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What everyone needs to know about the sirtfood diet plan

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: May 31, 2019

What’s the history of the sirtfood diet plan?

sirtfood diet plan When I started writing this article, I was just taking a guess that someone didn’t pull the name “Sirtfood” diet plan out of the air.

Moreover, I was hoping someone had to have a decent scientific basis for creating this sirtfood diet plan.

In fact, they did.

I’m going to tell you about that very real and effective basis, about the diet, and then how to use this information to bypass the diet and get real results.

To explain, Sirtuins are a group of 7 enzymatic proteins which are mammalian enzymes getting a lot of research attention. Markedly, the most commonly referenced SIRT protein is SIRT1 which is the “SIRT” studied most. SIRT1  is a protein that takes acetyl groups off of proteins. SIRT1 enzymes “turn off” specific “bad genes.”

The genes that are turned off include those which promote aging, such as those involved in inflammation and oxidative stress as well as blood sugar management and mitochondrial dysfunction. The genes which specifically interested the sirtfood diet plan makers likely were the effects on the genes associated with fat synthesis and storage. We know when SIRT1 is low, we see patients with fatigue, insulin resistance and increased fat storage who have a heck of a time losing weight.

The likely fat reducing magic of SIRT1 enhancement:

SIRT 1 is a very, very powerful way to reverse leptin resistance. Have you read any of my articles on leptin? Before I go any further, would you like a quick refresher? Certainly. In short, leptin’s principal role is to control how your body stores fat. When you gain weight, the extra fat produces more leptin that is supposed to tell your brain “too much extra fat!”

Then your brain is supposed to respond by making you feel full; wanting nothing more to eat. However, everyone with weight issues eventually become “leptin-resistant,” through over-exposure to high leptin levels. Then, what happens is your brain allows you to remain hungry. You then store even more fat right where you don’t want it-hips, thighs, tummy. So you can see how curbing your appetite and reducing your body’s ability to store fat would really enhance all weight loss solutions, right?

Anything else?

Of course and I’m glad you asked! SIRT1 also makes you more sensitive to the active metabolic regulator T3 (a thyroid hormone). It generally acts in the same manner as a supplement to increase metabolism.  Lastly, SIRT1 is thought to increase adiponectin release from fat cells. Adiponectin is released into the bloodstream from fat cells. Specifically, it is involved in the control of fat metabolism and regulation of glucose levels.

What is the Sirtfood diet plan?

It’s the diet craze everyone’s talking about due in large part to Adele’s weight loss. It started in the U.K. and is now being talked about “across the pond.” It’s a diet rich in-you guessed it-“sirtfoods.”  According to the diet’s authors, these special foods indeed work by activating sirtuins. The diet’s authors did actually state they believed that sirtuins influence the body’s ability to burn fat and boost metabolism. On the positive side, so far-so good! But then they boasted of the ability to lose seven pounds per week!? Oh, what a shame, this obviously can’t be real. Well, perhaps the foods are indeed real. Let’s review.

The diet

So what are these magical “sirtfoods” in the original sirtfood diet plan?  Let me tell you first these foods are all high in polyphenols which do indeed help with leptin resistance. In addition, all of the foods I’ve seen listed as “sirtfoods” are quite healthy foods. So, you can’t go wrong with adding them to your diet, for sure. They don’t act as natural appetite suppressants individually but who knows what a diet packed with all of these foods each day would do? It hasn’t been studied. Here are the foods:




Citrus fruits

Dark chocolate (that is at least 85 per cent cocoa)

Green Tea



Red wine


The diet is constructed to have two phases. The first phase lasts one week and involves restricting calories to 1000 for three days by eating three sirtfood green juices and then one “real meal” per day which is rich in sirtfoods. Then, from days four to seven, intakes are increased to 1500 calories per day. You are instructed to have two sirtfood green juices and two sirtfood-rich meals a day.

