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#1 Metabolism booster supplement exclusive duo for guaranteed “burn” and weight loss

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: April 20, 2020
metabolism booster supplement

#1 Metabolism booster supplement duo exclusively via Sitopharma for guaranteed weight loss

metabolism booster supplementWhy would you need a metabolism booster supplement duo, let alone a specially formulated supplement at all? There’s nothing wrong with your metabolism, or is there? So, you are looking at that plate of salad greens and cottage cheese, swearing this is the last time you are doing any sort of diet plans or weight loss programs.

This is the end. You’ll suffer from hunger pangs and the potential for rebound weight gain, but you are NOT going to that high school reunion with those 15 or is it now 25 pounds packed on. No way.

Perhaps, you’ve tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and countless other plans where they “make it so easy for you.”

Yes, you know you can get those 20 pounds off for the reunion. You have done it before, and you can do it again. It would be nice to keep the pounds off but- hey- that’s just not realistic or is it?


It’s so easy to go on these plans. You count things like points, buy pre-prepared food, and you do lose some weight. However, it always seems to creep back. In fact, I just found a franchise where the CEO tells you that you can eat potato chips, lose weight and stay healthy doing so. OMG. I don’t want to rat them out, but you can find them.

How annoying and disheartening. But, sigh, you guess everyone goes through it, so you will too. Actually, most people DO “go through this, ” and it’s because the big weight loss franchises WANT you as a returning customer.

You’re of no use to them as a one time, hooray you’re done, customer. No way.

How can a company keep shareholders happy if THAT is their business model? Simple, they can’t. Here’s what they are banking on.

The Black Hole Of Diet Programs

If you watched this quick video, you know I’m right. You can feel it. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but why is it that everyone we know who has been on one of these crazy programs always comes back?Just to mention, these programs never give out any metabolism booster supplements, supplement or healthy foods. To resume, it seems like we all have friends who are always eating these pre-prepared pseudo-foods.

Ever peeked into other people’s shopping carts in the grocery store? Oh, sure you have. How many times do you see chips, diet soda, and weight watchers ice cream bars coupled together as if it’s a gourmet snack trio?

How about Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers dinners along with those chips? Make it low-fat chips, please. This, my friends, is the root of the problem. You cannot get out of this trap without the metabolism booster supplement duo I’ll be talking about.

First, let me explain what has happened to your metabolism, requiring you to need the metabolism booster supplement 2-fer in the first place. So, you are going about your life, eating “whatever” until age-what was it-oh, maybe 20, maybe 25, maybe 30, maybe, if you are a lucky one-even older.

But at some point, something happened. Maybe it was a pregnancy. Maybe you threw out your back and then stopped playing your 2x/weekly football game with the guys. Perhaps, your job or finances caused stress and then stress-eating.

I’m going to cover things you haven’t thought about. Sure you’ve thought about how you have likely lost some metabolically active lean body mass. You’ve thought about getting back into the gym. However, you probably have not thought about why you have cravings and sometimes out-of-control hunger. Note that can only be fixed with a great metabolism booster supplement pack.

But whatever you did, you did one of the following things:

You ate sugar and/or processed foods. You took antibiotics which messed up the bacteria in your GI tract. Perhaps, you used artificial sweeteners which also messed up your GI tract bacteria.

In fact, your whole way of eating your entire life led up to a GI tract full of bacteria which actually is now working to slow down your metabolism.

I have done many blogs about how to clean up your GI tract. So, that is part of what you should do, of course. Look for, for instance, bloating solutions to find the 3 step routine for GI tract clean up.

It’s not hard to get your GI tract working in favor of your metabolism, your immune system, and even your mood!

Why did this happen?

What’s up with these hunger hormones?

Leptin and Ghrelin are  the two “hunger hormones.” They are found in the mucous membranes of your stomach.


Let’s first talk about ghrelin. Levels of ghrelin are supposed to fall after a meal. This ghrelin-drop tells your brain “I’ve had enough to eat.” On the other hand, if your ghrelin increases rather than decreases due to a faulty GI tract as discussed above, that’s a problem. That signals your brain that you should continue eating. Naturally, this will lead to overeating and weight gain. This is why some people feel as if they are “always hungry.” If this is you, then you need the ghrelin-leptin metabolic fixer. Do you see?

carnitine bodybuilding supplements help this whole process



Leptin regulates how your body stores fat.  If you gain excess body-fat, that additional fat produces extra leptin. The extra leptin’s job is to alert your brain that your body is storing too much fat. Leptin is supposed to signal your brain to stop being hungry and to then, to stop eating.

Exposure to high levels of leptin can lead to what is called “leptin resistance.” This means your brain doesn’t properly hear leptin’s signals. This is the classic example of what people describe as unexplainable weight gain.

So, you keep eating and gaining weight. People can very easily become leptin-resistant by eating a diet full of sugar (especially fructose and high fructose corn syrup), refined grains and processed foods. All of these things “mess up” the GI microbiome or balance of good to bad bacteria.

Recall this also happens with not just GI “dysbiosis,” but if you are eating an inflammatory diet or are overweight. Also, it can happen if you take antibiotics, eat artificial sweeteners and the other things mentioned above. When you become leptin-resistant, your brain-body can no longer hear the correct hormonal messages, so you remain hungry and your body stores fat.

