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How to get immediate constipation relief and cure it forever too!

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: April 20, 2020
immediate relief for constipation

Needing immediate constipation relief; the thought of it conjures up images of belly pain, jeans not fitting, just feeling uncomfortable, right?

While immediate constipation relief is usually just a laxative away, what is desired more by many women is real, permanent constipation relief. Yet that seems like an impossibility to many women. Constipation. UGH. Many women just plain can’t recall when they didn’t need constant fiber supplements, and fluids and then they still got constipated.

This doesn’t include people (and yes men have this problem too – sorry men!) who need laxatives or the “not laxative” way (I’ll focus on this later) to get not only immediate constipation relief but long term relief too!

Since you all came here looking for methods of immediate constipation relief, let me cover those first. Everyone knows about enemas and laxatives, correct? Stimulant laxatives (Senekot, Dulcolax) work the fastest but should only be used occasionally because they can disrupt normal lower bowel rhythm and cause constipation in the long run.

Oral osmotic laxatives draw water into the colon and soften the stool (Milk of Magnesia, Miralax) and are safe but not a great idea long term, either. Oral bulk formers (Benefiber, Citrucel, Fibercon, Metamucil) are safe but don’t really offer immediate constipation relief. Oral stool softeners (Colace, Surfak) add moisture to already-formed stools.  Rectal stimulants (Bisacodyl, Dulcolax) give immediate constipation relief if waste products are “downstream enough” but also carry the long-term risks of stimulant laxatives because they trigger contractions of the lower GI tract.

Natural agents for immediate constipation relief:

Now, I do not even want to tell you about this but let me warn you that if you are using “GI elimination” as a technique to get rid of calories, you are missing the whole “absorption” story. Nutrients and calories absorb in your upper GI tract. What I’m about to tell you about will give immediate constipation relief and if taken in excess, as with all of the “real laxatives” mentioned above, will cause diarrhea.

If you have an eating disorder, do NOT use the above techniques or further information to induce diarrhea, please. Also, if you have chronic constipation, one of these things is a true “patch” meaning not a partial cure or anything. The other, while being a partial cure for many is not “the whole story.” My message to everyone reading this looking for immediate relief for constipation is to please read this through until the end so I can show you how you can cure your constipation issues for good. Deal?? OK, deal.

GABA for immediate constipation relief:

If you take GABA powder which is meant to be swished and swallowed to relieve anxiety and instead, just swallow it, you’ll have to go running to the bathroom. The dose is so variable it’s hard to tell you what dose to try. I would guesstimate a dose of 1000 mg for most people. If you have diarrhea with this dose, you are losing electrolytes so have Gatorade 50/50 +water in the equivalent volume to make up for losses. If you try again, then use 1/2 the dose. If you don’t “get anywhere” then try 1 1/2 times the dose. This is the one that is not a cure for constipation.

Raising serotonin levels for immediate constipation relief:

Now let’s call this the transitional paragraph between immediate constipation relief and lasting relief for those of you with chronic constipation. Let’s talk about what in the heck the “happy brain chemical” serotonin has to do with your bowel habits. You didn’t think there was a connection, did you?

relief of constipationSerotonin is the happy brain chemical or neurotransmitter that everyone THINKS is made in the brain.

However, in men and women, about 90% is made in the GI tract! Don’t believe me? Google it! Here, I’ll do it for you. Where is serotonin made google?

So, when your GI tract is not making enough, this decreases GI motility and causes constipation. Women tend to have slightly lower levels than men do. Everyone thinks of low serotonin as being associated with depression. Indeed, it is one of the three neurotransmitters which IS associated with depression. People often don’t recognize mild depression, but they sure do recognize constipation! Further, here is the real “kicker.” You can have low GI motility due to a lack of serotonin, be constipated and not at all depressed!

You can help your mood, weight, brain AND constipation issues by raising serotonin levels naturally. Before I tell you how, here are some important precautions to take very seriously. You may not take the product I will recommend if you have a manic depressive illness or are taking an anti-depressant medication. If you are unsure just email or “see me on anonymous chat.”

5-OH tryptophan

Here is the supplement called 5-OH tryptophan.

