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8 Anti-aging products to make you look years younger!

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: April 20, 2020
Anti-aging products took 20 yrs off her face!

8 Anti-aging products to change your looks, health, life!

Anti-aging products are usually thought of as things that will make us look younger.

uses all of these anti-aging productsAmericans just think that they can turn a blind eye to the effects of overall health on their looks and use the best anti aging serum and moisturizer and voila, that’s it for anti-aging products.

If you are following my blog you know, beauty starts inside and then is enhanced by what you use on the outside. Put simply, anti-aging products for beauty start inside.

These inside-out anti-aging products happen to be great for your health, too. So, you’ll be happy seeing the outside, and I’ll be happy knowing I did a lot to fix the inside!

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What is an Anti-aging Doctor? 

Amazingly enough, when I tell most people I’m an Anti-aging doctor they respond “Ohhhhh that’s why you look like you do.” As if somehow I’m “cheating” or something! They THINK I’m some sort of cross between a Plastic Surgeon and an Esthetic Dermatologist.

Not! A real board certified Anti-aging doctor deals with health, disease prevention and well-being. Most anti-aging products we recommend are for health and disease prevention or treatment. You’ll learn when someone is healthy they look healthy and younger than their age. We are usually board certified Internal Medicine Specialists who know how to diagnose diseases, we all went to traditional medical schools, and residency programs.

We prescribed our fair share of pharmaceuticals in the past. However, most of us were always “into prevention” even as Internists. We knew there was a better way than just waiting for diseases to happen. We couldn’t believe that sleep and energy just went to the wayside after 50. So, we learned and learned and learned some more!

Boy oh boy, this sure is the better way! People can look and feel great and pretty much be disease-free throughout their life. If you were expecting this article to be “all about looks,” guess what, every single thing I’m about to talk about does indeed affect your looks. You will absolutely look younger if you read what to do for your health with behavioral changes and anti-aging products for health first. Then, I promise to give you the WHOLE enchilada about what to do for serious skin care on the outside.

Let’s take a moment to review healthy skin habits:

bodybuilding glutamine is in this mix

Eat a non-inflammatory diet and take supplements for oxidative stress, glycation and inflammation as needed. These are anti-aging products I’ll discuss. If you smoke, stop! If you get lots of sun, stop!

Wear Paraben-free #30 SPF for UVA and UVB when outdoors.

Hydrate until your urine is clear.

Use a good cleanser and a whole regimen of the top anti-aging skin regimens available.

Ask your doctor if you can be weaned from any pharmaceuticals.

Replace dental bridges with implants.

Sleep WELL. We’ll be covering this.

If needed, consult a good Esthetic Dermatologist for the appropriate non-invasive or mildly invasive procedures which “fit your skin” the best. If you need skin resurfacing, collagen and elastin boosting, or skin plumping therapy that cannot be obtained by our products then you need a little “assistance.”

Use Plastic Surgery nip-tucks only as advised in the large, previously referenced article about looking younger.

Aging skin reflects the time we have spent on earth accumulating damage. In addition, it is our decreased ability to respond to damaged skin with our inborn, restorative system of healing (which reflects age, but also health). It doesn’t matter your age, healthy skin is seen as more aesthetically appealing than unhealthy skin.

Aging skin is sadly seen as unhealthy, while “younger” skin is seen as healthy, full of “glow” and skin appeal. This brings us the topic what our age may be and what it may appear to be. Aging is not a process you can stop, but there are definitely steps you can take to improve the health of our skin. We may not be younger, but we can look a lot younger. Notably, it requires specific anti-aging products for health and looks. This article focuses on looks but many others in this website focus on health.

A couple of skin habits to check at the door:

how to look young

What we put into our body reflects our appearance. If you smoke, consume alcohol, and put other toxins into your body, your appearance is going to reflect it.

Also, try to keep your skin clean and moist if too dry or dry if too moist. Supply your skin with added nutrients that make it thrive.

Yes, I’ll tell you how. When you are done with this mostly inside-out (but one important topical) article, don’t forget to check out skin magic and how to tighten skin articles.

