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What you need to know about how to Avoid Cancer Completely

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: September 6, 2018
how to prevent cancer

Do you know how to avoid cancer altogether?

Unlike popular opinion, other than those individuals with truly unfortunate genetics, we actually know how to prevent cancer (AKA how to avoid cancer) most of the time.  Studies haven’t quantified exactly how much cancer is preventable, but my educated opinion is that it’s about 95%. That’s a lot more than you thought, right? In fact, surveys show that most Americans think cancer is a matter or good or bad luck! That couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Time for a story

I’m reminded of a famous female CEO patient of mine who is married to a real “know-it-all” health food store owner. The patient follows my advice and is healthy. The husband thinks he knows more than me and takes his own supplements which are non-pharmaceutical grade. Furthermore, he won’t let me scan him for oxidative stress when they fly in, won’t get testing for inflammation, and won’t consult ME. The shocking part is he has had his FOURTH recurrence of cancer.

His wife is quite religious and keeps having their congregation pray and each time she has had the congregation ask for a cure. I don’t discount the power of prayer but why, oh why will they not let me work my magic and prevent him from what is undoubtedly going to be recurrence #5? This drives me insane.

Anyway, sorry for the personal digression. Now, back to you and teaching you about cancer prevention.

You can save your life!

When you are convinced that you can prevent cancer and you take steps to do it, you will be healthier, slimmer and even have a more glowing complexion with really poreless looking skin.. So, be curious and use this information and share this life-saving article with friends.

You must inherently know there are “things you can do,” right? Is it possible to change your habits to reduce your chances to near zero if you are like most people? Yes, in fact, it is. Doesn’t everyone know smoking causes cancer? What about obesity? Too much sun? You know this much, right? What about your diet? You must be aware diet “has something to do with it,” right?

Cancer isn’t contagious, and it also isn’t a bit about “luck.” This is a very common misconception. You are also NOT predestined if it “runs in the family.” What do I always say? You are NOT your genes!

How can I start?

I’m going to give you a list of things which are not hard to do. The less worry you have about this, the better off you’ll be. Lowering your stress levels will decrease your  cortisol levels. This alone makes you healthier and less apt to “get” cancer anyway! So, you definitely want to decrease your levels of stress. This could be a whole topic in and of itself as stress does indeed lead to more diseases including cancer via suppression of the immune system.

Search this blog and “information A-Z” (topic: stress) to find what will help you reduce stress and get your fasting cortisol down to 10-12mcg/dl if it is up. The symptoms of adrenal fatigue article is something you might want to come back to if you have fatigue, energy loss, and sleep interruption, implying disordered fasting cortisol levels.

prevention of cancerKnowledge is power. So, even if it “runs in the family,” it doesn’t have to be negative information. In fact, that is good to know so we can do more to prevent it from happening to you. Exceptions are rare genetic defects we can’t fix (think Angelina Jolie) and severe, repeated sunburns in childhood raising melanoma risks (those are still a problem, not completely uncorrectable, but less so).

Vigilance is key with a history of 5 or more bad childhood sunburns. For everything else, I say “cancer beware.” We need to prevent it, not wait until we get it and then have to cure it. We’re going to discuss diet next, but after I remind you of some basic things you should already know!

Cancer prevention basics:

Use sunblock and supplement with Vitamin D. Exercise regularly. Do NOT smoke. Drink alcohol moderately. Avoid the sun without adequate block which is UVA-UVB block SPF 30. Do not use tanning booths. Control all types of stress! This blog is full of useful information so again—use it!

Fix Oxidative Stress:

This issue is incredibly common and associated with a higher incidence of cancer. So what is oxidative stress?  This is basically the opposite of how many servings of anti-oxidant rich fruits and veggies you eat per day.

The ideal amount to consume is 12-15 servings per day. Ideal and impossible. Yes, I know. Let me share with you that I have used a special raman spectroscopy scanner to check for oxidative stress with patients and family/friends for about 15 years now. Other than ONE person who had HAD cancer, so he was educated about O.S. and was “juicing,” I have never seen a normal scan score!  EVERYONE has oxidative stress! When you’re done here, go to my homepage and take the Module 1 Questionnaire. You’ll realize you have it too!

