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This inexpensive supplement is a better brain booster than ritalin

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: September 6, 2018
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Alpha GPC brain booster extraordinaire!

Think you might need a brain booster? What do I mean by that? I mean, are you wanting to think more clearly and sharply and retain more information? If you think you are getting a “little less sharp” as you age or are a student wanting to boost your concentration, seriously consider taking some alpha GPC brain booster supplementation. It’s the #1 brain booster. And this one is totally safe and non-stimulant too.

Our basic diets and what they might be doing to alpha GPC brain booster neurotransmitter power:

all natural mood enhancersDiets that restrict foods such as eggs, meats, cheese, and other sources of cholesterol and saturated fats are “heart healthy” diets. But, unfortunately, they are not particularly “brain healthy.”

These fat restricted diets can also short change us on two essential brain nutrients, choline (as alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine or alpha GPC) and serine (as phosphatidylserine or PPS).

Additionally, these two nutrients are necessary to make brain membranes (PSS) and memory-related neurotransmitters (alpha GPC brain chemicals).

While there is a problem with serine, the issue is much worse with choline and the need (and response) is much greater. Therefore, we’ll focus on this nutrient/supplement in this particular article. For those who are bodybuilders and are becoming aware of GPC, find that article on the website next.

The brain’s need for choline becomes more critical with aging. Recent trends in the incidence of cognitive dysfunction are rather alarming. Arguably, an estimated 10-20% of people over 65 years of age suffer from mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Also, approximately five million people in the U.S.are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Similarly, predictions from researchers reveal up to ten million baby boomers could develop Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, many studies suggest optimizing our intake of choline or better yet alpha GPC brain-specific brain booster supplements could help reverse the forthcoming rise in dementia. However, more about this at the end. If you want total brain protection then just get on my brain bandwagon and have a consult with me. You can start with this total brain health article when you’re done here.

Alpha GPC is the building block for acetylcholine:

Acetylcholine is the “cognitive” neurotransmitter. This brain chemical is crucial in the ability to form memories. It is also needed for  a number of other cognitive processes. Incidentally, you will not have proper brain function and a deficiency can be an early sign of dementia. So, if you are losing short term memory, you should not ignore this. You might have MCI which is entirely treatable.

one of the best natural mood enhancersAlpha GPC brain booster building blocks are in foods such as soy lecithin and milk.

Absolutely all brain and muscular function in the body depends on the transmission of electrical signals along nerve cells called neurons.

Neurons all communicate with each other across a chemical bridge between synapses which are the ends of these nerve cells.

The choline-based molecules (alpha GPC) which form the cognitive or thought-forming signals across these synapses are called cognitive neurotransmitters.

Alpha GPC for Memory, Focus, and Cognition:

Alpha GPC (L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine), a supplemental form of choline, has been proven in clinical studies to boost memory, attention, mental focus, and even cognitive ability via the increase in acetylcholine levels. Needless to say it does all of this without the hazards of amphetamine drugs like ritalin and others. Note that it is one of the few brain specific supplements for memory and cognitive speed.

pharma gaba easily passes blood brain barrierIn addition, alpha GPC effective supplements help build brain cell membranes as well as contribute to the formation of acetylcholine neurotransmitters. Neurons also use acetylcholine to send chemical signals to each other in the basic processes that control memory, learning, attention and reasoning.

While levels of this neurotransmitter naturally decline as we age, supplements like Alpha GPC can ensure that there is enough of this brain chemical available to meet the demands of your cognitive and  muscular activity.

In addition, it is easily absorbed into the blood and also easily passes through the blood-brain barrier.

Ultimately, this makes Alpha GPC fast-acting and potent. And as I’m sure you’ll agree- one of the best brain supplements!

What about Neural transmission speed?

As you now know, alpha GPC increases the synthesis of acetylcholine. Think about this: if you have more acetylcholine “lying around”, as a result, this will increase the speed at which synapses occur. This translates to increasing the speed at which thought processes are carried out. It also increases the # of synapses!

alpha GPC brain boosterAnd let’s think about this long term. The long-term benefit of increasing the number of neurological connections, and the speed at which they occur, may actually make you smarter. Quite a brain booster isn’t it?

