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What everyone should know about picking the most effective weight loss programs

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: March 13, 2019
most effective weight loss programs

most effective weight loss programs

Weight Loss Programs With the Best Success Rates are designed for YOU!

The most effective weight loss programs take into account that you are unique. You have your own cravings. You have your own hormonal issues. Further, you have your own genetics. There is no one size fits all weight loss program, just as there is no one size fits all anti-aging program. Being overweight is generally not “your fault,” either. Why?

The food supply is more calorically dense than ever. Portion sizes are insanely large, and we all have mostly sedentary jobs. Organized and very well-known weight loss programs often include foods that you can purchase which are filled with ingredients to make you “re-bound” as soon as you leave the program. To clarify, this means more business for them. Before I get into this, here’s a validating video from me to you. I UNDERSTAND!

You may have been frustrated by your inability to lose unwanted pounds in the past, or you may have gained back what you have lost. You are not alone. In fact, this is typical. Since most people use organized diet plans which include their frozen or packaged, overly-processed foods, this is one of the reasons why it is difficult to lose weight!

Established “big company,” weight loss programs are designed for your failure due to what is in their packaged foods. They may say “go ahead and eat your own foods, ” but they have an ample amount of pre-prepared food and know it’s easier for you to count points or whatever they have you count. (On my weight loss programs, you count NOTHING including calories; Shocking, right!?) As one small example, the most commonly used artificial sweetener, aspartame, is an appetite stimulant!

Eat healthfully

If you follow a healthy foods weight loss program, you can eat all the good and healthy food you want without the added chemicals. That doesn’t mean only eating celery and carrot sticks!

I am talking about real, healthy foods here. High-energy foods are useful for helping you decrease body fat and increase metabolically active lean body mass at the same time!
If you eat processed, inflammatory foods that will seriously hamper weight loss. If you DO lose it, the pounds will come right back!

However, if you eat as I advise in this article you will not only lose weight, you will become healthier, and your skin will glow, too! Imagine being able to look younger by eating more healthfully!

What should you eat?

You guessed it! The answer is an anti-inflammatory diet plan where you also control excessive levels of blood sugar known as glycation. (Supplements are usually needed during the weight loss period). You also need to manage oxidative stress.

To both give yourself a boost and kick things off nicely, you should alternate 2 days on the anti-inflammatory diet plan and 2 days on the ketotic plan.

This helps to suppress hunger and cravings. Additionally, it gives you some instant gratification which is yet another reason I have one of the most effective weight loss programs available.

To reach a state of ketosis, all you need is to eliminate grains and all other carbohydrates, so you become ketotic. This is a HEALTHY version of the Atkins diet and will help with hunger pangs and cravings.https://drkimsagewellsolutions.com/2017/05/15/most-effective-weight-loss-programs/

Compared to other weight loss programs, my basic eating plan provides an abundance of micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) yet fosters a moderate calorie intake without causing you to be hungry “all the time.”

If you are at all hungry or have sugar cravings, for instance, we have natural appetite suppressant supplements which control ALL of these issues. It is more about how to eat than how much to eat. Aim for 30% protein / 30% fat / 40% carb (which is the ZONE diet). Eat “organic” as much as possible and avoid GMO’s (Genetically Modified foods).

The best “mix” for health is the Mediterranean diet plan which ours is modeled after with some tweaks. Note that almost all processed foods contain GMO corn products and are not labeled. Also, in the U.S., just about all corn, soy and WHEAT products are GMO unless labeled otherwise. Your “plate” should be 2/3 veggies and complex carbs, 1/3 lean protein.

Foods to avoid:

Sugar, fruit juice, refined carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, pasta), “low fat” labeled foods, high starch vegetables, white potatoes (white inside), corn, processed meats (bacon, hot dogs, etc.), processed foods. No soda or diet soda! (Diet soda stimulates appetite and promotes weight gain! It’s a significant cause of unexplained weight gain in America.)

Specialty Foods To Eat: 

Specifically, anti-inflammatory foods to incorporate as much as you can, while keeping it organic and non-GMO: Broccoli, chickpeas, ginger (“strip” or powdered form), daily tomato juice (prepared to your liking), high omega-3 fish (such as salmon but be careful of mercury levels meaning always get “wild caught”).