If you have acne, check that out along with the salicylic acid cleanser article too.

First things first: the three things that contribute to causing most diseases and age your skin:

 1) Oxidative Stress:

How we treat our body is reflected on the inside and “the outside.”

When you start consuming less anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables, you start to have more oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is made worse by other things, not just your diet. Things that worsen it are eating processed foods, frequently flying, being exposed to the sun a lot, or living in in heavily polluted areas. Consuming healthy foods isn’t enough to prevent oxidative stress. I have learned what works for my patients, so I will, of course, share the solution with you.

Vitamins are one answer but, to be honest, the ideal method would be to do a lot of veggie “juicing.” Vitamins are great, but just do not contain other crucial health benefits in fruits and veggies, such as “phytonutrients,” and so on.

Unfortunately, juicing is quite impractical; it’s time-consuming, it’s incredibly expensive, and it can taste inconsistent, to say the least.

I have one patient who is pretty religious about this, but he is a cancer survivor and is quite motivated. If you aren’t sure if you have oxidative stress, here is a questionnaire you can take online.

It correlates pretty well with raman spectroscopy scores and even urinary isoprostanes.

Just about everyone who isn’t a trained “juicer” has oxidative stress. Don’t worry, though! I have the answer, and it’s easy, inexpensive and will get rid of YOUR oxidative stress.
In my opinion, it’s in the class of the most amazing superfoods, and that’s due to the myriad of organic, non-GMO powdered fruits and veggies. It’s going to be my first pick for anti-aging products for your health and looks.

#1 Anti-Aging product: AWS Red Superfood™ and AWS Green Superfood™

First Anti-aging products for health and looks!

 Eliminates oxidative stressvitamin that speeds up metabolism

Improves overall health

Helps prevent diseases

Helps control weight

Improves skin appearance

 How does this work?

Take the shaker cup you received with your subscription to AgeWell Solutions, or purchase a shaker cup if you are not a member and prepare your morning cup (I personally find it much more convenient to do this the night before):
One scoop of red powder

One scoop of green powder

One TBSP of juice for taste

Filtered water up to the brim line

Shake well, and put in the refrigerator. It will be nice and cold for you to drink with supplements the next morning. If (according to your questionnaire), you should take a second drink later, make it right after you consume drink #1. Then, pop it in the refrigerator, and you’ll be ready to go later in the day!

Many find this all-natural, non-GMO, organic, ground-up fruits/veggies drink, refreshing, tasty and energizing. For me, it’s a morning shot of energy!

 2) Chronic Inflammation:

We can have chronic inflammation without even realizing it. In fact, that is typical.

If you are overweight, eat heavily processed foods, or consume sugary foods and drinks your body is more than likely inflamed.

If you are overweight, losing weight can become difficult as the more inflamed you are the harder it is to lose the weight.

The same can be said in regards to what you’re eating. The more unhealthy foods you consume, the more you become inflamed, and the more weight you gain. This is a rollercoaster that is anything but exciting. It is often the cause of unexplained weight gain.

As we age, inflammation can increase as well. It is important to measure for total body inflammation with your doctor by doing a fasting insulin level, a fibrinogen and a CRP measurement. These are the best tests that I and other Anti-aging doctors use.

To treat inflammation there are a variety of measures you can take, but it is important to review your diet first. I have created a lifetime healthy eating plan that is specifically designed for inflammation called the anti-inflammatory diet. Then, I add anti-inflammatory anti-aging products to get rid of the inflammation.


If everyone ate a perfect diet, didn’t lose hormones with age and had minimal body fat, we wouldn’t need anti-inflammatory supplements or any anti-aging products for that matter.

However, because few people eat a perfect diet, everyone loses hormones with age, and body fat can be inconsistent, the fact is we all need anti-inflammatory supplements.

Check with your doctor if you have any questions and of course contact me at any time.

The next two amazing anti-aging products for you!

