Fibromyalgia Mold Illness

The alarming (probable) cause of fibromyalgia

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: September 6, 2018
cause of fibromyalgia

Rumor has it, Fibromyalgia has no cause, right?

Well, I am stunned to reveal to you that not only is there a cause of fibromyalgia but for the vast majority of sufferers-there is a cure! Before you think that I am going to profit from revealing my conclusion, after reading five long books, hundreds of research articles and consulting with others who agree, I am not. I say that most emphatically.

fibromyalgia natural treatmentWhat I’m about to share with you comes from data from the esteemed Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. who, against all the odds has done numerous studies and produced numerous cures. Thousands!

He is the one who first concluded there was indeed a cause of fibromyalgia as well as a cure. This is going to be (for most of you) new information, although maybe some of you suspected it all along.

When I discovered all of the peer-reviewed studies about what I’m going to tell you about, I was just shocked.

I will admit to you that I, the doctor who thought she knew everything, did not know this data.

I will give you what you need to pursue your proper diagnosis and cure with a doctor who is familiar with what I’m about to discuss here. Naysayers hang on; I’m going to prove this to you immediately-you’ll see. Equally important, every single symptom noted in the photo to the left is actually a symptom of biotoxin illness...and so is fibromyalgia.

Have you ever heard of biotoxin illness?

Biotoxin illness is basically illness that is created by toxins from either odd bacteria (like lyme or ciguatera from fish) or toxin-forming mold found in what is described as “water damaged buildings.” Mold toxins are the #1 cause of biotoxin illness in the U.S. Mold biotoxins are called mycotoxins. However, before I describe other symptoms of this disorder (fixable!!), I’d like you to bookmark this website page.

That is the link to Dr. Shoemaker’s website page where he describes the visual contrast sensitivity test. I have no connection to Dr. Shoemaker. In fact, I am waiting for my personal “mold” consultation too. So, OF COURSE, I do not get a referral fee for VCS testing which is $15 per test. Not to mention, it’s the best $15 I have ever spent in my life. If you test positive for this, there is about a 99% chance that your FMS is a result of biotoxin illness. Take the test now even if you are skeptical, as I was. You can come back to this blog if you’re positive. Further, if you have FMS, I’ll bet you that you are positive.

So you’re telling me that mold might be a cause of fibromyalgia?

That’s exactly what I’m telling you, but it’s not just mold and not just any mold. It’s mycotoxin producing indoor molds which are primarily species of Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Stachybotrys. In addition, the most common symptoms which you may or may not have are numerous.

They include the following: cognitive losses such as loss of name and object recall, short term memory loss, and visual blurriness. They also include headaches, diarrhea, gluten intolerance, numbness and tingling, joint pains, weight gain that you cannot “budge” no matter what you do and more.

Many people have sleep issues, awaken unrefreshed, and are fatigued. In fact, the constellation of symptoms for a typical biotoxin patient are so numerous that doctors label patients as having a psychiatric illness. Does any of this sound familiar? If not, and you have the diagnosis of FMS, I contend unless you complete a test and find it to be negative, that biotoxins are the cause.

What you have been told:

You have been told that the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. Additionally, you have been told that possible causes or triggers of fibromyalgia include:

cause of fibromyalgiaEmotional trauma or physical trauma to which I say, please give me a break.

You have been told mostly by big Pharma trying to sell you Lyrica (are you on this?) that you have an abnormal pain response.

The reason for this is supposedly areas in the brain that control pain may react differently in people with fibromyalgia.

In detail, what happens in biotoxin illness is the area of the brain that produces endorphins, makes a lot less or none of these natural painkillers. As a result, you are more “painful” than the average person.

You have been told sleep disturbance cause fibromyalgia, when in fact, sleep disturbances, caused by decreased MSH are caused by biotoxins. Lastly, you have been told that fibromyalgia is caused by an infection-likely a virus-which, to date has not been identified. Guess what? It never will. In fact, the #1 website for FMS is telling you this. This website looks like an impressive website-but wait-it’s a site for Lyrica!

So, are there legit sites? Well, this one looks legit. Outdated info with many many doctors not aware FMS is a biotoxin illness. So, I guess we’ll have to wait for big Pharma to let the 6 million Americans with FMS actually get a proper diagnosis and a cure. I’m not holding my breath. Once you believe this is true, I urge you to share this blog on social media.


Biotoxins are the cause of fibromyalgia. You can test for mycotoxins in the urine so the theory goes but when you examine the studies, this is not an accurate measurement at all. If you look at Dr. Shoemakers’ gold standard protocol, he tests for HLA sensitivity (24% of the population is prone to biotoxin illness, and the other 76% has an immune system that rids their bodies’ of biotoxins, so they don’t become ill). To point out, that’s why a couple, living in the same moldy home can produce one sick and one well person. It’s all about your genes. This is easy to test and interpret.

Then, you need a battery of “weird tests” that check for everything from certain auto-antibodies to complex inflammatory markers. These tests include MMP-9, C3a, C4a, hormones such as MSH, ADH, markers of capillary hypoperfusion (why you feel fatigue) such as VEGF, VIP, and markers for why you can’t lose weight such as leptin. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. So, do NOT take this list to your doctor as if it were a full list because it isn’t.


There are some questions I’ll pose to Dr. Shoemaker, but I think I know the answers. I’ve been treating patients with FMS for years without this new information. Trigger point massages are helpful. Muscle spasms are a prominent symptom of biotoxin illness, and it makes sense massaging areas of spasms such that they (spasms) go away would help with pain. Further, maybe massaging painful areas release endorphins? Yes, that’s physiologically true, now that I think of it!