Oxidative Stress:

Let’s talk about another REALLY important reason we get diseases and age inside and out. It’s called oxidative stress, and yes, we can fix it! After I tell you why it is imperative for your health to fix oxidative stress, of course, I’ll tell you HOW to fix it! I’ll also give you a quiz to determine if you have this problem.

Again, this is common and is a reason many cancers occur. It worsens heart disease. Let me get your attention—fixing it is just plain magic for your skin! NOW, are you more interested? The most effective weight loss programs should always be focusing on the overall benefits of becoming healthier and not just short term aesthetic benefits. Healthy people maintain their weight much more easily than unhealthy people. Here is more about specific high antioxidant foods to eat to get rid of oxidative stress. So, take care of inflammation and oxidative stress; then take a look at what we can do with your brain !


Benefits of Weight Loss Programs based on Optimizing Brain Chemistry:

Here’s the ENORMOUS benefit of the most effective weight loss programs like mine for successful fat loss and weight maintenance. Here is the “not so secret” secret that no one tells you about. 99% of people with weight issues eat when they are not hungry. That is the major reason it is so hard to lose weight and not yo-yo diet for most people.

Go to “weight loss forums” online and look at surveys. You will find over 90% of participants say their #1 problem is “trouble” due to non-hunger eating. Well, I solve that and so do other anti-aging doctors who are sophisticated enough to be able to straighten out brain chemistry with their weight loss programs.
Think about it. Do you eat when you’re stressed, anxious, tired, having cravings, or feeling irritable? Do you THINK you are hungry all the time? I bet sometimes you don’t even know why you eat.  If you don’t know then for a week, write down how you feel each time you eat anything, and you will figure it out. Email me if you want my food-mood diary.

In weight loss programs that review brain chemistry, we figure out what kind of non-hunger eating you do. Then, we fix your low brain chemicals with supplements your body uses to make what you lack.
Why don’t the “big companies” hire smart anti-aging doctors to help with their weight loss plans?  For starters, you would lose weight and not come back. Repeat business is the big bucks for them.

Here’s a Tip: 

Serotonin is a happy brain chemical produced mainly in your GI tract, not in your brain. Women rarely have enough. Proof: Women have more constipation and more depression than men. Yes, insufficient serotonin levels cause constipation!

To raise it enough to suppress your appetite and dull sugar cravings a bit, just do four 40 minute xylitol- sweetened gum chews daily. Try it! There are other ways to raise serotonin and every other brain chemical you lack. There are also non-stimulant supplements such as decaf green tea which will boost your metabolism. Some of the details you are looking for can be found in this article about weight loss solutions.

What about Exercise?

In our weight loss program, we recommend you exercise about 30-45 minutes per day (or at least 6 days per week) doing “cardio” for just about everything on “the list.” This includes stress reduction, sleep, immune system functionbrain health and more. This can be anything such as walking your dog, jogging, using gym cardio equipment, or cycling. Traditional strength training guidelines have you in the gym pumping iron three to four times per week for 45 minutes at a time.

When the gym is crowded, between driving, changing, waiting for equipment, showering, and driving home, working out can literally take 2+ hours. There just isn’t time for that with jobs, kids, and other obligations. I know. Stretching is also on “the list” and is supposed to be incorporated into each strength workout.

As a former multiple fitness center owner, I know that as we get older, our responsibilities grow. As a result, finding time to workout is nearly impossible. I, myself, can’t find time for the gym! So, what to do?
You can “streamline” all of this. You can do a home based band-bar-system workout in a 20-minute “circuit.”

During those 20 minutes, you are stretching, going from one body part to the next, getting “cardio”, and not breaking enough of a sweat to need to shower or change if you are already in “comfy clothes.”

Do this 2-3x per week and it will fulfill strength and stretching requirements. It will also leave you with only 3 days of cardio “requirements”. You can do this, right? This applies to everyone, not just those trying to lose weight. I use a product called gym-in-a-bag if I’m in one of those “can’t get to the gym” periods of life. When I can get to the gym, I still streamline it with my quick and easy weight workout.