 #2 Anti-Aging product: Curcumin

Curcumin lowers insulin and CRP levels, and therefore, inflammation in general. It also decreases Beta-amyloid formation, which is the abnormal protein formed in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. This process begins 20-30 years prior to diagnosis!! This is forming in most people when they think they only have harmless short term memory loss.

Not to mention, what it does for brain health(This article will amaze you.) Curcumin is the first step in relieving the inflammatory pain of degenerative arthritis. The dose is 2-4 caps 2x/daily with meals. (I take four 2x per day due to the brain health benefits.) This is one of my very favorite anti-aging products. Remember, if you lower total body inflammation you lower skin inflammation which is a cause of skin aging.

 #3 Anti-Aging Product: Good quality fish oils with a high DHA to EPA ratio

Everyone over 30 years of age should be on fish oils. No one truly eats enough servings of wild caught fish. Notably, they are so beneficial for many reasons including reducing inflammation and high triglycerides as well as “brain protection” from Alzheimer’s.

Recent studies show fish oils protect the brain from some of the noxious effects of alcohol. They help with heart health and are likely to be anti-cancer as well. Everyone other than those on anti-coagulants should be on high-quality fish oils as one of their “health” anti-aging products.

3) Glycation:


Glycation happens when your cells are exposed to increased blood sugar levels, therefore likely causing them to mutate.

Sadly, this is likely treated by conventional doctors once a patient is diagnosed with Diabetes. They are prescribed a pharmaceutical which will not alter the path of the disease.

However, not so with Anti-Aging doctors such as myself. This is important information if you are trying to lose pounds but, of course, also for optimal health.

We know better than to wait until last minute when a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, so let’s review the numbers:

A fasting blood sugar of 90 ng/dl (or more), or being obese, means you are definitely insulin resistant (IR)

A fasting blood sugar of 85 ng/dl , or being overweight (over-fat), means you are probably insulin resistant (IR).

A fasting blood sugar of 80 ng/dl means you might be IR

Your doctor can measure these levels. Other options include an at-home glucose testing kit or going to a pharmacy which does “health screenings.”

A percentage of red cells that are “glycosylated” is called Hgb-A1c. A value of 5.6% = I.R., while recent studies show a level as low as 5.3% might mean insulin resistance (IR.)  It’s always best to get fasting blood sugars down to the ideal range of fasting, which is 72-75 ng/dL.

Note “glycating” your cells via insulin resistance produces AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End products), which are the abnormal protein-glucose bonds which are formed within all of your cells when blood sugar is too high. This process stiffens and ages your cells prematurely. The picture above is to illustrate this does occur in skin cells, causing skin aging as well. Recent studies have shown a link between blood sugars of “only” 100ng/dl. This is the what “regular doctors” look at and call “fine”…with a much higher incidence of Alzheimer’s.

The first step to lowering blood sugar:

Review your own diet. Start implementing the diet and tips found within the Anti-aging-Anti-inflammatory diet plan. Then, you may start reviewing anti-aging products called integrative supplements to implement into your diet as well to suppress the genes that code for Diabetes and therefore lower both blood sugar and Hgb-A-1c.
Now, when I look at the statistics of what is going on in America, the vast majority of the population is overweight or obese. That means, by definition, we likely are missing a lot of blood sugars that need to be brought down to healthier levels. I am going to suggest most Americans are chromium deficient, and that deficiency leads to more insulin resistance.

#4 Anti-Aging Product: Chromium nicotinate supplements

When I’m trying to lower someone’s blood sugar I start with Chromium nicotinate supplements. There are other supplements I often add, but this is a good place to start. It does double duty as a natural appetite supressant so that’s another reason it’s your #4 anti-aging products I’m recommending in this article.

#5 Anti-Aging products: LifeLine Proplus+ day and night serums


We have searched high and low. There is absolutely nothing comparable to what I am about to share with you from skin- inflammation-blocking to stem cell peptides, growth factors and cytokine content. This is by far the #1 best topical anti-aging products “out there.”

