2016 Presidential Candidates and their health-my best guesses

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: October 4, 2018
2016 presidential candidates

2016 Presidential candidates and their health-my educated guesses:

2016 presidential candidates So we’re down to two 2016 Presidential candidates…I mean really we are.

The Stop Trump movement has no traction, there is absolutely no one who could be put up against HRC on the Republican end who wouldn’t totally alientate Trump supporters. Forget it,that train has passed.

A shoutout to Gary Johnson but a single digits guy isn’t worth evaluating here,sorry Mr. Johnson.



  • Have we even gotten a “health report” on either of the two 2016 Presidential candidates? I can’t recall that we did. If we got anything it would be all traditional medicine which I am plus more.
  • The plus more is I evaluate oxidative stress, inflammation,immune systems, brain function and lots more than I would have done as an Internist.
  • So what I”m going to discuss will reflect what I’m thinking with my close to 20 years in this field regarding all sorts of things you might not have heard about but after you have, you might just want to have a little chat with me.
  • Free or otherwise.
  • Oh and if you haven’t read any of my political musings before let me remind you that I always do these articles as someone who is 100% neutral about the candidates.
  • That said, I always recommend “what will help” because many YOU have one of the issues I’ll point out and can use my advice here.


2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton:

needs serious skin careWe’re looking at an over-65 year old woman.

I’m not going to dwell on risk factors and I honestly don’t know her family risk factors but I do know if you are a female over 65 you are at risk for heart disease if you have inflammation, oxidative stress, glycation and high cortisol.

If you are always on the run, stressed, you also have a depressed immune system. That means a higher risk of all cancers.

If you are overweight you are at an increased risk of breast and uterine cancer. Even if you are one of the two major 2016 Presidential candidates,yes indeed.

Oxidative stress:

partially fixed by foods that speed up metabolismWe’re covered this many many times here. It’s basically the opposite of the number of fruits and veggie servings you eat daily.

You need 12-15. It is worsened by being overweight, pollution, flying, stress, excessively exercisng (and the excessive exercise is the only reason l-carnitine bodybuilding enthusiasts have high levels of this).


Other things which worsen this are a lack of sleep,excessive cellphone use, eating inflammatory foods and having a poorly functioning GI tract.

  • So, I use a raman spectroscopy unit to actually measure this in my patients. Guess what?
  • Unless someone is taking a boatload of supplements which are pharmaceutical grade, is juicing AND eats a great diet every I have seen for 20+ years “has it.”



So for an overweight, corn-dog eating, beer drinking candidate who flys a lot,holds her cellphone to her ear, and is rushing from event to event, it’s a real no brainer to say she has it.


I don’t mean for this to sound disrespectful but she has a lot of risks.drinking beer can stop a runny nose

So how to get rid of this problem and why bother?
  • OS is associated with many pathological health conditions.Some of these include neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • In fact there is an enormous correlation between Alzheimer’s disease and oxidative stress.
  • It can cause gene mutations and cancers. It is closely tied to coronary placquing and heart disease.
  • You name it,it’s not good for it. It is associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • It is associated with all inflammatory and auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
Antioxidants are your key to reducing oxidative stress:

Beta-carotene and all carotenoids for that matter, Vitamin E, polyphenols, and other vitamins are all potent antioxidants will protect you from the the free radical damage that causes oxidative stress. Yes, there are  supplements that provide antioxidants but you want them in your foods and your supplements.

Antioxidants are the nutrients found in some foods:

  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Miso soup
  • Fermented Foods

Antioxidants are found in some herbs:

  • Ginger
  • Pycnogenol or grape seed extract
  • Rosemary
  • Turmeric
  • Green tea

supplements for energy


But with Secretary Clinton’s hectic schedule I think she’d be better off with a twice daily reds/greens drink.

This is what I recommend to everyone who is busy which is …well…everyone. Including (spolier alert) both of the 2016 Presidential candidates.

One of her aides could make sure she has a cold drink mixed up for her 2x/day and it’s stevia sweetened so it would fit nicely in her new diet plan.


Sorry Madame Secretary but I’d bet everythinig I have that you have high inflammatory markers. Risks include being overweight, eating an inflammatory diet, and genetics. I know you have two of the three. I don’t know about the chronic stress “thing” or lack of sleep. You seem like a good sleeper to me and if you are stressed you don’t show it. But I’ll talk about cortisol in a bit.

what are cytokinesWe’d want to start with an anti-inflammatory diet that we’d rotate with a ketogenic diet so you wouldn’t get hungry while the pounds were melting off.