The dose will vary, and too much may cause belly cramping or diarrhea.

Too much during the day (more than 2 capsules at a time) might also cause drowsiness. So to relieve constipation immediately, you will need to take it when being drowsy won’t matter. I know, that’s why this is a very inconvenient method of getting immediate constipation relief. However, it truly reduces constipation time and offers help for those with chronic constipation.

For those with a chronic issue: Start with 1-2 capsules 2-3 times daily.

Then at bedtime, you can keep increasing your dose for desired results. This will help you get better sleep too! To point out, now the focus is on women because this is more prevalent in women. Further, the next “item” applies only to women, but then, men I’ll bring you back in, so hang tight.

Let’s talk about progesterone for a moment:

In women, this may wane as early as the teen years, so constipation 10-15 days and counting towards periods is a progesterone issue.

Note the reason low progesterone causes constipation is that progesterone increases lower GI tract motility.

This is fixed with either bioidentical progesterone, or some women prefer pregnenolone which has other benefits such as helping both men and women get good sleep.

It breaks down to progesterone.

It is taken in 100-200 mg doses 10-15 days pre-period if that is when constipation occurs. Lastly, it CAN be taken nightly as well.

What else?

Well, I’m wondering how many of you are thinking “am I actually constipated?” Or “what is normal?” So, why don’t I take a moment here to first, define what’s considered to be “normal GI habits.” Normal habits are 1-2-3 bowel movements daily which are formed but soft. If you have bloating, more than occasional gas, have to strain to “go,” or you have heartburn, these are all situations which are decidedly “not normal.” Many people with bouts of constipation actually have SIBO which responds nicely to herbals. The one that will tend to work the quickest is oil of oregano. Peppermint oil works also but isn’t as good of an anti-fungal or anti-bacterial.

If you have constipation, please don’t use the quick fixes. Instead, fix progesterone levels, serotonin levels and more. “More” is coming right up! As always before taking any of my recommendations, please make sure you have a full check-up with your doctor. I know, I know that you’ll get the “usual advice” about constipation relief. The usual advice is to drink more water and eat more fiber. Period. Yes, what an enormous help information like that is; and you paid how much for it? ;-). Don’t forget to look for my newsletter at the end where you can get knowledgeable, useful and free advice weekly.

Great habits for a healthy digestive system which will also help get rid of constipation:

how to relieve constipation

Hydrate! (Make VERY Clear urine.) Make note that if you increase fiber intake and do not increase hydration, you will “make cement” in your colon!

Chew your food well. Most people tend to “inhale” their food. Enjoy yours!

This is stage one (chewing) of the digestive process, so this is when enzymes first kick in from your salivary glands, making it easier on your stomach to start the process of “serious” digestion.

Eat enough soluble and insoluble fiber. This is a combination of “roughage” or soluble fiber (such as sprouted amaranth), and insoluble fiber (such as organic apples with their skins).

The combination of hydration and fiber keeps “things moving” through the GI tract. Use a fiber supplement if needed. It is often hard to get the required 30 grams of fiber per day.  Always go up slowly with natural or supplemented fiber to avoid cramping. Exercise regularly: If you are not yet on a regular exercise schedule, it’s never too late to start! I need to mention that you should get “medical clearance” for exercise if you are over 40 or have a family history of heart disease.

Eat a healthy diet and by now, if you are following my blog you KNOW that means an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory diet. Mediterranean eating is fine, and Paleo is also healthy if you reduce the meat and take lots of healthy omega-3s.

So is this all I need to do?

In one word-NO! You want a healthy GI tract which is not just no longer giving you ANY constipation problems, and that won’t happen without taking the steps below.

You also want a gastrointestinal tract (this includes your intestines) that is supporting a healthy immune system and adding to improved brain health, right? Trust me on this-you want it. If you don’t know why then I’ll bet you’d enjoy my “10 steps” to lifelong health book.

Now, let’s run through how to make your GI tract function optimally.