If you really try, maybe you can increase your intake of organic fruits and veggies to 15 servings per day.

Alternatively, you can shop, learn how to combine, clean, chop, blend and juice 4-5x daily. This is a super great idea but expensive and very time-consuming. I recommend (depending on “scan score” for patients or questionnaire results for Agewell participants) either once or twice daily AWS Red/Green Superfood drinks just to make it quick, easy, affordable and doable for all.

Eliminate silent internal inflammation: It causes issues from arthritis to cancer!

This is a HUGE factor in the development of cancer, and chronic internal inflammation is not just about your diet. I’ll get into that next. As some motivation here, internal inflammation causes inflammation of your skin, and if you have “it” which just about everyone does, you will tend to look your age or ( usually) even older. However, if you fix oxidative stress and inflammation with an easy regimen I can show you how to do, you’ll be healthier, and you’ll look younger. ALL of my patients look a minimum of 10 years younger than they are due to their use of anti-aging products for skin and health.

Besides your diet, some of the other causes of chronic inflammation are:

Being overweight/Eating processed foods, fast foods, and starchy foods/ Drinking straight fruit juice, and foods containing sugar.

Also the worse you eat, the more you will weigh, and therefore the more inflamed you will become. If you are in a typical yo-yo weight cycle, my program for you will fix cravings, boost your metabolism and more. Just do a consultation with me, and you’ll see—I’ll change your life.

Make sure you do Eat an anti-inflammatory diet:

how to prevent cancerIt is more about how to eat than how much to eat. You want an Anti-inflammatory diet  Eat “organic” and avoid GMO’s (Genetically Modified foods). If you eat Paleo, do watch all the omega 6’s from animal proteins and balance out with omega 3’s. Also make sure you eat only grass-fed, free-range, organic meats.

Avoid: Fruit juice, soda of all kinds, sugar, refined carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, pasta), “low fat” labeled foods, high starch vegetables, processed and/or char-grilled meats. If you read labels and see ingredients that sound like chemicals, they are.

Eat whole, organic foods. Real food usually doesn’t come in a box.

Fix Glycation: 

This is what happens to your cells when they are exposed for more than short durations of time to elevated (not diabetic—just elevated) blood sugar levels. I’m talking about levels which might be as low as 80 mg/Dl. (I say maybe because this is ongoing research and the number keeps dropping). Ten years ago we said 99 was okay for blood sugar.

Now we all know, even “regular doctors” as I used to be, 99 mg/DL is “severely insulin-resistant.” When exposed to blood sugar too high to “utilize” or take up, your cells become stiff, less effective and “act older,” metabolically speaking, with a higher likelihood to mutate.

In the face of an immune system that is not utterly perfect, cell mutations turn into potentially cancerous cells. This blood sugar elevation is more commonly known as insulin resistance rather than “glycation.” Most, if not all, of the medical community (except Anti-aging doctors), simply wait until a diagnosis of Diabetes is made, and then the issue is addressed with a prescription.

Avoid chemicals and DO detox!

Double filter any water you drink, read all labels on anything you consume and reduce your exposure to pollution. The world is toxic, and there are plenty of articles here on the blog in this website to educate you.

However, if you have work exposures or still have dental mercury fillings, you can protect yourself with easy to use detox sprays. The dose is just ten sprays of each 2x a day using what we have on this website. Look into the scientific data because it is worth reading.

If you do read it, you will be convinced you need the products for optimal health! Of course, that optimal health most definitely includes how to prevent cancer.  No one knows just why the U.S. has seen such a jump in cancer cases and I think it’s partly due to our toxic food, water, and air. I do my detox sprays daily—make that twice daily. I’m not taking chances.

Get enough sleep—good quality sleep:

There are many articles on this website about the major importance of sleep. It’s essential for “everything.” Inadequate sleep essentially means bad health.