I’d want to likely put you on curcumin and fish oils and decaf green tea because it’s one of the safest metabolism boosting supplements you can take.

I’d venture to say we’d want a good 50 pounds+ off of you.


And I’d want you to start exercising and lifting weights, not “bodybuilding” per se, you just need to increase your lean body mass and lose some fat mass, that’s all.

I would check all of your hormones and see if (especially due to the head bump) you qualify under FDA guidelines for human growth hormone because wow you’d sure get in shape and have the side benes of an easy way how to tighten skin while you’re at it.

Brain health:

brain healthOf the two 2016 Presidential candidates I’d say that HRC’s brain seems to be impressively up to speed.

I’m not seeing “word loss”, she has impressive name recall, no mis-speaks-all in all very very impressive for someone over 65 and who suffered a concussion in the past few years. I still would recommend some brain support, though.


At a minimum I’d recommend extra resveratrol and some magnesium threonate. (Both found in brain collection in store)

Immune system:

I don’t see signs of weakness meaning with all the handshaking, no colds or flus. I just like everyone over 45 to be on a pre-probiotic. That would include HRC. I’d need to know more before recommending more. But really,most people over 55 who don’t have an auto-immune disease which neither of the 2016 Presidential candidates do should be also on a colostrum supplement.

Cardiac health:

bcaa bodybuilding supplements also build heart muscleThis is a little worrisome to me given that she’s seen her husband go through his “heart things” and come out very lean and vegan.

I wonder if they can even eat together?

At any rate, with OS, inflammation and likely a fasting blood sugar over 85 ng/dL (glycation) due to her weight she has 3 of 4 physiologic things going to amp up small dense LDL particles only seen on an NMR cardiac profile, not on a serum cholesterol test which many traditional and sorely out of date doctors are using.

She might be putting plaque on her coronaries which can be reversed if she would just call me. It would be nice if she’d get a stress test and all of these correct tests done. We don’t want either of the 2016 Presidential candidates to have a heart attack, for goodness sakes.


glutamine bodybuilding enthusiast have high cortisolsEven for those hard-driving people who eat stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I have found that they all have elevated cortisol levels.

Prolonged elevation can cause sleep issues and immune suppression and add to vascular placquing. I would guess she has this.

I’d use the adrenal support I have in this website to treat her and I think she’d also enjoy the scientifically proven aromatherpy blend we have too-really calming and sure does bring down cortisols!

Mental health:

Stable, no anxiety, depression or personality disorders seen.

Now let’s get to 2016 Presidential Candiate Donald Trump:

If he were to read this he’d say HEY why am I second, LOL ,right? Anyway I decided,ladies first. And First ladies first, former or otherwise. And honestly, even thought this section is shorterit’s just because I “covered it” with HRC…I’m not “shortchanging” anyone, promise!  So, Mr.Trump let’s see what we can conjecture about your health.

needs lots of foods that give you energyI don’t want to be repetitive here so let me repeat only what is needed. This is another 50 lbs overweight, inflammatory food eating candidate.

He also has oxidative stress, inflammation and glycation. Remedies would be the same.

Cardiac risk-same. Immune-same despite the hand sanitizer which is actually a good idea.


I AM concerned more about HIS cortisol and sleeping habits. 4 hours of sleep is NOT enough, will not be restorative enough for brain and other organs and will elevate cortisol.

Brain health:

unexplained weight gain often starts in the brainI have already done an article answering your questions about does Donald Trump have dementia and the answer was no I really do not think so and I gave you reasons.

Now as far as other signs of having senior moments which I have not seen HRC have, we have some mis-speaks and the 7-11 for 9-11 “thing” and the short, disjointed sentences which seem too elementary for a smart man.


I think his synapes are firing a little slower than they used to so would add some alpha-glyeral PPC (GPC) to his brain supplement program,along with some resveratrol and a few other things.

Mental health:

I’m not going to revisit this one either as I did an article you can find in this blog on the mental health of all of the candidates,and even our President. Suffice it to say that although he has traits (we all have traits of SOME personality disorder) of narcissistic personality disorder he does not appear to HAVE the disorder.

There you have my analysis from what I see for the health of the 2016 Presidential Candidates!

Small update for both: A Nutritional Ketosis Diet for weight loss and brain performance, more brain health supplements and even mitochondrial function augmentation would be in order.

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