In addition, FIR saunas help with biotoxin release from fat cells so maybe that is why small exposures help FMS and long exposures actually “hurt” FMS symptoms. Five to ten minutes in a FIR sauna get some biotoxins out of fat cells and then flush out “in the wash.” However, longer releases too many biotoxins, and you have symptoms. Hmm. Also, why do Moormud and moorbath work? In Europe, insurance pays for it! It is one of the best natural treatments for fibromyalgia by far. My FMS patients swear by it! Well, it’s a compilation of hundreds of anti-inflammatory herbs which penetrate the skin.

I wonder if any of these herbals are toxin binders? Or if any of them affect the inflammatory pathways of biotoxin illness? No, I don’t think that’s it. Wait! I KNOW!!! It’s the humic acids! The moorbath is chock-full of humic acids. Humic acids are large, positively charged particles. They might work via the same mechanism as the resin binder I’ll be discussing in a moment.

Perhaps they also bind the negatively charged mycotoxins via skin penetration (skin penetration is proven). For those with FMS using moorbath, you know you feel less achy and more energized after a lukewarm, 15-minute bath. I’m convinced it’s mycotoxin binding at work. I need to contact the manufacturer to do a clinical study!

Standard Biotoxin Treatment

Let’s discuss actual treatment of mycotoxins based on peer-reviewed medical studies and not my conjecture. I will discuss standard biotoxin treatment because I know you’ll google this and try to find it. Dr. Shoemaker is adamant that labs all need to be complete. You also need to remove yourself from the identified source; the source also needs to be verified with testing and so on. You will see that the first stage in treatment which is quite effective for a host of symptoms (but everyone is different) is cholestyramine.

This is a large, positively charged resin which tightly binds to mycotoxins and sends them out via your GI tract. But this is only step one. Overall, there are a total of 11 steps. However, the great news is that once you have done the 11 steps and are away from the biotoxin, you are cured. If you want to ask your doctor for some cholestyramine to see if that would help you, I cannot stop you.

Moreover, I would suggest that you have a conversation with one of Dr. Shoemaker’s mold-certified doctors or at least have one with me, before taking this step. Meanwhile, my natural remedies for fibromyalgia kit has the moorbath, a great topical that penetrates and works for trigger points and more. In addition, you can even have a free email consultation with me so I can point you in the right direction when you find that your VCS test is positive.



  1. I have FMS and also mold in my home. I don’t know where to start. Can you help me Dr.Kim?

    • Hi Tonya-
      Get an ERMI test on your home first. Then let’s do a consult, why don’t we? Best, Dr.Kim

  2. I have had FMS for close to 10 years-nothing helps. I never heard of it being associated with mold but I have been living in a home with mold issues for many years and wonder is this the problem. What do I do next?

    • To check your environment, go to and get a swab kit for an ERMI for home and also one for work. For symptoms, the herbal bath by Moorspa is an amazing detox and will ease pain immediately. However until/unless the mold is cleaned up, your FMS cannot be cured.

  3. Dr.Kim I am not believing my eyes here. Are you telling me my FMS might be to MOLD?

    • Maria,
      FMS is indeed now thought to be a biotoxin illness and indeed mold accounts for 75% of biotoxin disease. Please feel free to message me with a question or if you’d like a consultation, please check out those options. Do see the survivingmold website for the vcs test but know that if you’re negative it’s more likely you are of the 8% of FMS people who have a “false negative” for biotoxins than the likelihood of NOT having a biotoxin illness. Best wishes, Dr.Kim

  4. Just wanted you to know that I read your blog, took that vcs test and because FMS was my only issue I tried the herbal moorspa bath. Wanted to let you know it works! Thank you and am spreading the word!

  5. I have gone to that “mold website” and wonder if FMS is also associated with Lyme disease?

    • Cristal-From what I’ve read there is much overlap between all of the biotoxin illnesses. There hasn’t been a direct correlation made with post-Lyme syndrome (a different entity than Lyme disease) but there is such overlap that ??? knows how many with post-lyme also have other biotoxin exposure to add to their illness?Dr.Kim

  6. Unreal info-I wanted to thank you for that great phone consult-I NEVER knew toxic mold could do so much damage or how many people were sick from it and didn’t know it! You go Dr.Kim

    • Thank you Napolean-it was a pleasure speaking with you!

  7. Holy smokes! That VCS test was positive and I’ve been using the moorbath and the rest of the fibromyalgia kit and feel so much better. Thank you for this blog Dr. Kim. Am I “cured.”???

    • Hi Connie,
      I’m glad the kit is making you feel better. The moorbath is used in Europe and as I stated in the blog, it is paid for by insurance as a toxin binder. But there is just not enough science on it to presume that THAT is “all you need.” As you read, FMS is now widely believed to be a biotoxin illness. The fact that your VCS test was positive is HIGHLY suggestive of the presence of disorder innate immunity caused by a biotoxin, statistaclly 75% apt to be mold. I therefore would URGE you to either have a phone consultation with ME or to go to and have a phone consult with Dr. Shoemaker or one of his “mold certified” (they are all-biotoxin literate) Physicians. Good luck and let me know please if we don’t speak. Dr.Kim

  8. OMG! I read your blog about mycotoxins and took the VCS test and I am positive so will be contacting you for a consult and getting some moorbath to test your theory Dr.Kim!

    • HI Nancy,
      I look forward to our phone call tomorrow. I will make sure you know how to test your home, we’ll discuss all of your symptoms and I can suggest things that will help get you on the right path for selected symptoms. I can also find the right “mycotoxin doctor” for you and let you know exactly what to expect.
      Best wishes to you,

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