So you have just a little constipation, and your whole GI tract isn’t one big mess. Well, I didn’t say it was but here’s “the deal.” If you are over 18 and have ever had a dietary intake of high sugar, processed carbs, fast foods or have taken any medications, the “flora” in your lower GI tract (small and large intestine) isn’t performing optimally. Optimal performance means not just not having GI complaints; it means having optimal immune system function, mood and lots more (even metabolism). Here is how you make it all work best which ultimately means avoiding constipation in the future.

Cleaning “things” up:

FIRST: Do a good clearing-out of toxic bacteria and yeast (candida) with a good spray full detox system. I suggest you use a nano-silver spray plus a zeolite spray as step one. Otherwise, you will have trouble totally getting rid of constipation because one of the reasons this is occurring is you have a poor GI “microbiome.” (Note: This is what I meant above, and it is discussed at length in this probiotics article.)

how to relieve constipation now

SECOND: You need to set up an environment where good bacteria can take over the bad bacteria.

Often, people take probiotics which can never “set up shop” without the prebiotics given FIRST which are phages coming in to knock out the toxic bacteria.

By the way, there is no amount of yogurt or kefir which will replace GOOD probiotics. None.

Prebiotics are viral phages which kill the bad bacteria so good bacteria can set up shop. My favorite prebiotic is one that tastes incredible and doesn’t cause stomach upset as do many other prebiotics. Oh, there is one more truly FUN thing!

what is the best way to relieve constipationIt is a tasty sweet daily treat you can eat AND you’re not “cheating”!

It is 140 calories, stevia sweetened, made “non-processed” (low heat) and tastes like a MOUNDS bar (not kidding!).

THIRD: The last of the healing process for your lower GI tract issues is the use of proper pro-biotics. This means refrigerated, and with a wide variety of “good” bacterial strains. If your constipation issue is “not too bad” you can start with the prephage probiotic which is a good prebiotic-probiotic combo.

 My results are good, not great, so now what?

If you hydrate well, have adequate fiber, exercise, and have made your colon healthy with a detox, prebiotics, and probiotics, and chronic constipation is still an issue, there is hope! (I’m assuming you have already consulted your physician at this point, correct?)

Maybe you are not taking enough of the 5-OH tryptophan? (5-HTP). Maybe you need to check your hydration status? Often people just drink enough. Perhaps, you are a woman who is truly progesterone deficient and bioidentical hormones (real progesterone) are necessary (not uncommon).

immediate relief for constipationI’m hoping I have “caught you” before you have used “stimulant laxatives” for 10+ years.

If you have not been a chronic stimulant laxative user, and have been doing the “routine” listed above and are getting relief, then bravo!

This will be 99%+ of you.

Come back to this article after you have done all of this! My routine has worked for you, hasn’t it? Isn’t it amazing NOT to feel bloated and full? Isn’t great that now your pants always fit? I bet your sex-life is better too, isn’t it? (I’m assuming you have saved this article when I am writing this). It is now FINE to switch to a combo prebiotic/probiotic if you haven’t done so already.

What if you are not better, though?

Still having constipation? Sigh. Either you have not done ALL of the steps listed above, OR you have under-estimated your use of stimulant laxatives. If you HAVE been a chronic laxative user, you may have permanently slowed down the para-sympathetic nervous system which propels your colon. This must be treated by a GI Specialist. This is rare, and we hope it is not you, but rest assured there are stimulants and “volumizers” for the GI tract to use so just be very honest with your GI Specialist.


Although controversial, I feel that colonics can not only provide immediate constipation relief, but that they can “train” your colon to move faster. Just be careful to replace with double probiotics for 2 weeks after you get one. I haven’t mentioned things like multi-fiber supplements, psyllium supplements and triphala because, although useful, these all take time to “kick in” and should be introduced gradually.  Before I go, I should mention that you can achieve a healthy GI tract whether you have IBS or diarrhea, bloating, gas, constipation or even leaky gut with the right diet, stress-management, probiotics and gut-healing supplements.



  1. I suffer from constipation almost every week.Since I had my hysterectomy, I find that I can go 5-7 days without having a bowel movement. I know this is not normal but I’m so embarrassed to talk about it. It is now effecting me daily and the stomach pain is horrible. Please tell me there is a way I can become regular.

    • Absolutely,get medical clearance and then follow blog directions/contact me if questions.

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