 Now let’s discuss body fat and also belly fat a bit:

1) Diet: Anti-inflammatory diet is crucial!
2) Exercise: Cardio and weight training are full tilt when sleep and energy are OK.
3) Stress: If you are under so much stress that it is giving you body fat, you are making too much of the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is going to eventually also cause fatigue, sleep issues and immune system depression which leads to many “bad things.”

First, more infections like colds. This is culprit #1 for belly fat! This is just one reason to control stress. There are tons of blogs and videos. Here is a good video for starters.

4) Sleep: If you are at the stage where energy is low, cortisol is high, and energy levels are below a 5-6 on a 10 point scale, you WILL have sleep issues. This will cause body fat, but specifically belly fat. Therefore, energy, sleep, and stress need to be optimized. Check out the sleep and energy sections of the A-Z topics.

5) Your G.I. tract: Without a well-functioning G.I. tract (meaning proper pre and then probiotics) you will not lose weight or belly fat effectively. Replacing toxic GI tract bacteria with healthy bacteria will increase your metabolic rate. There is a ton of information about this on the website.

6) Last note for men regarding estrogenic hormones:
In men, the enzyme aromatase converts testosterone to estradiol, a form of estrogen. Usually, levels are not high unless the man is on testosterone supplementation without an “aromatase inhibitor.” However, as men age, their livers don’t tend to process estradiol quite as well and these levels can go up. All it takes is a simple measurement and treatment. This is a big cause of belly fat in men.

Why are my programs the most effective weight loss programs?

I’ll say it again—It’s because I recognize that you are unique. Weight loss might require augmenting brain chemistry in some, hormones in others. Some people may have obvious SIRT1 deficiencies and require a sirtfood diet plan variant. Some people may have obvious BDNF deficiencies and require BDNF and leptin adjustment. Weight loss is a science. One of the most impactful benefits to losing weight with one of MY weight loss programs is that it improves your health in many ways.

You will become much healthier, happier, and more energetic. As a side effect, your cholesterol and blood sugar will drop too!

Additionally, another super fun benefit is that your skin will glow and tighten making you look years younger!

My weight loss program(s) is/are not comparable to any weight loss programs out there. It’s a full package!

(I say programs for what I do because I individualize ketosis, intermittent fasting, and supplements for brain chemistry for each participant).

You will stop having uncontrollable cravings for fast foods and sugary desserts. Don’t worry though! The alternatives will be as satisfying and rewarding in every one of your meals.

What is so different about my weight control for life program? This is truly the “cool stuff” about the brain. Take a quick look; I believe you will enjoy this.

That’s right! Everyone is different which is why when you consult me I’ll do an enhanced supplement plan that is personalized for you!

Meanwhile, if you are looking to simplify your regimen just follow my anti-inflammatory diet  or ketotic diet plan. If you need more help for cravings and metabolism, consider trying the medical weight loss kit.


  1. Hey all, it works!

  2. And I also appreciate the SAMe/L-tyrosine trick!

  3. Weird, Wanda I was just about to ask Dr.Kim the SAME question! SAME about SAMe LOL.

    • Hello Wanda and Larry-
      Wellbutrin is an effective and pretty safe anti-depressant but I’m delighted you’re both weaning off. Since Wellbutrin ups our serotonin, dopamine and nor-epinephrine, it is not uncommon for those weaning off to have some low-dopamine symptoms such as low energy and sugar cravings. Although there is typically no problem if you are not completely off the drug (meaning if you were a personal patient I could monitor you), I have to recommend that you wait until you are off the drugs for 3 days. Then you can start full-out with the l-tyrosine and the SAMe-the combo will get rid of most sugar cravings. Serotonin also plays a lesser role and if this doesn’t work, I’d add in some 5-HTP. Doing my anti-inflammatory diet alternating with the ketosis version (both in the free weight loss book) also helps with all cravings. I hope this was helpful! Best,Dr.Kim

  4. SO I’m weaning off of wellbutrin and getting sugar cravings. Is it safe for me to take the l-tyrosine and SAMe?

  5. Cool info about the cravings and brain chemicals-I’m going to try the SAMe and tyrosine.

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