This is yet another reason you need the leptin-ghrelin “fixer” supplement #2. Get it?

So, now that you are aware that your leptin and ghrelin systems are out of whack you know you need a metabolism booster supplement pack or duo that will first, speed up metabolism, right? Of course, right! That’s step 1. So, let’s take a look at the ingredients you want to have in the best metabolism booster supplement.

Bitter orange:

But before I tell you what you want, let me tell you what you do NOT want. Most bitter orange supplements on the market including GNC and Amazon have a crude, cheap form of bitter orange which will stress your adrenals, raise your cortisol, increase your adrenaline levels and all in all, worsen the situation.

You can end up with sleep disturbances, immune suppression, and even adrenal fatigue! So, be very very careful where you are getting your bitter orange extract from and never ever buy anything without a GMP (good manufacturing practices) sticker and a non-GMO sticker. Here are the facts about choosing a good metabolism booster part 1.

also give you help falling asleepYou want Bitter Orange=Citrus Aurantium which is called Synephrine in most “bad” concoctions.
This metabolic boosting substance stimulates the body’s beta-3 receptors.

It directly boosts metabolism and increases fat burning. It also causes the release of epinephrine and nor-epinephrine.

These two neurotransmitters have the added benefit of enhancing mental energy and focus.

However, this is what you have to “watch for” in bad supplements: over-release of these two things because they cause sickness including blood pressure issues and more.

 Green Tea Extract:

Green tea extract contains a substance called EGCG, which may slow the absorption of carbohydrates and increase fat burning through improvement of the efficacy of insulin. It has been shown to be a metabolic booster alone and in combination with bitter orange. It’s better to take a supplement rather than drink the green tea for a number of reasons.

In a GMP certified supplement, you can ensure that you will get decaffeinated EGCG. So, this way you won’t “get the jitters” or have “the dreaded” increase in cortisol and adrenaline. Also, in a GMP certified supplement, you will know only the top 3% of the green tea leaves were used. THAT is where all the EGCG is. It’s usually pretty useless to drink green tea other than for the flavor unless you’re in China or Japan. A bonus is that studies show that ECGC helps prevent short term memory loss.

Our Metabogen contains these two products and is the most potent of all the metabolism boosting supplements. This means that you WILL have a burst of energy with this. So you don’t want to be on this for more than two weeks in a row- just take 2 days off here and there and with this one-you’re fine. Just be careful you don’t “overuse this” OK? (I don’t want you needing help with adrenal fatigue after you have lost your weight!)

Metabolism Booster Part Two 

Now that we have actually done something to speed up your metabolism, the 2nd half of the metabolism booster supplement duo must be a product which fixes the ghrelin and leptin issue, right? Otherwise what happens with the non-physiologic hunger pangs and the cravings? You still have them. No fun. So to rid yourself of this, the first thing you do is change your diet composition to an anti-inflammatory diet .

So let me tell you the ingredients to look for in your second metabolism booster supplement. You want something to help with high cortisol and insulin levels. You also want something to help with the ghrelin and leptin issues that are the culprits in the weight re-gain scenarios. Regarding cortisol and inflammation, both are topics found in this blog. If you have a more serious problem, you’ll need more than this metabolism booster supplement packet.

Here are the components of the second metabolism booster supplement. Remember the #2 part is the part that cleans up the metabolic issue. However, remember, you also need to clean up your GI tract! Your GI tract and your diet, OK? Just checking. Here’s what’s going to fix those pesky hormonal issues. We have a safe product that does everything needed to get your insulin, leptin and ghrelin balanced and it’s called Metabaprime. Here is what’s in it.

Garcinia Cambogia/HCA

Research backs the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia at reducing fat absorption, increasing fat metabolism, and decreasing appetite via many pathways including ghrelin normalization.

Research also suggests that garcinia cambogia activates the enzyme called citrate lyase.

This enzyme is a catalyst in the conversion of excess carbohydrates into fat.

Once this process is inhibited the body’s natural reaction is to increase carbohydrate oxidation which can result in sizeable weight loss.

Coleus Forskohlii

The coleus forskohlii plant contains it’s active ingredient called forskoliin in it’s roots. This ingredient increases cyclic AMP, which is purported to help the body mobilize body fat for use as energy. Forskoliin is patented for promoting lean body mass. Clinical studies show this ingredient helps reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass via hormonal normalizations as discussed above.

Other components of this amazing part 2 metabolism booster supplement:

Now for the other benefits you need. This part 2 contains ingredients with all sorts of indirect metabolic benefits. For example, acetyl l carnitine benefits include most notably an increase in muscle mass which is what you are seeking, right?

And chromium is one of the best natural appetite suppressants because it also lowers glucose and thus lowers insulin, helping the whole “metabolic mess” we are cleaning up with supplement #2. Other ingredients have major value, but at this point in this article, I feel I have exhausted your attention.

To Sum It Up

Suffice is to say if you have lived a “normal life” you need to do some major clean eating, need to balance your GI tract and need the metabolism booster supplement duo to reset everything so you can “lose what you need to lose” once and for all.

However, that doesn’t mean life is perfect, and you won’t fall off the eating-perfectly bandwagon. You might. And if you do, you have this metabolism booster supplement duo to fall back on for a week, here and there, when you need a tune-up. You might even try the nutritional ketosis diet which works wonders for many people who have struggled with even my anti-inflammatory diet.


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