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AnteAGEMD crushed by Lifeline ProPlus+: all stem cell product comparisons!

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: January 25, 2018

AnteAGEMD – why it is knocked from the top of the list?

The post below contains opinions that belong to me alone. I have tried to present those opinions with as much supporting evidence as possible so that you know its not just the educated opinion of a qualified M.D. but that the scientific facts also support my opinions.

There is nothing comparable to the results you get from AnteAGEMD other than the results you get from LIFELINE-Proplus products.

lifeline proplus

The new clear winner!


Now bumped to a distant 2nd place for efficacy


From skin-inflammation reduction to stem cell cytokine de-aging; absolutely nothing compares to the results you get from  parthenogenetic rather than adult stem cell products.

Lifeline skin care beats adult stem cell product AnteageMD hands down. In short, this is by far the #1 best anti-aging day and night serum combo on the market.

Yes, all data is coming!



Aside from this, note you must also do the basics which mean to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, use sunblock, achieve and maintain a good weight with enough lean body mass.

skin appeal

The recovery night moisture serum often serves for many women as their moisturizer as well.

I will, of course, tell you exactly why the ProPlus over the AnteAge® MD duo are the best anti-aging facial products you can use.

In fact, I’ll prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt! It’s absolute skin magic!

Incidentally, please note there is no animal testing, silicones, gluten, parabens or anything “not good for you” in these non-comedogenic products.

The future of all serious skin care products will always involve stem cell proteins which control how our skin regenerates itself:

I am going to assume you follow my blog and have read the “Look- younger than you thought possible” article and you know your ingredients. What I’ll do is review a few important ingredients and some science.

skin magicI’ll do baby-science and super-science so you can choose how in depth you want to read.

I’m going to assume you are looking at this article mainly for the absolute definitive answer to why are the Lifeline Proplus+ products considered to be the best anti-aging skin care products out there.

OKAY? If that’s the situation, it’s more than likely you have drawers full of “this didn’t work” lotions and potions like the rest of us.

So, that being the case, you “know your stuff” and need proof. Again, I get it!

Here’s what happens when you use these LifeLine Proplus rather than the AnteAGEMD products:

These are the sequence of events using the Daily Defense Complex and the Recovery Night Moisture Serum – day and night:

You will start to see results in about one week. The first thing you’ll notice is the reversal of dry skin. This happens within as little as 24 hours!

Then here’s the schedule of “skin events”:

skin rashes improve

    • Within 24 hours – reversal of dry skin begins and continues actively for 2 weeks.
    • Within 1-2 weeksreversal of skin dullness & improved texture.
    • Within 2-3 weeks reversal of redness – including rosacea!
    • Within 4-5 weeks – reversal of fine lines, and noticeably firmer skin. 30% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles per clinical studies
    • Week 5- Improvements in deeper wrinkles, lifting of skin tissue, increase in overall brightness and reduction in pore size.
    • Within 6 weeks – reversal of melasma – skin pigmentation – common in women post pregnancy. Pigmentation which resulted from things like many types of acne scars visibly reverse in about 6-8 weeks.
    • Within 8 weeks – visibly diminished pore size.
    • Within 3 months: 77% improvement in wrinkle length and depth per clinical study measurements. Very noticeably firmer skin.

The degree of wrinkle reduction just beats all other stem cell skincare preparations big time. Also, notice for the first time, you are reading about skin FIRMNESS. Notably, other stem cell products don’t advertise this because they just plain can’t do it.


Here is a one-month b/a picture showing the increase in firmness, see it?



got cytokine therapyHere is yet another picture showing, in one month, the decrease in pigmentation and a subtle decrease in wrinkles. Again, note near the jowls an increase in firmness!

Important Lifeline ProPlus Daily Defense Complex ingredients:

Let’s discuss the important, active ingredients. Again, note there is no animal testing and no artificial (toxic) preservatives. Furrthermore, please be aware the stem cell cytokines are not from fetal tissue.

More about this in a bit to explain why these products are so superior.

glutamine bodybuilding supplement is in this product

Peptides from


Contains Lifeline ProPlus’s Peptide Formula utilizing patented non-embryonic human stem cell derivatives. These stem cells stimulate the natural production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid; all of which are essential to a body’s ability to rejuvenate and repair damaged cells.

Ultrasomes: Ultrasomes and anti-oxidants help protect against UV exposure and help skin look fresher and renewed.


regain youth with this product


Green tea extract: Potent Antioxidant to reduce free radical damage.



energy vitamin

Niacinamide (vit B3) and other B complex Nutrients: Plumps, soothes and moisturizes skin’s surface.

Celligent: Helps promote rapid rejuvenation of damaged cells and helps restore the look of healthy skin.

UGL Complex: Helps prevent the signs of aging for a firmer looking skin.