Inadequate sleep should be classified as a real medical problem that needs to be fixed pronto. So, if this is an issue you need to find what you need or ask me and let’s fix it. Sleep issues are associated with high cortisol levels and immune depression. Therefore, this is yet another lifestyle fix you need to have to prevent cancer.

Optimize your immune System:

Most people don’t realize that cancer is not just a disease of inflammation and oxidative stress with a little glycation and high cortisol thrown in for good measure; it’s an immune system failure. The immune system’s “job” is to find broken DNA which happens all the time due to “free radical” damage and mutations. A good immune system doesn’t let “bad DNA” replicate into cancer cells. Instead, it gets rid of them. That’s the kind of shape you want your immune system to be in. The first thing you do when you start optimizing your immune system strength is to change your diet as outlined above. Then you can add specific immune boosting foods. The health benefits of garlic are just endless. It actually kills bacteria, viruses, and even fungus. “Garlic-breath” sometimes makes taking an odorless garlic supplement easier. Raw onions and tomatoes are great immune boosting foods, too.

Here’s a great snack:

Tomato juice (anti-inflammatory and immune boosting) with some immune boosting horseradish and a celery stick. I have this almost daily. I love “hot and spicy” so I also add some tabasco and cracked pepper.
Spicy, immune-boosting foods include hot chili peppers and, in fact, any spicy pepper will amp up your metabolism and your immune system for a double bang-for-your-buck. Other foods include hot spices such as chili powder, red pepper flakes, wasabi, horseradish and spicy ginger. (Think-sushi bar ginger).

You can optimize your immune system by following everything above, along with optimizing your GI tract function with the right detox and following with the correct prebiotics and probiotics. The health benefits of probiotics are lots more than just being good for your “gut health.” This optimization is imperative for not just health and well being but for things like the function of your brain. Colostrum supplements are also great immune boosters. Remember a healthy GI tract=healthy immune function=a healthy brain+reduced risk for cancer.

Use anti-cancer supplements:

If I were going to give you the basics, it would be curcumin, resveratrol, AWS reds and greens, green tea, and a detox kit. Additionally, I would presume everyone is on Vitamin D as doctors who are up to date check and recommend supplementation, but if not we obviously have that too. I would also recommend a colostrum supplement for immune boosting. Next, let’s discuss fish oils a bit because they are not all created equally.

Eat more omega 3 anti-inflammatory acids (found in fatty fish such as salmon) and less omega 6 inflammatory fatty acids (found in meats and milk). Ideally, we’d all eat enough wild caught high omega- three fish to not need supplements. However, just as I discussed above when I talked about oxidative stress, we just can’t eat enough. As a result, we simply need to supplement.

Good, non-contaminated pharmaceutical grade fish oils are a must. There is a lot of YUK in non-pharma grade fish oils like mercury and more. So many people have heard fish oils are good for them but don’t check to see if there is a GMP sticker and see if it also says non-GMO (as our supplements do). Also, if you get el-cheapo supplements at the supermarket, you will not be getting pharma-grade.

That means what is on the label might not even resemble what is in the bottle. Notably, fish oils are notoriously heavy-metal contaminated. You also need at least a 3:1 and preferably a 5:1 ratio of what are called DHA fatty acids to EPA fatty acids. DHA is more expensive to make, so there are lots of high EPA supplements out there which have minimal efficacy. In the supplements world, you get what you pay for.

Final Words

If you are a cancer survivor and have experienced what it is like to have had your cancer cured, then big congratulations to you. I don’t want you to get a recurrence or another cancer. So, the words in this article apply doubly to you. Moreso, I know it was tough on you and your family, and I never want you going through that again. Look into even more cancer prevention by doing a  ketotic diet for health. See if modified citrus pectin is for you. Cut out gluten and consider cutting out dairy and lectins; even all grains. The research is evolving on what is the most cancer-preventing diet; it very well may be more stringent than the anti-inflammatory diet. For all the current research see my article on alternative cancer treatments.


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