The future of all skin care products involves stem cell extracts which control how our skin repairs itself and more. (Note: there is no animal testing, parabens or anything “not good for you” here).
I am going to assume you have read the “look younger” article and you know your ingredients. What I’ll do is review some things about these #1 rated anti aging serums here and give you a link to even more science.

First, let’s go through the sequence of skin events:

You will start to see results in a week. The first thing you’ll notice (and this is within 24 hours actually) is reversal of dry skin. Next, here’s the schedule of “skin events” meaning when you will SEE a difference…and then it just keeps getting better…like a Benjamin Button movie!

Overall look of skin (reversal of dullness, some textural changes): 1 week.

Reversal of redness; even if you have “rosacea”: 1-2 weeks.

Noticeable Reversal of fine lines: 1 month

Improved tone and turgor = plumping: 1 month.

At this time you will also see noticeable firmness and less sagging. NO OTHER skin care product can deliver these results. Not one.

Post-inflammatory pigmentation reversal: 6-8 weeks.

Melasma (skin pigmentation common in women post pregnancy) reversal: 6 weeks.

Diminished pore size: 1-2 months.

The company has yet to have a dissatisfied customer! The product even helps clear up acne and most types of acne scars! At three months the statistics and Lifeline Proplus before/afters are incredible!

Here is a one month before and after picture from the company, totally un-re-touched, and I’ll show you another soon

how to look youngerAgain, note there is no animal testing and no artificial (read: toxic) preservatives.

Also, note that the stem cell cytokines are not derived from fetal tissue.

They come from eggs donated by screened, healthy women and made to divide without any fertilization.

They are the most potent stem cells we can ethically use.

Here is a one-month usage of the serums on the neck and face!

look youngerStem cells are the building blocks of our bodies.

When it comes to the skin, they are the cells that go to work when the skin needs to repair itself.

Lifeline Proplus skin care products contain the peptides, enzymes, cytokines and growth factors extracted from the stem cells.

Scientists have made exciting advances in the use of human stem cells for treating diseases and for treating the effects of aging skin.

While the stem cells are still pluripotent, scientists extract growth factors, cytokines, enzymes, and peptides for use in Lifeline® Proplus stem cell serums.

Petri dish studies have found the stem cell extracts in Lifeline® ProPlus Skin Care products increase the production of key proteins including collagen, elastin, epidermal and fibroblast growth factors.

Because they’re several generations away from the source, adult stem cells (such as from skin, blood, fat ) are less potent than stem cells closer to the original egg according to well done scientific studies. The growth factors extracted from adult stem cells have considerably less value in creating a proliferation of new skin cells. Want more science on the Lifeline Proplus? There you go!

 Fitness- totally crucial for your health and skin

You all need to exercise for a multitude of reasons. FIRST, A WORD OF MILD CAUTION: Please obtain “medical clearance” if you have been inactive, and are over 45 or have cardiac risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a strong family history of heart disease, or smoking which you should have stopped by now!

Cardiovascular or Heart-Healthy Fitness:

This is the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen-rich blood to the working muscle tissues and the ability of the muscles to use oxygen to produce energy for movement.

Cardiovascular exercise boosts your immune system, helps you sleep, decreases your stress, improves cognitive powers and helps prevent Alzheimer’s, helps prevent diabetes, heart disease and more. Of course, this needs to be “part of your life.” It also increases blook flow to the skin. When you do that, you increase collagen and elastin production. So, now are you more interested?

Pick your activity correctly!

If you love running, then that is your main “cardio” activity. If you love group exercise classes, then THAT’s for you.

 l carnitine bodybuildingThose two would be “high intensity” as would doing cardio gym equipment or other outdoor sports such as cycling at a high-intensity level which will be described below.

If you are doing sports recreationally such as paddle-boarding or horseback riding, then there’s part of your week’s cardio accounted for.

If you have a dog, that dog needs to to go for walks, so that’s one of your activities (this one would be classified as “moderate intensity” workout.) There MUST be something you can do that you don’t hate doing, isn’t there?