Now the key ingredients in the LifeLine ProPlus Recovery Night Moisture Serum:

Peptides from Human stem cells: Contains Lifeline ProPlus+’s Proprietary Peptide Formula utilizing patented non-embryonic human stem cell ingredients. Acknowledged by science as the body’s building blocks, stem cells of the parthenogenetic kind (more in a moment) stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.l carnitine bodybuilding ingredient is in this product

Stabilized Vitamin C: Targets surface spotting and hyperpigmentation as it lightens and brightens

Hyaluronic Acid: Tiny molecules for optimal penetration as it binds to water to plump the skin

Dynalift: For immediate and long-lasting skin tightening effect.

Encapsulated caffeine: Multi-purpose

A summary of where these ingredients come from and what they do:

All of these ingredients are skin protective, nourishing and healing. Significantly enough, all add up to a way how to tighten skin, perfect, de-wrinkle, de-pigment and plump it up. Only Lifeline®’s parent company has a patented way to take human eggs and stimulate them to begin dividing, without being fertilized.

They’re called parthenogenetic stem cells (“partheno”= from the Greek word for virgin). An embryo is never created when producing these stem cells. Even more significant, it’s never destroyed either. This is why it’s an ethical approach to creating stem cells. These are not “fetal stem cells.”  While the stem cells are still pluripotent, scientists then extract growth factors, enzymes, cytokines, and peptides.

Furthermore, because they’re several generations away from the source, adult stem cells (such as from skin, blood, fat or bone marrow) are far less potent than stem cells closer to the original egg. These types of super-active stem cells are patented, owned and used strictly by the parent company behind the amazing Lifeline® ProPlus+ products. Therefore, non-embryonic stem cells are absolutely, without a doubt, the most potent human stem cells that we can ethically use.

 Stem cells, Cytokines, Peptides, Growth factors and Skin

cytokine therapy

The majority of specialized cells within your body can’t replace themselves by dividing.

This includes your skin. However, new skin is available to replace the cells that die every day.

The dead skin cells are the ones you see when you exfoliate which I hope you are doing. The cellular replacement is due to stem cells and the signaling of those stem cells to each other.

The “signalers” are called cytokines, growth factors, and peptides. These signalers are chiefly responsible for new skin that acts like younger skin.

What are cytokines?

Let’s shift back a moment to discussing the less active mesenchymal stem cells and stem cell products. Adult, mesenchymal stem cells communicate with local cells where there is “normal” (environmental) or traumatic tissue damage. They coordinate the steps of controlling damage, wound repair, and healing. This coordination is done via cytokines which are the chemical messengers. You may read about inflammatory cytokines but here we’re talking about the anti-inflammatory, good guy cytokines.

Stem cells have a lot to do with aging in general. To illustrate, we start out life with a ton of mesenchymal stem cells. As newborns, our healing abilities are amazing. Major surgeries performed on babies still in the womb are dramatic, but yet, babies who have had such surgeries usually are born with little or no scarring. Accordingly, with recent discoveries in stem cell science, we now have the explanation.

The explanation:

kelzyme contains many of these ingredients

Mesenchymal stem cells decrease dramatically over our life span.

We possess approximately 1/100th of the healing power of mesenchymal stem cells at age 60 as we do at birth.

That helps to explain the skin’s response to major damaging events, like surgery. But this doesn’t even come close to the power of parthenogenetic stem cells which are being used to research cures for Parkinson’s and other diseases. But, what about skin damage?

It just so happens that much of that is due to the accumulation of damage over a lifetime.

Every day, cells in your skin are damaged, resulting in thousands of teensy little microscopic wounds.

Photo-aging (damage from the sun) tops the list, but there are many other damaging elements in the environment around us. For example, chemicals (including makeup), smoking, diet, and even gravity all play a role. So, this is where the ingredients extracted from the parthenogenetic stem cells shine in head to head comparisons with adult stem cell preparations like the AnteAgeMD products.

Stem cell cytokines: The only rejuvenating component of AnteAgeMD.

salicylic acid is a good cleanser to use prior to using this product

There are many different stem cell derived cytokines. Remember they can be inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. In addition, some cytokines are inhibitors of growth and some are actual growth factors.

Cytokines are what the mesenchymal stem cells use to communicate with one another, and with other cells, like skin fibroblasts.

It is the pattern of these cytokines that orchestrates healing (and rejuvenation) to the extent that this one set of signaling molecules can do.

Aging skin: health and aesthetics – a brief review first :

uses serious skin care

Aging skin is a reflection of the time we have spent on earth accumulating damage. It is also a reflection of our decreased ability to respond to our damaged skin.

More so, it doesn’t matter how old you are. In fact, we view healthy skin as more appealing than unhealthy skin.

Again, aging skin is viewed by society as unhealthy, while “younger” skin is viewed as healthy.

Aging is not a process you can stop, but there are definitely steps you can take to improve the health of our skin. We may not be younger, but we can sure look a lot younger.

But, how exactly can we do that?

how to tighten skin first steps are to stop smoking and drinking

What we put into our body reflects our appearance.

So, if you drink too much or worse, smoke, and put other toxins into your body, your appearance is definitely going to reflect it.

If you eat an unhealthy diet and don’t exercise, ditto. Also, if you use skin care products with toxic preservatives, ditto and so on.

But wait …what about those mesenchymal stem cells and their cytokines? What do they actually do?