The second phase is called the maintenance phase which lasts for two weeks. The authors state that it’s a sustainable way to continue to lose weight. However, they emphasize that the focus of the diet is on healthy foods. They recommend a lifelong diet which contains three sirtfood rich meals a day and one sirtfood green juice.

My analysis:

Overall, these are all wonderful, healthy foods. Conversely, it’s the whole diet plan and caloric restriction where this falls apart for me. I like the idea of increasing SIRT1 activity but just can’t see how consumption of these foods in such limited amounts would make much headway in increasing SIRT1 levels. In addition, we should eat a mixture of different fruits and veggies—not just those on the list.

I’m also not crazy about any diet that severely restricts calories unless you are doing intermittent fasting which is time limited. Indeed, losing 7 pounds in one week is fluid, not fat. To point out, the healthiest way to diet is to eat an anti-inflammatory diet -full of healthy foods including these sirtfoods. You don’t need to restrict calories. You just eat healthy foods.

I did a little digging and found even more “sirtfoods” if you like the idea of trying to use them. Perhaps it will “goose up” your SIRT1 levels, but who knows? They sure are healthy foods, though! I’ll say that much!

More sirtfoods!



Chili peppers


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lovage-what in the heck is that? OK, it’s an herb….

Medjool Dates


Red Chicory

Red Onion

Rocket- To be honest, I don’t know what this is. If anyone knows, please leave a comment. I figured if I couldn’t google it, it must not taste all that great or else it’s so regional it isn’t available in the U.S. And please, I know that no one is suggesting we consume actual rockets. (AHA! Readers tell me this is just like arugula-great! Thank you!)




And what about augmenting the sirtfoods diet plan?

So, if you know you have high leptin, for instance (ask your doctor to measure it!), you will want to lower it. In fact, I’ve discussed how to lower leptin in previous articles with the primary methods being to use an anti-inflammatory alternating with a ketotic diet, getting exercise, adequate sleep, and adequate stress control. However, if you’d like to jump on the SIRT1 bandwagon, go for it! There are supplements and activities which are all healthy and have been found in various studies to increase SIRT1 levels. They are listed below.

TO increase SIRT1 levels: Intermittent fasting, reducing inflammation, bioidentical estrogen, supplements containing forskolin, ECGC from green tea, as well as berberine, alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin D, lycopene, resveratrol, nicotinamide riboside, curcumin, fish oils, and quercetin. If you get a non-stimulant metabolic booster that contains, for instance, ECGC and forskolin you are doing a “double shot.”


  1. I did this diet but per your advice, upped the calories and added the supplements you suggested. Success! Weight loss was easy and now I have maintained for a month, am back for more supplements and to see what’s new. Just got the newsletter and as always-great job. Good luck with your house Dr Kim!

    • Congrats Cathy and appreciate the bon mots-house is coming along and I’m getting better!:-)

  2. Dr. Kim-
    So what would be the best supplements to start out with?

    • Hi Stephan,
      I would get two things-the Metapoprime as it has ECGC and Forskolin and then resveratrol since it is amazing for health and is a good inhibitor of leptin while it amps up BDNF for your brain. It is also a possible metabolic trick to make your body/brain feel as it is has had a “fasting” which is just amazing for your total health too. Good luck!

  3. Dr.Kim-if I get labs and a consult with you can you add a leptin to my labwork-that seems to be important.

    • Absolutely Pat! In fact, I have so many people contacting me for weight loss I’m going to add leptin to the panel so no extra charge!

  4. I’m going to try metaboprime plus resveratrol-what do you think?

    • THE “ultimate” SIRT1 augmenting supplement protocol hasn’t been worked out but the metaboprime has the forskolin and ECGC (great) and resveratrol is also great plus it’s SO good for health anyway. Give it a try, it HAS to augment SIRT1 to some extent, and also use some of the other techniques in the article. Meanwhile follow my anti-inflammatory diet and let me know how you’re doing Katheria!Dr.Kim

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