Perhaps you and your spouse can go for walks together to stir up a little romance? Your fitness level needs to be such that, at the very least, you can climb stairs without getting short of breath. We’re not talking Empire State Building here, just a few flights.

You can accomplish this in several ways:

1. Vigorous or high intensity activity
2. Moderate intensity training
3. Interval training such as high intensity interval training
4. Strength training (if done as circuit training)

 Fitness Training Programs:
1. Moderate intensity training:

Take 220 – subtract your age – multiply by 0.6. Do this again but multiply by 0.7 this time. These 2 numbers give you the range within which your heart rate needs to remain during moderate intensity training.
This is your “Target Heart Rate” range which you can track on a simple armband monitor or most pieces of exercise equipment until you learn what the intensity “feels like.” This is easily achieved by walking at a brisk pace, swimming, or using “cardio machines” at a slower pace.

what is lean body massIf you are a beginner:

You always need to start out aiming for a lower target heart rate. The easiest way to do that is by using the appropriate Borg scale of RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) to correlate your target heart rate to your effort.
The recommended time to spend doing this is a minimum of a cumulative 150 minutes per week (per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)
However, the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines calls for 15-60 minutes per day, six days a week for those doing moderate intensity training. If you are doing moderate intensity training, you can also use the Borg scale instead.

My recommendation:

If you are doing only Moderate Activity, you need a good 45 minutes, six days per week. This is a cumulative 270 minutes per week.
If you are doing Vigorous Activity, however, you need only approximately 30 minutes 5 days per week. If you are doing a “Combo” which includes team sports or solo recreational sports, you can add those times in and average it all out.

A “bout” of a solo sport or a game or team sport will count as one and sometimes two of those 30-45 minute slots, depending on how vigorous it is which you will learn to judge with your RPE.
Riding horseback with the horse walking is moderate at most while playing polo is vigorous, get it?

2. Vigorous or high-intensity activity:

Take 220 – subtract your age – multiply by 0.8. THAT’s your “target heart rate.”
To check your math: if you are 60, that’s 220 – 60 = 160 x 0.8 = 128. Got it?
Per the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, you need a minimum of 75 cumulative minutes of this activity weekly. However, we suggest the time parameters from the American College of Sports Medicine be followed for ALL vigorous activity.
This means you should aim for a cumulative 150 minutes per week which again, works out to 30 minutes, 5x weekly.

3. Interval Training:

To maximize cardiovascular endurance, we suggest some interval training.
This means you go up to 85%-90% of your maximal heart rate, (RPE 16 – RPE 17 on the Borg 20 point scale or an 8-9 on the 10 point scale), during your workout sessions at brief intervals (anaerobic training).
Of course, we start you out MUCH easier! Note a type of interval training is high intensity interval training or HIIT. Using this method which I won’t go into here, you can cut down your total cardio time and still get the skin benes! Next is the topic I call the muscle and fitness topic (see that link for how to start all types of weight training programs).

4. Strength training:

strength training is the best way to get rid of belly fat menopauseAs I’ve mentioned, we lose at least 30 % of our muscle mass by age 70 unless we do Strength Training on a regular basic. This is why it is so important to develop the habit for the long haul.
Strength Training is required to maintain a good muscle to fat ratio, keep up your metabolic rate, strengthen your bones, and just plain look better! The exertion pumps blood to your face and is the best way to maintain your weight. Gaining and losing weight makes wrinkles. For this reason, get weight training, increase your lean body mass and decrease bodyfat which will reduce the inflammation situation.

It will also “count” as a cardio workout (now you’re listening) if done as a “Circuit Training” routine (more about this to follow). An enormous variety of regimens are accepted by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Here are the “classical” recommendations you might be familiar with:

1) Find the maximal amount of weight for a “body part” (for instance “chest”) you can lift once. Perform 8-12 repetitions at 40-80% of that max weight for each major muscle group (depending on the training level of the participant.)
2) Two to three minutes rest between “sets” (8-12 reps = one set.)
3) Two to four sets are recommended for each muscle group.
All, traditionally done with gym machines, dumbbells, or bars.

