dr. Kim!

  2. I was going insane with insufficient leaky gut treatment, just like you talked about. One week on this regimen and I see a change for the better. Cool,thanks

  3. Quite a nice list of things. If I were to pick one thing , what would it be? Or maybe 2 or 3?

    • Justin-without knowing your symptoms or severity I can’t answer this one. Perhaps you’d like to get a consult with me? I don’t want to give you the wrong answer. If you just really spell everything out we can do this on an inexpensive email exchange for $99.Best, Dr.Kim

  4. What a great all in one article, thanks!Food question- am doing GAPS and unclear about raw versus cooked foods?

    • The easier you make digestion the better-early leaky gut means cooked only. When your symptoms are subsiding you can slowing introduce raw, easily digestible foods such as cucumbers (peeled) and the insides of romaine lettuce. You go up very slowly-watching symptoms and don’t “push it.” Good luck to you-it DOES get better!

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