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Who wants to know about my Easy, 11 Step Detox Diet Plan ?

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: October 4, 2018
11 step detox diet plan

The 11 Step Detox Diet Plan:

My 11 step detox diet plan gets you on the road to good health and doesn’t dehydrate you or torture you! I know you want a detox diet but don’t want one of those “drink hot lemon juice” plans, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A good detox diet takes into consideration that you need to “live” while you are doing your detox diet meals.

11 step detox diet planYes, meals. There is no earthly reason for these “cleanses” and fasts to detox your GI tract and your organs. The main thing you need to practice is clean eating, and you need to become aware of why you need to detox from our world of toxins in the first place.

Once you start eating correctly, you don’t need to “do this” again. All you’ll need to keep up with is step 11, and we’ll get there after step 10.

This will NOT be painful. This is going to make you feel great and look great. So get ready to change your life and health in a superb way.  I’m going to make this super easy for you. You have read my many articles about why you should be eating an anti-inflammatory diet plan, but you may not know all of the “ins and outs.” Eating this way is the basis of the whole detox diet. You are detoxing from the junk in our pretty gross, over-processed toxic food supply.

Here’s the Skinny:

In this article, I will give you ten easy to follow rules that just require some changes to what you eat. No products or supplements are necessary. This detox focuses on changing what you eat, along with some healthy habits you should be following anyway. If you do this, you will lose weight if you desire, without counting calories. You will have more energy, a better mood, and be protecting your brain. You’ll even sleep better by taking these 10 initial steps. Step 11 involves a simple detox product and other supplement suggestions to not only complete your detox diet but be a model for future eating habits in life.

You will also look better because beauty starts from the inside out. Indeed, I mean you’ll look younger than you do now. In just one month you will look as much as five years younger. Now, with that motivation, let’s go through the list, shall we? First, I’d like to give you a quick reminder of habits to add to your life. You are aware that I am asking you to do these 11 steps and then “live like this,” correct? Also, remember to exercise (sweat!), drink lots of water with lemon, and get plenty of sleep. Now, let’s talk about the foods and “things in foods” from which you need to detox.

If you are like most Americans, you’re “cocooning,” making food, renting movies or binge-watching “House of Cards” or “Game of Thrones” more than you are going out. So, your diet definitely starts with WHAT you eat which means what is in that pantry of yours. After you read this, go do a pantry clean out. You don’t want some chips or Oreo’s craving to mess up your detox, right?

1. Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners:

If you are looking for a healthy way of eating, eliminating all artificial sweeteners is a great place to start. There’s not enough safety information on some sweeteners and too much clear and scary info on others. Aspartame is super scary, and I’ll just leave it all at that.

However, Stevia DOES appear to be safe! I am quite comfortable with it, in fact. So, that means you can be too! In addition, you SHOULD be aware artificial sweeteners totally mess with your ghrelin and leptin hunger sensing mechanisms. These sweeteners are often a reason people fail on conventional diet plans. They can frequently be the cause of unexplained weight gain as well.

Too many artificial sweeteners that have wrecked your leptin and ghrelin responses need leptin/ghrelin normalizers such as sirtfood diet plan supplements. You might also benefit from a natural appetite suppressant while you are normalizing your hormones.

2. Eliminate partially hydrogenated oils and Trans fats:

A process to lengthen shelf life can shorten your life! Trans fatty acids created by hydrogenation have been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

To think that when we were kids, we were told margarine was healthier than butter. Remember also to cook at lower temps because hot fats are toxic. WIKI on advanced glycation end products.

3. Eliminate corn syrups and high fructose corn syrups (HFCS):

Corn syrups have no place in a detox diet or any other diet for that matter. They are linked to obesity and are now so very prevalent in just about every food category; tomato sauces, sodas, baked goods, even natural foods. They are also genetically modified.

It’s cheap, easy to manufacture and it’s making us fat and unhealthy. Furthermore, there are pesticides galore in all non-organic corn products. Also, I don’t give a rat’s behind WHAT the corn “sugar” commercials are saying; it is NOT the same! It is definitely NOT “as natural as sugar.” In fact, it’s one of the top items on the “BAD for you” list!

4. Eat foods in their natural state—not from a package:

Ultimately, most foods—not all, but most—in packages have more chances of having additives and chemicals. They contain unnecessary ingredients that can burden your body and decrease your health and even your skin appeal—no kidding—big time. You don’t need the chemicals, extra salt, sugar and saturated fat that are prevalent in packaged foods. Today, labeling is very complex. Many ingredients are used in processing and manufacturing that are not required to be on the label.

You honestly do not know what you are getting in some packages. For those of you following the GMO debate, recall that GMO products do NOT have to be labeled. Well, here’s a shocker for you while I am on this rant.

Do you recall BPA’s? Sure you do, that’s why you drink out of a “BPA-free” water bottle. You know BPA’s cause cancer. Big surprise—Tons of canned goods are LINED with BPA’s. Labeling is NOT required.

Amy’s is one brand that does label BPA free but is it NOT required! UGH, right? Doing a detox diet sounds like a joke if you are including BPA’s doesn’t it?

So save the bags, boxes, cans and make your food from scratch whenever you can. Eating foods in their most natural state is best. Fresh veggies (raw and cooked) will get you the most benefit nutritionally. However, if you can’t get fresh, frozen is your best bet. Be diligent about label reading as some brands again add unnecessary chemicals. Don’t buy frozen veggies with artificial sauces on them. That just “ruins things.”