And you might have tried this and found that it was NOT FOR YOU!?
Well, how about Circuit Training?

In its traditional description, it is when you mix a pure cardio exercise with strength training. Curves® is a good example of this. However, this decreases the effectiveness of the strength training, so unless you are “hooked,” we don’t recommend this as being the most effective way to strength train.

I suggest you read that M & F article referenced above and find a “quick weight training method.” Then, to augment your results you can use pre-workout the whey protein with bcaa  power and l-glutamine added to develop muscle mass quicker.

Nitric oxide benefits are not just restricted to vascular disease. In fact, they help you get a better work-out so add that too. Then, I suggest adding the multipurpose supplement I’ll talk about next as the #6 anti-aging product you can’t live without.

bcaa for weight loss
Our description of circuit training matches the method described in our fitness module of the annual consultation program.

When you do your workout “my way,” you can do an entire body workout in 15 minutes!

Again, just check the referenced article. Now onto #6!

#6 Anti-Aging Product: Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Yes, acetyl l carnitine is great to help you increase your muscle mass and lose weight and maintain it, thus preventing wrinkles.

This great amino acid boosts energy and is one of adrenal fatigue supplements we like too. That’s not all, though! It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol too.

Its role in brain health wins me over big time. It is neuro-protective, speeds neuronal transmission, and improves memory. Wow, right? Told ya.

The doses are often taken when energy or energy/neural protection (alcohol consumption) is required. In adrenal fatigue, it is taken on the same schedule as the adrenal support supplements above. It is one of the anti-aging products near and dear to my heart.

So, what’s next? I have given you most of the pointers about inside out beauty meaning most of what you can do to look younger within as little as 2-4 weeks.

However, as I mentioned the vast majority of you think anti-aging products are products for your face to make you look younger and not necessarily anything else. Well, now you know better and you have learned oxidative stress, inflammation, glycation ages your face. I hope you are now thinking differently about how to keep yourself looking young. So, what else ages your face? A lack of sleep which is the next topic.


So, what’s next to ensure that you age well? Getting great sleep is what! I’m here to give you great sleep if you want to “use me.” Restful sleep is a little more effort as we get a little older. It’s not that it’s hard, it’s just it’s yet another thing you always took for granted that now will take a teensy bit of effort.

It’s worth it, though. Well over half of Americans go through intermittent bouts of being on toxic pharmaceutical sleep medications (saying do I have insomnia to me) and still get lousy sleep. This is all quite unnecessary and I’ll tell you what you need to do instead.

 What might you need to “work on?”

1. Sleep schedule:

Adults need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep for it to be considered an adequate amount. When you get a good amount of sleep you should be waking up feeling refreshed without an alarm clock. Try to go to sleep around the same time each night for one week and see how you feel!

2. Naps:

It is important to limit your napping time. If you are napping more than 30 minutes at a time your REM sleep at night can be interrupted and therefore you are waking up feel unrefreshed. However, if these naps are not pushing back your bedtime, go ahead!

3. Making your bedroom “sleep friendly”:

Change your mattress after 8 years!
Purchase high thread count sheets.
Make sure your room is dark and quiet at night. If your puppy-dog-kitty is waking you up all night, either train them or get them their own bed.
If you need to get up at night, do you have a flashlight to use in case you need to use the bathroom so you can get back to sleep more easily? Purchase a fabulous pillow! Believe me, it works!

Didn’t think of a pillow as one of your anti-aging products? Well, technically it really is! Avoid watching TV or being on the computer at least 2 hours before bedtime and none in bed! Wear a sleep mask if the sunrise is too bright or if you are super-light sensitive. Wear silicone earplugs if you have animals or a significant other who snores!

4. Habits:

If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid any after 12 pm, so your sleep is not disrupted.
Try to exercise at least 4 hours before bed as it can inhibit “sleep induction”/”initiation.”
Nicotine can seriously upset sleep patterns, so quit smoking! I can help!
Do not use alcohol as a sleep aid. It decreases REM sleep and should not be consumed at least 2 hours before bed.
Digestion should occur 2+ hours before bed and should not be a “heavy” dinner.

