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How to curb sugar cravings and finally hit your weight loss goals!

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: April 20, 2020
how to curb sugar cravings

How to curb sugar cravings but first how to cease all cravings!

Let’s talk about non-hunger eating. Over 95% of those people looking to lose weight eat when they are not physically hungry. That is called non-hunger eating.  Cravings are often caused by excess cortisol which is produced when we are stressed or anxious. The first step on how to curb sugar cravings is to reduce stress and anxiety. I have talked about this at length in this blog and have information and amazing products in the store to help, too! Also, if you need help, just chat me up!

needs metabolism supplements

People are often told their sugar cravings are psychological. However, that is NOT TRUE!  It is, in fact, physical! It is related to low serotonin and low dopamine which are both essential brain chemicals; not just cortisol levels.

Interestingly enough, MANY  recovering alcoholics have high sugar cravings which is related to the “low dopamine” theory. It is also widely believed. If you can relate, you will enjoy Jason’s weight loss motivation story.

 Here are some things you can do which are essentially how to curb sugar cravings – nuke ’em!

The first step to stop sugar cravings is to follow the basic anti-inflammatory diet but also cut carbs, which causes ketosis. If you can’t figure out how to do this email me, and I’ll send both plans.

Ketosis works wonders for curbing sugar cravings. As a result, I make sure always to start people with this method.

In addition, an inflammatory diet inhibits weight loss and is awful for your health.

So there is more motivation for you! Anyway, let me explain how to do this:

1. KETOGENIC diet phase (of your Anti-Aging Anti-Inflammatory diet):

EAT as much protein-rich food as you like during 2 to 3 days (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, etc.) These are all high-energy foods, so you’ll feel great! When you are ketotic, you are also eating a lot of foods to speed up metabolism too, so that will assist in your weight loss efforts.

However, Big NO-NOs: no fruit, no veggies, no sprouted cereals, no milk products, alcohol, caffeinated beverages. So, basically, NO CARBS! If you need more direction or wish to only do a nutritional ketosis diet follow the link I just left you.


2. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY diet phase:

Add vegetables and low-sugar-containing fruits the next 2 to 3 days to the protein-rich diet described above. During these days you can add the no-nos in moderation.

3. SWITCHING phase:

Next, go on the “KETOGENIC” phase of your Anti-Aging-Anti-Inflammatory diet again for 2 – 3 days (only protein-rich foods (as described in number 1 above). Then, go back to the Anti-Aging-Anti-Inflammatory diet phase for 2 – 3 days (as described in number 2 above).

Do you see the pattern? Continue alternating.

You can keep alternating between these phases as long as you wish until you have reached your weight goal.

If you have been trying to lose weight and been unsuccessful, let me assure you that it is not your fault.

Look at this video I did for the New Year  and you will likely really relate to what I’m saying.

Often just accomplishing this “sugar wean” is very hard. So I’ll give you some helpful “weaning” tips. Notably, learning how to curb sugar cravings to reach your goal weight and stay there is a process. Here is how you do it.

To begin with, wean off of sugar and do NOT use aspartame or other artificial sweeteners. These just make you crave sugar more, and there is information galore on this website. You can use Stevia, though.


If it is super hard, get paleo-healthy low-calorie bars which will satisfy your sweet tooth. Additionally, it contains fiber to satisfy hunger. In fact, my AWS annual consultation services members LOVE the chocolate mint fiber bar. It has 150 cals, 14 gms of fiber, and are stevia sweetened. Not to mention, they taste like chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies! (See healthy bars and shakes).

Big YUM! I love these things as do all of my patients and members. There is also another bar that tastes like a Mounds bar with the same calories. To point out, it is a prebiotic too, so you get the good GI benefits too.

Also  DO wean off of all the other stuff that your body treats as sugar-fructose, starchy carbs, unsprouted grains; it will interfere with weight loss big time and counter what we’re doing here.

Now isn’t there any fancy stuff you do Dr.Kim?

kim crawfordAre you kidding me? I’m “all about” fancy stuff!

Of course!! That’s why EVERYONE is joining AgeWellSolutions- for the fancy stuff! Here you go:

Chew Gum

Chew xylitol or sorbitol sweetened gum. This decreases the hunger and sugar cravings a bit by elevating the brain chemical serotonin. No, I’m not kidding!

Eat to increase metabolism

Eat metabolism booster foods. For example, try ginger and hot chilies. Additionally, try taking a natural supplement to increase metabolism such as a very gentle bitter orange. Be very careful about BO (bitter orange) as the wrong one will stress your adrenals.

Ghrelin & Leptin

Make sure you take care of your ghrelin and leptin issues you will invariably have by following the diet plan above and adding supplements as needed. Refer to the why diet plans fail article for more info. If you have unexplained weight gain, have your thyroid functions and fasting cortisol checked.


We can increase your neurotransmitter, dopamine with l-tyrosine and SAMe (4 caps of each 2x a day), and this helps with cravings (sugar and salt)  in general. To shut down sugar cravings we amp up your serotonin levels. Now before I let you purchase the 5-OH tryptophan (5-HTP) anywhere -be aware you have to do this very carefully. Note also it can cause drowsiness and diarrhea if not done right.

You can’t take it if you are on anti-depressants or have bi-polar illness.

No other restrictions.

You can usually take 200 mg 3-4x/daily with no issues, but if it causes loose stools just cut the dose. Markedly, it almost never causes drowsiness at this dose. It also has a bonus of being one of the best natural mood uppers while it acts as a natural appetite suppressant supplement too!


Sometimes the hormone oxytocin is effective (prescribed). I see sources on the internet, even Amazon, and I would really need to look into quality before commenting. So, do make sure you read comments if you purchase there.

Lastly, doggie lover that I am, the studies about how to use your beloved DOG to increase your oxytocin levels is something I find as fascinating as the history of the human-canine bond. Did you know neither wolves nor humans would have likely survived without each other? Interesting, right?

So, how to do this?

Stare into your dog’s eyes and if they are a “good starer” and this doesn’t threaten them (rare) they will stare lovingly back for longer than you can!

To begin with, it increases THEIR oxytocin which bonds them more to you.

It also increases YOUR oxytocin dramatically which bonds you to them, your furry loved ones. It is also the most fun way to potentially decrease your sugar cravings in my humble opinion.



  1. Hi, Dr. Kim.
    I loves these blogs! They are very helpful and your way with words makes for easy, entertaining reading.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you Andi! How nice of you to comment!

  2. I’ve spent my whole life fighting sugar cravings. It’s good to know that “rehab” for this addiction is not as hard as I thought. Thanks so much for this post!

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