Chronic Inflammation of the skin or “skinflammaging”, is the link between the presence of chronic smoldering inflammation and the aging of skin. For example, sun exposure, environmental toxins, and repetitive microtrauma all cause pro-aging inflammatory reactions within the skin.These are also the major reasons skin ages. 

burned on lean body mass area

Natural Remedies for Reducing Inflammation in the Skin:

One major focus of the AnteageMD team’s work with adult mesencymal stem cells and the cytokines they produce has to do with developing ways to provide the skin with topical anti-inflammatory signals.

To naturally decrease inflammation, they discovered the most potent type of adult mesenchymal stem cell. To clarify, this means the stem cells which made the most anti-inflammatory cytokines to heal the skin. That’s why their focus is on inflammation in the skin rather than wrinkle and firmness improvement.

Yes, they tone down redness and rosacea, but there is no comparison with the other parameters of visual skin aging.

Here are the scientific adult mesenchymal cytokine stem cell product comparisons:

First of all, note the difference in source and efficacy of the stem cell cytokines.

Here is why AnteAGEMD products are  better than other adult mesenchymal stem cell products:

Adipose (FAT) derived stem cells to make their stem cell cytokine products:

ReLuma by Vestiage

Stem Factor Serum by Osmosis

Luminesce by Jeunesse

These products contain cells which are isolated from fat obtained during liposuction. Specifically, the patients are typically females in their early 50’s. Fat cells (adipocytes) and adipose stem cells are both known to produce pro-inflammatory bio-signals. (What are they THINKING???)

U Autologous by Personal Cell Sciences also contain fat cells:

also found in moor spa skin care

This product contains cells from a culture of one’s own adipose stem cells, which are obtainable through mini-liposuction.

However, there is no scientific basis to support that this very expensive product is any more potent or better than products made using liposuction by-products of other individuals.

Despite culturing one’s own cells, the bio-signals produced have a pro-inflammatory pattern. (What are THEY thinking too?)

Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells:

bodybuilding gives you depleted marrow like this

Note AnteAGEMD also uses the much less potent mesenchymal adult stem cells. The stem cells used are bone marrow derived. Research reveals the important role bone marrow stem cells play in tissue repair and healing throughout the body, particularly in the skin.

Like all the cells derived from bone marrow (white cells, red cells, and platelets) these stem cells enter the blood stream where they are carried to all tissues. Upon arrival at injuries, some may differentiate into cell types needed for repair (e.g. cartilage, nerve, muscle.)

Here are the facts when it comes to the adult stem cells products:

The pattern of bio-signals in conditioned media derived from culture of bone marrow stem cells is anti-inflammatory. Based on the physiology of healing and the harmful effects of inflammation on the skin, bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells appear to be the preferred adult cell to culture to obtain bio-signals for use in topical products. In short, this is the case IF you are comparing only adult stem cells and IF you are looking primarily for reduction in inflammation.

Bone marrow stem cells are typically obtained from young adults in their early 20’s.

Evidence of Anti-inflammatory Efficacy of AnteAgeMD products to reduce visible inflammation in the skin:

if you need help falling asleep it means you have serious inflammation of skin

Products containing bone marrow stem cell cultures demonstrate very potent anti-inflammatory effects. This has been especially evident in persons with certain types of skin rashes like rosacea.

Many people report complete elimination of rosacea flare-ups, in spite of continued exposure to their usual triggers.

Additionally, other reports include enhanced healing of abrasions and burns. But with all of this-it pales compared to LifeLine Proplus.

Now, on to the good stuff – Why Lifeline Proplus+?

Lifeline® Proplus+ products are a completely new way to treat wrinkles, age spots, and lack of skin firmness. Conversely, no other stem cell company specifically addresses degree of wrinkle reduction or mentions “firmness” and “lifting” as a benefit! Why? In short, because it simply is not a benefit, that’s why!

Lifeline® ProPlus+ uses “nanotechnology.” Their scientists create microscopic molecules which penetrate down to the dermis of the skin. Then, stem cell extracts are delivered right to the layers of skin where collagen and elastin are made. To conclude, it’s the only stem cell product line which can deliver “the good stuff” right to the dermis.

serious skin care productsIn the dermis, where you find collagen and elastin, the stem cell extracts communicate with your skin cells. As a result, there is a huge proliferation of new skin cells. To illustrate, scientific studies show a 77% reduction in wrinkle length and depth in 3 months. Markedly, you will see lifting, firmness, toning and glowing skin like you haven’t seen for years. Look at this 1 month b/a!

In fact, you will see skin that behaves like it did years prior to your use of the ProPlus+ products. 59% noticed a visible reduction of lines and wrinkles within one month. Within 3 months, customer readings showed a 77% reduction in depth and length of wrinkles. At this time 87% said they felt that their appearance was “remarkably improved.” 90% of study participants noticed firmer, tighter skin within 3 months.

To Sum Up

 Was that enough scientific proof for you? I sure hope so. I personally just love these amazing products which I soon predict will be the #1 products we sell here at Agewell Solutions. Update 9-6-17;so, guess what? They are!


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