#7 Anti-Aging Product: Melatonin

Melatonin is a well-known sleep aid, but it is much more. It is a neurohormone found in plants, animals, humans, and is believed to be what sets our circadian rhythms (day/night)….even those of animals, and, even of plants!
It can decrease inflammation, reduce oxidative stress (free radical damage), and is now discovered to partially block the process which shortens telomeres (these are the “caps” of our genes: they do shorten with age).

I haven’t talked about all the incredible functions of this big wonder of anti-aging products but just trust me here, you want it!

Now it’s time to discuss stress and anxiety.

In some recent polls, this is reported as a problem by up to 66% of working adults. With these numbers, it is much more of a national issue than depression. This is why you know when I pick the next of the best anti-aging products it will address this, don’t you?

It is always best to use natural mood enhancers and natural supplements for anxiety rather than drugs.

I have given you links to helpful articles and promised help was coming regarding natural ways to raise the relaxation brain chemical called GABA.

This is the place to start. Of course, if you have severe anxiety or panic attacks I suggest you have a Professional evaluation. Let’s discuss stress and cortisol first. High stress levels lead to high cortisols and that ages your face and your body. So, please DO look through the stress/anxiety information section and see what would help you. You want to get those cortisol levels down. The trick to mastering how to lose weight during menopause is controlling your cortisol so check out that link if that is an issue for you too.

#8 Anti-Aging Product: PharmaGABA

MY PICK AS the most necessary of the anti-aging products!

To begin, let’s review the brain chemical “GABA” and the other way to raise it.

For the purposes of this discussion, just know low levels of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (let’s just call it GABA and you remember this is the one you need if you are stressed, right?) are associated with higher levels of anxiety.

Anti-anxiety drugs (huge sellers!) prescribed to treat this will raise GABA levels, but long-term use eventually lowers them and is associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. They are VERY hard to wean from unless you are working with someone like me.

GABA is raised one of two ways:

1) L-Glutamine is given orally to convert to GABA.
2. PharmaGABA chewable tablets, if chewed and then held under the tongue and against the cheek before swallowing, will be able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and give quicker relief to anxiety occurring “at the moment”. Note oral GABA supplements (capsules) which are sold “out there” cannot possibly work due to non-penetration of the blood-brain barrier.

 PharmaGABA™: Chewable Tabs 100 mg-your #8!

» For Mild or Moderate Anxiety as Self-Evaluated.
1. An excess dose may make you drowsy so do not operate “machinery” if you feel these symptoms.
2. Do not take along with anti-anxiety prescription medications unless okayed by your doctor as they may interfere with the action of those medications (Valium, Xanax for example.) DO note you can be weaned OFF of Xanax and ON to PharmaGABA if it’s done slowly and there is a 2+ hour interval between dosing one or the other. Your doctor just needs to be involved for your safety.
PharmaGABA™ increases GABA levels to decrease anxiety. It helps with stress-based snacking and therefore weight control. It is also good for the health of your brain and for sounder sleep. PharmaGaba will help with mental focus too if stress is a cause of lack of cognition.

In addition, it will help your immune system if stress is a reason for a depressed immune system. It will help with adrenal fatigue. Studies show that people with fibromyalgia have low GABA levels so this is another good natural treatment for fibromyalgia. So, think about it. This is one of the multi-functionally amazing anti-aging products, right???
Mild or Moderate Anxiety Dosages are very variable and need to be adjusted for each individual. The idea is to get rid of anxiety without getting drowsy unless you are using it to induce sleep.
For optimal results, chew two tabs at a time, put under the tongue and against inner cheeks for 60 secs, then swallow. Repeat as needed.


If you fix your insides, you can feel and look ten years younger. It’s about fixing all of these things. It takes a change in your diet, exercise and sleeping habits. And if you’re over 30, it takes using the right products.


FREE email consultation with Dr. Kim included with every purchase & FREE shipping on all orders over $150