The speed at which a person processes, information is what we call their intelligence quotient or IQ.

For this reason, alpha GPC brain booster supplements are undergoing studies as “nootropics” (cognitive enhancers) in those with and without brain issues.

Alpha GPC, Memory and Mood:

Both academic research and anecdotal GPC-user reports indicate alpha GPC absolutely does improve memory. This supplement also increases blood flow to the brain to increase the supply of nutrients for your brain cells. Acetylcholine is involved in two types of memory capability.

First, it’s involved in what is called “working memory capacity” which is short-term memory related to fluid (on-the-spot) intelligence. Second, it’s also involved in long-term memory storage, or “crystallized intelligence.”

The formation of memory depends on the coordination of various processes in the brain. GPC supplementation has been shown to increase the release of acetylcholine in the hippocampus. Recall that the hippocampus is also the brain region required for the formation of new memories.

acetyl carnitine helps elderly with muscles and brains

Enhancement of Alpha GPC levels in healthy study participants results in improvement of performance on “working memory” tasks. In two controlled trials, daily doses of 1200 mg of GPC improved the recall, focusing ability and attention in a group of young adult men (ages 19-38) compared to a placebo.

When using Alpha GPC, some people might notice they can recall forgotten names and even forgotten facts. Others might remember “fuzzy” details of conversations too.

Furthermore, the speed of memory recall may also be improved for some. In studies of older patients with vascular dementia, 1200 mg per day of GPC helped improve cognition, as well as their emotional state of well-being.

So, alpha GPC might be one of the natural mood enhancers we routinely start using in “older people.”

Alpha GPC also stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter, GABA. Recall that GABA is the calming neurotransmitter, inhibiting the effects of the excitatory (and harmful) glutamate. Declining GABA levels have been linked with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, increased pain perception, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Alpha GPC and brain protection:

If you have been reading my “brain blogs” you recall that we lose brain cells constantly. In my opinion we truly need all the brain protection we can get. Alpha GPC is a neuro-protectant which I always recommend in combination with the versatile supplement, acetyl l carnitine.

brain boosterAlpha GPC decreases the loss of brain cells which accompanies aging. This is yet another way it’s an amazing brain booster.

One study found that long-term treatment with GPC partially offsets  the loss of  brain cells that typically occurs with aging.

In this particular study, the number of brain cells in the hippocampus was significantly higher, thus corroborating the memory studies cited above.

In addition, this supplement may be able to protect and repair damaged brain cells.

It may also improve the efficiency of communications between neurons within the brain.

What about Alpha GPC for Alzheimer’s Disease?

In Europe, they use GPC as a prescription drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease. It is sold under the generic name, choline alphoscerate. In the United States, Alpha GPC is available as a dietary supplement.

acetyl carnitine is good for alzheimer's treatment In a multicenter study that included over 250 participants, Alpha GPC significantly improved cognitive function in patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

The patients were randomly assigned to receive either 1,200 mg of GPC or placebo daily for six months. Both groups had similar impairment ratings before entering the study.

As a result, the patients who received the Alpha GPC scored better than those who received placebo at three months and, again, at six months.

Moreover, one standard measure of cognitive function improved significantly in the GPC treated group but worsened in the placebo group.

Compared to placebo, the GPC group also fared better in behavioral improvement. In my opinion, these results are so amazing because they are the same or better than those obtained via the use of three currently prescribed Alzheimer’s drugs: Aricept, Razadyne, and Exelon. Also, there are NO SIDE EFFECTS! 

What about brain boosters for brain health?

Finally, let’s sum things up. You want this great brain booster but perhaps you’d like a summary of what you need  to keep your brain healthy. I know you must be chomping at the big for some GPC, right? But, this isn’t the “whole story.” You want to stimulate neural stem cells, dissolve amyloid plaque and create new neuronal connections. You also want to amp up your BDNF which is the brain protein most responsible for new neural connections and circuitry.

Furthermore, you probably want to reclaim those IQ points you’ve lost too, right? Recall it’s 3-5 points per year per decade after 30 or even 20 years of age. Everything you need is discussed in articles I have already linked for you. For an easy summary just grab a copy of my brain book.


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