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How to gain energy and have great health-11 steps to success

By Kim Crawford, M.D. Last updated: May 8, 2019
how to gain energy

how to gain energyHow to gain energy?

When I see a new patient or gain a new AWS member, this is the #1 “thing”! So, why is this? It’s the stress, the hectic lifestyles we live and the aging process. Of any “complaint” I get, it’s someone asking how to gain energy. All energy issues are multi-factorial but fixable. I suggest that if you want to know how to gain energy that you check out all the resources and freebies on the mega-menu above.

Please DO note that everything on this list will not only improve your health but will help you gain energy too! So why on earth NOT do this???

1. Clarity about your health, meaning how important is HEALTH to you?

Make sure you have decided what is important for you, how committed you are, and what your health goals are. If you haven’t done so, please download the free PDF of my “10 steps” ebook to learn the steps to perfect health. (It’s free when you get the newsletter).  Then, you’ll at least have your “template.” Everything discussed on this blog is found in the download.

2. Boost your immune system:

how to boost your immune system

Change your eating habits and learn the other things to do which will aid long-term towards disease prevention, more energy, better sleep, younger looking skin, easier weight maintenance, improved brain health and more.

Inflammation/Oxidative Stress/Glycation MUST BE FIXED. Find what you need here.

3. Normalize your weight and get on a regular fitness program:

Follow my easy instructions for weight loss and fitness. There are tons of blogs on both topics.

Fitness doesn’t have to take long. Indeed, it can “fit” into your lifestyle if you know how. It’s yet another way how to gain energy.


4. Make sure you have great, restorative sleep:

Falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up feeling rested are the 3 phases of sleep that are crucial for your health. (Tons of articles here!)

5. Optimize your energy levels:

Why not “feel like a kid”-60 is the new 30. By the way, if you are over 40 your cellular energy (ATP) made by your mitochondria is decreasing each year so amp things up AND make your cells last longer with “mitochondrial support.“. Here are the ways to support your mitochondria the best.

 6. Have a great mood for life:

There is a physiological reason that more depression is diagnosed as we age which can be addressed and fixed.

I just talked to an AWS member today and totally turned her life around. This can be you, too! Oh, and do you want a free “mood guide”?

Well, anything for you. Good mood guide! (In that link).

7. Keep your brain sharp for life:

brain health

Did you know that un-addressed, we all lose 3-5 IQ points per decade after age 30? That’s not even the whole story. Learn what we lose and how to not only stop the loss but regain what you may have lost unknowingly! Do make sure you read the brain health article referenced above and you can also get my brain book in the footer.

8. Look fabulous for life:

You’ve seen people who look old at 40 and young at 80, right? Why not be the youngster on the block, no matter what your age? It starts on the “inside” and ends with what you do or don’t do with the “outside.” I know all the secrets to this. Everyone thinks I’m 20+ years younger than I am. I have not had surgery; just inside-out care to look younger and good skin care.

9. Balance your hormones:

Starting at the change of life for men and women, getting hormone levels tested by a qualified doctor and replaced if needed is a good idea.

10. Decide if you can “go it alone”:

This is not easy if your spouse is bringing cookies and potato chips into your household. In my humble opinion, if your spouse is not on board, you need to get him/her on board. Start by having them read this report. After that hurdle is overcome, see what other support groups you need or don’t need.

11. Medical fasting for health and also for weight loss:

This is an amazing field with BDNF stimulation being the new bonus. I do it and so should you. It’s “intermittent fasting.” It’s yet another way how to gain energy.



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  1. I have been very sluggish lately. The things that I use to love after work such as playing with my dog have become to bothersome for me to do. I appreciate that you took the time to write about energy. I need to follow all 11 steps, I want to be the old me again.

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