5. Eliminate food additives; MSG, Dyes, Chemicals:

Chemicals in our foods are not doing us any good. Dyes are made from coal tar (a carcinogen). MSG (AKA death to your brain cells) sensitivities are well known. Our bodies are not meant to process a multitude of chemicals. We need to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition and foods that are wholesome and healthy. We need natural, whole foods and sometimes some metabolism boosting supplements to counteract all of the metabolism suppressing effects of the junk we have been eating.  Watch for anything labeled Red, Yellow #2, 3/etc. They are carcinogenic.

6. Eliminate white refined, processed foods (white flour, white rice, white bread, white pasta) and use whole sprouted grains instead:

These refined foods are devoid of nutrition. Empty calories. White flour has only a small percentage of the nutrition of whole grain flour. It is just like eating sugar! Please note if you come back to this blog in 6 months I might be guiding you to “pull in” on even whole grains. The data is not complete, but we just might want to have more control over dietary toxins, weight, and inflammation by cutting grains—at least for some. Stay tuned on this. Meanwhile, I’m just asking you for a substitution.

Whole grains contain the oils, bran, and all vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber nature intended. Whole grains are a fabulous source of fiber which shows to reduce colon cancer. Some rich sources are brown rice, bulgur, millet, buckwheat, rye, barley, spelt, oats, quinoa. Again, eat sprouted for optimal health. This is not just part of the detoxification, though. Remember, it’s what I highly recommend everyone follow for good health and younger looks for life.

Additionally, even though the jury is still not totally in, I’m recommending that you avoid wheat/gluten. Follow that link to a great article from the Huffington Post. I think there are many people who have an “intolerance” who are just not diagnosed properly. They are instead told they have all sorts of other GI tract problems or mood problems, food allergies, brain issues and more!

7. Eat at least one big salad (think Jerry Seinfeld episode, LOL!) and 3 fruits daily:

We should be eating at least 12 and better yet 15 servings of fruits/veggies everyday. The vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients help protect us from disease.  A big salad containing many colorful veggies (and be creative—add fruits) can help make this happen. If you can’t do the 12-15 servings, you MUST choose a great, natural product to give you what you need. I use the AWS oxidative stress relief powders daily because I just can’t eat 12-15 servings of fruits and vegetables per day—can you? However, I think we can all eat a “big salad.”

8. Choose Organic please:

The average American eats a pound of pesticides per year. Bleah! Can you imagine the toll that takes on the body (combined with all the other toxins from the environment?)

The vitamin and mineral content of organic foods is higher than the conventional counterparts. There are some foods which are more important to “eat organically” such as fresh vegetables (especially greens), dairy products and meat if you are a meat eater.

I would say your detoxing research should include identifying reliable vendors for pesticide-free, organic non-GMO fruits and veggies, and grass-fed, antibiotic free beef, free range, antibiotic free chicken, as well as wild caught fish. Let’s not forget eggs. You want them from hens who are happily cage-free, and grass, not grain, eating too.

9. Eat high-quality fats:

Fats contained in fish, nuts, and seeds are GOOD for you! Essential fatty acids are “essential” to optimum health. If you’re not taking a DHA-EPA supplement be sure to sprinkle freshly ground flax seeds on salads, oatmeal, in smoothies, etc. Avocados are also wonderful additions to your daily eating plan. Due to the hard shell, you don’t have to pay extra for “organic.”

One tablespoon of ground flax seeds a day will improve your health. A handful of walnuts is a great source of brain-healthy fats as well. MOST of us don’t get enough EPA/DHA essential fats which have shown to be protective for heart disease and many other ailments, so I generally recommend a good supplement to this; especially in light of the American Heart Association’s new recommendations for up to 5 grams of Omega 3’s per day.

 10. Eat 90% for nourishment and 10% for fun:

If you maintain a healthy dietary foundation, you CAN stray and have fun eating those foods that might not be considered so healthy.

This is not an eating boot camp here; -it is all about balance. Eating should definitely be fun! This website is a read, learn, shop or get guidance with emails, chats or inexpensive consults with or without labs with me. Everyone can get healthier within their budget. If you haven’t looked around the website for articles, free ebooks, and more cool stuff, you should!

11. Detox yourself!

It’s so hard for most people to eat “clean” when they are done with their “detox diet month.” However, I still recommend practicing a good natural and healthy detox regimen.

I’m talking about under the tongue sprays we carry in the “store”—not silly detox regimens.

You do know what I mean by silly, right? Juice fasts, colon cleanses, etc.

We have all tried them when we were younger, but they are just plain “silly” now that we have sophisticated products which do the whole job. For example, these sprays are “inert” but so effective that they get rid of pesticide residues, heavy metals and even things such as nuclear waste!

I do it every day, and it takes 2 minutes 2x a day!



  1. Pretty easy. What do you think about the value of greens as detoxifying?

    • HI Charlie,
      Actually the AWS greens powder do indeed contain detoxifying ingredients. However I wouldn’t rely on them to “get the whole job done.” A good detox requires other “agents” such as the sprays I have included in this blog. This blog is for those without a toxin-related incident or illness. And yes, when I talk about oxidative stress, I assume people will use the reds/greens. For those with MORE of a need to detox, they generally get in touch for a consult and we add other things to what is on this blog. Best wishes, Dr.Kim

  2. Nice, easy way to do it, am going for it!

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